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on Barclay Lake Trail

8 days ago

Snow has melted enough to get to the trailhead and through to Barclay Lake. Service road has dozens of potholes so do use caution if driving a lower vehicle. Trail was clear and takes you alongside the river, crossing a small bridge and then to the Lake. Stunning view straight up from the base of the mountains. The lake was still mostly covered by snow and ice, but it’s a tranquil spot. We even heard some of the snow pack cracking and falling down from the mountainside. Great hike for solitude and exploration.

The Oneonta Falls are CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE due to the massive Columbia River Gorge fire of 2017. Please check the link below for updates.

This was a great, fun hike! there was lots of snow just added to the adventure! can't wait to hike again this summer.

My all time favorite hike. But it has gotten so crowded in recent years. I visited here just weeks before the fire closed it in 2017.

Very sad. But can’t wait for it to reopen.

does anyone know someone to contact for a reopen date of this trail?

Hiked a couple years ago. Digging through some old pics. Awesome trip. Think it was in September of 2011 haha. Bugs were narley. Need to make my way back again.

1 month ago

Went here specifically for the snow and there was lots way before the trail head!! We didn't even make it to the trail head due to high levels of snow and fallen tree a mile from the trail head. But we got out and played in the snow for a little bit after getting unstuck and turning around. Hopefully it's better in a couple weeks :)

2 months ago

Easy hike through old forest on the well maintained trail. Gorgeous view of the lake and mountains. On the weekends it might be too busy and no parking right at the start of the trail. Cheers!

on Barclay Lake Trail

2 months ago

Easy,great view of the mountain at the end of the road

Beautiful day on the trail. Water is raging, it’s amazing!! Some snow in areas, but just a light dusting. Road had some icy spots but just before you get to the trailhead. I’ve never hike this trail at this time of year, it was awesome!!!!

my very first trail in Oregon

2 months ago

Really enjoyable little trip through the woods. Service road up is in pretty good shape and the trail itself is a little muddy, a little slushy and a little crunchy.
Was hoping that the clouds would clear out so I could see Barring better, but I guess I’ll just have to go back.
There was a downed campsite at the far end of the trail that threw me off especially because I was by myself. Looks like it could have been collapsed under snow for a day or so. Strange because there were two cars in the parking lot but I saw no one the entire way up.Reported it to the ranger station when I got down.
Other than that, really nice easy trail with manageable snow.

Did this trail today..Never get tired of hiking this one.. hearing the sound of water for most of the hike.. So relaxing..Trail conditions were great, Almost got to Echo Lake( Only had about 2 miles left) But I was pushing it with daylight ..A few big trees down where you either had to go under or climb over..But for most part trail was AMAZING for me anyways

Couldn’t make it to the trailhead without 4 wheel drive. Lots of potholes and snow at this time of year.

question: is this a 9.2 mile hike from start to finish back to your car, or do you double the miles 9.2 mi in and 9.2 mi out??? thanks

3 months ago

Great hike. There was some snow on the last part of the road. The trail had some snow and ice - the bridge was particularly slippery!

3 months ago

went for a day hike last thursday we were excited seen a few elk just about 3mi out from the trailhead and came across a 1/4 in sheet of ice covering the road luckily I made the right decision to back off. might try again Monday with weather permitting. I live in Seattle area so was kinda bummed but stopped at the base of the hill and walked a bit was still refreshing.

is it closed?when will be open?

Easy stroll with beautiful mountain views. The road up was fine today. There was about a 1/2 mile of snow/ice on the road. The trail is a mix of dry dirt, snow and ice. Micro Spikes were helpful but not an absolute necessity if you don't have them. Small lake, MT Baring is the center piece.

3 months ago

Nice fairly easy hike to Sheep Lake, with beautiful views along the way.

3 months ago

Mushroom hunting. Spectacular view of Mt. Baring.

This hike is mostly flat making it “easy”, but visit in winter and be prepared for an adventure. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Imagine a very thin cliff trail of ice chips with icicles falling as you hike and cling to the side of the wall. It’s beautiful! Like Fern Gully. There were times I thought we might die, but only because of the heavy ice.

The trail was easy some ups and down mount baring was amazing with snow some awesome avalanches the lake was pretty.

Beautiful hike !

5 months ago

Nice hike with great old growth forest. Trail well maintained, surprised how many peeps were up there on a cold November morning. Easy hike, even for kids

This trail does not disappoint! Beautiful scenery. Gorgeous river. Fall leaves with amazing colors. And of course the fun bridges. My dog loves it, too! Watch out for area where the edge of the North Peak Fire was, we just climbed over about 3 logs that are over the trail and were fine. Worth the effort! (:

The path was in great condition and we loved the scenery. The proximity to the river is a nice feature. We did not get all the way to the bridge so I can't comment on the condition. Would love to go back some day and finish the entire trail.

I wish I could give this 5 stars. The falls and the gorge are absolutely breathtaking. However, it is way too crowded. What makes you think everyone wants to listen to the rap music playing out of your portable speaker? It reverberates throughout the entire gorge. Did I also mention the stench of cigarette and weed smoke?

Bottom line:

If you want to party and socialize, come here during the warmer months.
If you want to actually enjoy this place properly, I suggest coming here during winter.

I used to love this trail but it's way to busy now.

Is closed we don't. Have access to go up.

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