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Nice shaded and mostly flat trail. Great trail for the dogs with several creeks to drink out of and play in along the way. Water was crystal clear. Moderate amount of traffic but not too crowded at all with plenty of parking.

15 hours ago

Beautiful view at the top! Our family is inexperienced hikers and we did fine along with our puppy.

1 day ago

easy hike with beautiful views!

2 days ago

That was a great little family hike. Lots of cold water pools to lay around in and 4 leaves up or so there was a hole that was about 2 ½ feet wide by 3 ½ feet long and about 10 feet deep. Jumped in with my arms by my side. What a rush. The hike is easy. Parking was a problem so get there early.

Easy enough for kids, mostly shaded, and beautiful view at the top.

Moderately busy at height of the season but worth the short climb for the view.

Very cute, very short, tons of people

5 days ago

Very easy with stunning falls and impeccably maintained paths and bridges. Short but worthwhile.

6 days ago

Nice hike. There is a first come first serve tent site area to prevent over use of the first part of the trail. I brought my son out for his first overnight hike but not to tough. We went well beyond the protected forest area. Be careful out there though. Heavy bear activity in this area. We had at least 3 visits overnight.

6 days ago

Had a great time on this trail; I’m used to walking considerable distances but the elevation gains of other hikes in the White Mountains took some getting used to, so this relatively flat trail was nice and relaxing. Forest cover follows you from the parking lot to the falls, which keeps the trail nice and cool. Brought two dogs (one seven years old and one nine months old) and they both had a great time. Water was cool and refreshing, one of the best feeling swims I’ve ever had!

Great trail. Well maintained. Hike is good for kids and dogs (there were many dogs the day we went).
View is great at the top.
Parking was tricky we had to park on the road (be sure not to be over the white line if you’re on the road because we saw people getting ticketed).

great short hike with the pup, lots of beautiful views

Fantastic scenery

8 days ago

Us too! We couldn’t find where to park or any semblance of a trail

Great hike. Heavily trafficked trail for all uses. Went on a Sunday and there were hikers, joggers, bikes and a few groups. A bit busier then I would have liked but beautiful scenery and the falls is a nice spot to take a break before heading back.

This trail was absolutely gorgeous. Well maintained with very little litter anywhere, beautiful views, easy trail. Absolutely loved it even in the rain and would do it again in a heartbeat.

11 days ago

More an amble than a hike (lots of kids in flipflops on the trail), the falls are beautiful both above and below, but at least on the weekend day that we went were VERY crowded.


So romantic to do with your boo ;)

13 days ago

Amazing view awarded after a relatively easy hiking under 40 minutes. Perfect for young kids and dogs. The view at the top is unobstructed and there is plenty room to roam around and take a rest. The trail can get muddy at places (we went after a few days on rain) but it doesn't get slippery. Highly recommended.

Short hike to falls- first part of the trail could even be accessed by wheelchair or with a stroller. Climb up higher on the path to get up to the top of the group of falls. Small waterfalls and natural rock slides - good for all ages but can be very slippery so watch the little ones.
Gets very busy on nice days, go early or go when it’s raining to avoid the crowds.

Beautiful. Calming. You must experience the powerful spray at the base of the waterfall.

Nice, easy trail. Great for kids. Great views!

17 days ago

Super easy and absolutely beautiful! Definitely my favorite, it was such a quick easy walk to the falls and it was such an amazing view!

18 days ago

I hesitate to write this review because we actually didn’t get the chance to do the hike. We started at the covered bridge that had a sign that said “Ellis River Trail” but were accosted by a surly red faced older man in a golf cart that informed us that we weren’t welcome there. Turns out that we were walking on a golf cart trail. The man said that no one can hike during golf season. There must be another entrance to the trail, but we never found it.

This was a perfect easy hike for my kids (9 & 5) and parents (in their 60s) to enjoy together. Pretty scenery, well marked, easy.

19 days ago

Now that I've done it I can see why it earns the top spot for the best trail in the area. The trail to the west rattlesnake mountain is easy but interesting every step of the way. The panoramic view of Squam Lake from the West Rattlesnake Mountain is absolutely memorable. I've recently purchased a nice 12x binocular for the hike and what an absolute treat.

I was able to see kayakers, sail boats and distant houses from the gorgeous summit. There is a good reason why this mountain always pack a crowd. There are plenty of shade so we really enjoyed the picnic food as well. The way back is even easier and more enjoyable as it is an easy downhill stroll all the way. This is one trail that I will definitely do again.

Fantastic short hike you can squeeze into any busy day. The falls is one of the most beautiful serene settings with its blue-green waters and ethereal ledges above it. Truly one of my favorite hikes!

19 days ago

Ridiculously beautiful payoff for such a short, easy hike. I’m usually a stickler for proper footwear but we did this in sandals with no problem.

Very crowded, couldn’t park. Turned around. Disappointing, as we have hiked here a few years back and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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