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There's a lot of snow still there and it gets slippery coming back down. But I personally didn't mind. It made more for the adventure!

Really quick hike. Starts through a neighborhood then works up to some stairs and a short climb. Right now you definitely need books if not spikes as there are some iced out steep runs. Good payoff for such a short, accessible spot.

Starts off going through a neighborhood. Went yesterday and it’s still covered in snow and slippery. The hike seemed very short though due to the rapid change of scenery. Kids lived it. Toddler did struggle with snow though.

I'm sure it's great when there is no snow. There is currently tons of slippery ice and snow! We did it but it was sketchy!

Nice and easy for the whole family. Not much water flowing and a bit of ice on the creek. The trail is clear but watch your footing on the way back down.

Just went on this hike. It was good. Short. Beautiful icicles and running water. Wear good shoes that can cut the snow my buddy wore tennis shoes and slid around, I wore water proof hiking boots and walked like a pro.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Did not catch any fish but had a great day!

2 months ago

Went last Sunday. Not a soul in sight. Kind of funny how you walk between two house properties. One of which has 2 loud barking dogs that follow you up the trail but behind a fence. It was all ice and we took our 2 kids (ages 7 and 10). We managed just fine and slipped a little bit nothing too crazy. We went right up to the falls and were the only ones there! Will definitely do it again!

Ironically, this trail which is quite flat and a boardwalk most of the way was harder than going up in elevation to Twin Lakes today. This is because some parts of the trail were snow packed, while others slushy, while others totally un-snow-covered and others icy and slushy. But, the fun part of the trail today was seeing lots of families come out in their best clothes for destination photos and some others trying to break the ice and a few brave ones going out on the ice. The trail was full of entertainment, no doubt.

4 months ago

this was a mellow, somewhat steep hike. it's very short so anyone can do this one.

short but beautiful view if you make your way to go up higher!

We’ve enjoyed this hike many times. Great with kids.

The road is closed to get to the trailhead for winter, walked 1.8 miles up the road to get to the trailhead

Short and easy trail, lots of stairs

4 months ago

Nice hike there is a New trail off to the right just passed the fence

4 months ago

Easy and nice for the kids.

4 months ago

We did this hike yesterday, fairly easy, saw a lot of families. Some good views and elevation climb is not difficult. This was a good hike for someone like me who is new to the area and getting acclimated to the elevation. Caution: you should bring GPS since trail not well marked and it's easy to get off which we did one time (several others we passed would ask us if still on trail). Also, while probably obvious, this late in fall we did encounter areas of ice/snow so while easy hike, bring appropriate footwear.

beautiful hike. lots of stairs and climbed straight up. it was just ok

This is not so much of a hike unless you climb up to the lower part of the falls. Hiking up there is a bit dangerous and not recommended for kids or people with bad footing. Other than that, it is gorgeous!

Easy and short, fun climbing around, steep at parts for kids but not too hard.

Easy hike. Best to go in early spring. If you want a challenge, use the deer trails to the north of the falls. They take you to the top of the waterfall.

on Bridal Veil Falls Trail

4 months ago

This place felt so magical. So amazing and breathtaking. Beautiful river and waterfall. Took some awesome pics and videos.

on Rocky Mouth Falls Trail

4 months ago

very pretty trail leading up to a beautiful waterfall. This Oklahoma Girl was impressed

One of my favorite hikes! If you live in the Utah County area, this is a good hike to keep in mind if you're short on time.

4 months ago

Hiked this with all the reds and oranges in full swing. It was beautiful. A short easy hike for the 2 and 3 year olds in tow. There was plenty of water in the falls. The kids loved this one.

Easy trail , good views and beautiful waterfalls

Nice little hike. This is usually the first hike of our season and we always go beyond Scout Falls. Easy hike unless the snow is too deep.

5 months ago

What a beautiful afternoon for a fall hike! There won't be many more afternoons like this one at such a high elevation. The trail was covered in golden aspen leaves and the weather was crisp and sunny. The only trouble was the work they've recently done on the service road and in felling trees erased the path. We found it again luckily. And thank heaven for the GPS! We somehow started heading down to a lackluster pond before realizing it wasn't Lake Solitude and we were supposed to be heading up toward the lake instead. In other words, the trail wasn't well marked. But the kids (15, 11, 9, and 7) and I had a great time and enjoyed this hike. We saw so many deer!

Short hike and very easy. Views of the fall colors were amazing. Be prepared for crowds though!

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