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My family did this hike we had someone from sea level and they were able to do it I would recommend this hike for younger kids and a first hike. At some parts were not well marked over all we thought it was pretty good

Great short hike to a beautiful view. Would highly recommend bringing visitors here to show, great views and easy enough up and down while truly being in the mountains. Definitely great for the dogs as well.

What a gem so close to Denver and I-70! We hiked on a Sunday morning in August. I hadn’t expected all those wildflowers in August—so lovely! This was a short hike we planned for the morning-we had to travel on to Salida that same day, so the 3 of us allowed just enough time to hike at our own pace, touch the glacier, enjoy the views, and get back to the car within 3 hours. I am tempted to rate this as 5 stars except for: toward the top, so many hikers have made branching trails that we weren’t sure which path to take to reach the lake (a helpful hiker passing us said: don’t worry, they all lead to the lake); parking was really crowded with few options; and the main parking lot was really rocky and our “standard rental” car bottomed out and scratched the undercarriage (thankfully not noted by the rental people). The views from the toe of the glacier are just stunning, so we didn’t try to go higher up the rocky scree slope—that looked like it would take more time than we had.

Fun hike and cool spot to look out and see everything! We took this hike when we didn’t want a long day and combined it with a visit to Squaw Mountain

3 days ago

Fun hike with a variety of scenery! Strongly suggest going through Breck and then returning the same way!! Loved this hike!

Wow! A little rough up going in for a beginner like me. But, it is all worth it what a view at the top! Can’t wait to bring my family here!

Perfect for a quick, easy, dog-friendly day hike. There were a lot of great areas to pause and soak in the view or just hang out for a bit.

4 days ago

The first mile is like an amazing fairy tale Forrest right beside the creek! It’s gorgeous!! I went about 4 out of the 6 miles because it got a little creepy the farther I went up. I was alone and I got scared a mountain lion was gonna jump out lol There’s a lot of rocky areas but for the most part its a pretty easy hike. You should at least check out the 1st mile of this trail it’s really incredible.

Awesome ash trail! Bring $5 for parking

4 days ago

The trail is uphill the whole way to the lake. Not everyone would find it easy. The lake is pretty but there are way too many people on the trail to make the trip enjoyable.

4 days ago

Beautiful !

This is an easy but beautiful hike! We love taking our dog on this one!

We hiked this on the morning of 8/9/18, leaving the smaller parking lot at 8:45am. The trail to the lake is almost entirely rock; I’m guessing this was once a river bed, at least during the snow melt season in eons past. The lake, mountainside behind it, and the snowfield are stunning. We set off higher, and quickly lost the trail. There is a waterfall just below the glacier, and we ended up following some others up across the water below that - as in, through the water. This meant we were completely off the trail on the other side, but we stuck to other descriptions of staying to the right side of the glacier as we ascended. This was really tricky. We were just feet from the edge of the glacier, and the terrain is a mixture of scree and a variety of sizes of rock. Really slow going, lots of slipping on the scree. After about a half hour of this, we observed two people ahead of us walk across the snow (which eventually narrows to nothing as you proceed) and climb up the opposite side to a trail up there. We did likewise, and finally found ourselves on a real trail. Furthermore, at that height, we could see an actual trail on the side we’d been on, which wasn’t visible to us when we were lower. We continued on to see James Peak. It became obvious that unless we continued straight for an uncertain distance that all we would see was the top of the two mountains. At 2.20 miles from the start, we turned around. The trail we were then on was going to take us to the left side of the glacier, which then ends at the glacier, so we knew we had to cross back over and get on the real trail there. We skirted along the top of the snowfield, lots of scree there and steep, although not any long distance down. We got onto the actual trail, and picked our way down as there is still plenty of scree there too. We got back to the lake area, and found the official trail which, surprise, does not walk you directly through the waterfall stream. The rest was easy enough.

This is lengthy to let others know: 1) that the trail just up past the lake isn’t necessarily easy to find; 2) the trail farther up from the lake can be truly difficult to find (we saw several people ascending the way we’d gone); 3) there is no actual end point on this trail nor any “wow” view up higher; 4) so. much. shifting. scree, so be prepared for that.

We got to our car at noon, and the large parking lot appeared full as we drove past it. There were tons of people. It’s very popular.

AllTrails rates this as Easy. However, we have a book of hikes that rates it as Moderate. Our hike was a challenge, certainly not Easy.

I loved the views this trail had to offer with the lake and surrounding mountains. I will say though that it was probably my least favorite trail to hike that I’ve done so far, and I’ve done many trails including 14ers. The reason I didn’t like this one was because of the gravel when you go to hike to the top of the glacier. There is way too much sliding around and stressing out trying to figure out the best place to put your feet without falling. I was not a huge fan of that. Other than that, it was really pretty, and if you hike to one of the trails to the right of the glacier, there were a ton of wildflowers and even more pretty views. I’m glad I did it, but I probably wouldn’t care to go back because of the rocks and sketchy trail to the top.

Went up there with friends and had an absolutely amazing time. The lake and glacier together looked beautiful. We hiked all the way up the glacier and to where it ended. From there we went back and climbed the row of mountains going back down on your right side. At the top there were many stunning views, where we took many pictures. We went down a small trail on the right side of the of the mountain going back to the lake. Everything was amazing and I would highly recommend going there. However, going up the glacier can be very slick. I would bring spikes to put on your hiking shoes! Makes going up it a whole lot easier.

Beautiful scenery, very easy, great for kids and visitors. You have to pay the state park fee for Roxborough.

7 days ago

Great trail! I was staying at the resort so the trailhead was just outside my door. As others have said- mostly shaded, nice wide trail, beautiful creek for the first mile or so. A few “rocky” sections but all relatively short. I went a little more than 3 miles out and had gained about 1,000 ft. So, a great hike for acclimating to altitude. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the lack of an “oh wow!” Finish. There were very pretty views of the big mountains once you get to about 3 miles...but not a clear/defined finish. Which is okay, too:)

Absolutely spectacular sights and a pretty short hike.

Good hike up, had a lot of fun looking at the glacier and walking on it. My group and I went cliff jumping and had a blast!!

What an amazing hike! I wouldn’t call this an easy hike but it’s easy/moderate. The trailhead is tricky to find when it’s your first time but is right after mile marker 18 if you are coming from Idaho springs on the right.
You can’t beat the views from the top

8 days ago

Amazing but exhausting!

Well maintained trail with beautiful views.

I had a great time hiking to the top and an even better time sliding down the glacier! Now, that being said, my phone fell out of my pocket. It's an iphone, unlocked, etc. If a kind person could return it to a Verizon store between St. Mary's and Denver (or in Denver if you're coming to the city), that would be much appreciated. People in my contacts to contact if you get a hold of the phone are Captain, Rachael or Kayla.

This trail was so much fun for my whole family. My kids easily did this 2.5 mile loop. There is a lot of history at Roxborough Park. Be sure to check out the little house by Washington Park. Also be sure to do the little Lyon Overlook on the east side of this trail. Great photo op! We will be back. So worth the $7 state park fee for this park. There is also a nice visitor center at the beginning of the trail. If you can watch the short video inside it’s great, 10 minutes max. They have a nice picnic area in front of the visitor center. Also a water bottle refill station in available near the bathrooms.

11 days ago

If I do this trail again I will begin in Breckenridge and walk up the Burro Trail to the Spruce Creek area. It is uphill that way. The trail is wide enough for 3 people. Shaded and cool from the creek. At times you have to watch for rocks and tree roots.
Then I would turn around and totally enjoy the walk down the hill back to Breck.
8 miles total. I would rate easy to moderate.

11 days ago

Great beginning hike. Trail is in great condition and good views at the top

nature trips
11 days ago

Great easy trail and great for walking dogs because there are several side trails to choose from that get you all to the same place. There is a LEASH LAW that people refuse to obey so it was nice to have an option to be on a side trail away from the idiots that don’t know how to use a leash. Glacier lake was beautiful, get there early to find parking.

12 days ago

Hiked up to the glacier with a lot of gear including snowboarding and fishing items. It wasn’t a bad climb but I am accustomed to the elevation. The peak of the glacier sits at 11,100 feet and the snow is still manageable to ride down. A nice little lake sits at the bottom and the glacier water flows from it. There is a lot of traffic even on the weekdays.

12 days ago

Hiked to Nymph Lake in late July 2018. The yellow Lillie pads were blooming! Such a treat. Pretty lake and surrounding views.

13 days ago

Great place to have lunch and relax. Spent about two hours at the lake enjoying the day and watching the locals jump into the water from rock outcroppings.
On the way up, I quickly noticed the thinner air and I had to take several breaks before making it to the top.

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