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This trail is very basic for anyone in the Sacramento area. The dam is very pretty and one can get some good pictures there. Very popular trail. Half in shade half in sun.

2 days ago

A totally undiscovered trail

5 days ago

Super short but with some good ups.. especially in the snow. It seems fairly popular on the weekends but not obnoxious. The lake is frozen - people were walking all the way out to the island with no issue today.

Too much snow to shoe to the lake. There were no tracks going north from the intersection of Donner trail and PCT. we just went up to Azalea lake. Snow was up to 5’ deep and Donner is getting up to 3’ more next week.

Completed on 1/11/18. This hike was definetly a low-effort, high-reward kind of trek. There were a ton of incredible views, from Lake Tahoe to mountain peaks to frozen Eagle Lake. A little sketchy in a couple of spots, but definitely doable with some snowshoes and poles. Highly suggested! Didn't see anyone on the way up and only a few hikers on the way down.

Nice hike! Some larger puddles after the rain, but nothing that couldn’t be avoided. Thoroughly enjoyed this trail.

12 days ago

Snow was a little crusty as we headed up the final elevation but the view from atop Andesite Peak was breathtaking. Every direction you look is remarkable, especially the view up the ridge to Castle Peak. Pretty windy on top but a perfect day with only scattered clouds. We continued back to Peter Grubb Hut before returning to add some mileage. Easy loop as snowshoes were unnecessary for the trail in the valley as it hasn’t snowed for a couple weeks and the trail is compacted.


Beautiful! :)

Great hike with great scenery.

Did this on 12/31/18. I was the only person on the trail all day. It was definitely an adventure. I highly suggest that only very experienced adventurers take this on during this time of year, as it was very sketchy in some spots.

17 days ago

Super fun easy afternoon hike! It looks a lot steeper than it actually is and was very beautiful. There are quite a few places where the trail splits so be mindful of checking where you are! Highly recommend for a fun local hike

on Cascade Falls Trail

17 days ago

nice day hike, good views

Great trail. Moderate difficulty only due to its length, otherwise a very easy walk. A couple parts are meh due to having to walk on roads / near campsites, but the vast majority of the trail is beautiful. Cold in Winter so bring something warm, and the lake level is low right now, which gives it an eerie kind of beauty. Highly recommend!

18 days ago

I hiked this trail three times. It is moderate hike. Beautiful views in different seasons. Waterfall at the end of pan handle area is wonderful mid point break. East side trail narrower and more shadowy than west side. Enjoy.

19 days ago

I just hiked this one today (12/29/18) and really enjoyed it. Beautiful views.The lake was frozen over so plenty of hikers walked out onto it. Very cool. Some parts of the trail were really icy and can be tough to hike on. I saw plenty of people slip and a few younger kids and older adults had difficulty with icy steps.

19 days ago

Great scenery!

20 days ago

You feel like a whole new person after dipping into the water at the end!

did this trail over the summer, everything was dried up. So summer time is not the time to go! would bet spring time would be best!

An easy hike with amazing view.

Amazing view of the frozen lake!! Our first Christmas Eve hike

25 days ago

Love this hike! Did it in May and again in late December. In May we got a view of tons of really colorful flowers that were on the cliff side. In December there were no flowers but we saw the hibernating lady bugs which was amazing. Be careful towards the end of the hike when you cross the fallen tree over the creek. The ladybugs are ALL around there covering every branch and on the tree stumps. We did not even see them until we were on our way back up the trail after hanging on the rocks by the river. The way back is pretty much all incline but not too steep except for short hills.

Great views, pretty easy hike, and great payoff at the dam. Watch out for mountain bikers.

Always a nice moderate hike with the beautiful damn at the top. Nice and gradual incline. Watch for tics- especially with dogs. Pulled about 10 off mine.

1 month ago

Awesome trail - easy to follow the path in the snow from those who have already been there or download the map and use GPS on your phone - it's a popular enough trail you won't get lost. This is a fun trail to take over to Castle Peak and/or down to the Grubb Hut. Several fun options and excellent views. During the winter, pay to park over by the Inn.

1 month ago

Great hike, waterfall, view of the river nearly the entire time. There's a small path off to the right, coming in, maybe a quarter or half of the way in, and it leads to a great view on some large rocks. You have to duck a little to walk through the path. Hope you find it.

The view at the end was worth the hike! Coming back down can be a little challenging to the joints for those that aren’t expert hikers. Watch for snakes and Mt.Lions if you’re hiking away from the trails in other places close to the main trail towards the falls.

1 month ago

Awesome!!!! Nobody was there. (on a Sunday afternoon). Keep in mind it's a dirt path off the main road and there's a lot of ditches. When you park, you walk for about a quarter off a mile, then you start going down hill.

really great, easy trail with beautiful views

The hike was beautiful. I brought my dog and there were tons of ticks on him. This is definitely an intermediate hike. The way back was a bit of a challenge since it’s mostly uphill but the views made it worth it.

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