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Great trail with interesting historical attributes. Branch right where the river turns and you get a beautiful set of waterfalls.

This was a beautiful hike but it is NOT a loop. The map doesn't show it as a loop either. There was a fork in the trail towards the beginning, we followed the trail marked John Holder. The creek was wonderful! There were lots of places to wade and swim. We followed the creek for a while then backtracked a bit to get back on the trail.

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3 days ago

very nice trail! for sure worth the short hike! don't forget your swimsuit because there's a nice swimming hole at the bottom.

Went with family and dog. Loved it just make sure to have good shoes with traction.

Absolutely beautiful place. The creek was a pain to get too but well worth it once we got down there. The hill on the other hand to go back up can kiss my butt. I lost my water somewhere and it was a really hot day and had to keep sitting down because I thought I was going to pass out and not one person who walked by me and my son asked if I was okay. Other then that the creek was worth the hike.

We absolutely loved this trail and the falls was amazing. The first part of the trail is blacktop till you get to the observation deck at which point you can look down to see the waterfall. We then took the dirt trail- which is not marked, you have to leave the observation deck and head back where you came from. In a short distance you will see a dirt trail to your left, not hard to find but you have to look for it. From there this will lead you down to the bottom of the falls. There are lots of big rocks you have to walk down on which was kind of tricky for us since we had our 2 and 3 yr olds in tow but was doable. At one point you will cross a wooden bridge with the creek underneath, very pretty. As you keep walking you will also pass a small cave which was pretty cool. Once at the falls you can swim at the bottom or wade in the water. Lots of large rocks and bolders. The falls is so much more beautiful in person, I wanted to stay there forever taking pictures.
We visited this trail on a Monday so we saw a total of 4 people. There is a large covered picnic pavilion and really nice bathrooms. We saw maybe 4 campsites but there could have been more. Would definitely go back if close to the area. This trail is about 45 - 50 mins from Natural Bridge State Park which is also really nice.

7 days ago

Well maintained and clean trail with great views at the top. Wide variety of plants and fungi along the way. A pleasant dog that lives nearby decided to join us on the hike but they are not typically permitted as it is a state nature preserve.

9 days ago

Nice trail for the kids to enjoy creek play. Watch out for snakes! After a heavy rain the creek is harder to navigate and you should always wear shoes you don’t mind wading in. Deep spots along cliff walls, near the back of the trail by the no trespassing sign is a nice swimming hole. Not overly strenuous but could be hard for youngsters or older folks to safely balance on some of the rocks.

9 days ago

We do this trail frequently when we have a short amount of time to be in the area. The kids love seeing the springs in different seasons and it’s a nice, easy walk on well maintained trails.

Great trail. Well marked and shade almost the whole way. Beautiful outlooks. You can see for miles at the top. My son and I really enjoyed ourselves this morning.

Beautiful. Very soothing once you reach the falls.

15 days ago

No words for this trail. Had an amazing time.

16 days ago

Nice peaceful place! Brought my dog and she had a great time. Nicely marked trails and beautiful


17 days ago

I can't believe this is here and I've never heard of it. Amazing trail.

We learned some amazing Scout Skills for 2 hours with Michael Downs. Then spent the next 3 hours hiking to and from the overlook. The trail was a little muddy, but otherwise in great shape. Always a great time at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

Very well marked! But at the end it can be hard to scale the last boulder! But once you get over it, it is amazing

20 days ago

This fantastic trail offers amazing views and interesting views of rock formations, I can wait to go back after the leaves change colors. Saw the biggest rattle snake I have ever seen after climbing up a set of rock stairs, at least 5 feet long. I would not recommend children under 8 on this trail as it gets very narrow with massive drop offs toward the end.

Beautiful! I forgot my hiking books and was abke to do this trail in sandals. W didn't see a waterfall. I'm not sure if we missed it or if that is a mistake in the description. Either way, it was an amazing hike with breathtaking views! We relaxed and did yoga at the top for quite some time, enjoying the mountainous scenery and sunshine!
I would like to remind folks that this is a nature preserve. You aren't allowed to bring your dogs so please don't! I love hiking with my doggie and there are loads of trails where dogs are allowed.

on Asbury Trails

21 days ago

Beautiful scenery, not too difficult trails but just watch where stepping and would recommend taking a walking stick.

Very easy trail. Great trail for family's as of trail is level and wheelchair friendly. Perfect trail for romance as this place is good first date place.

27 days ago

Great time hiking. Beautiful views. I would definitely do it again.

28 days ago

Excellent location for creeking....but as with any creek...lots of rocks and difficult footing in the stream bed. Creek is wide and filled with small fish, snakes, etc. The surrounding trail features a steep hill down into the creek valley that might be difficult for some, though my 5 and 7 year old's were able to negotiate it with no problem.

Totally beautiful. I went after 2 days of some good rains (mid-July)and the water was rushing wonderfully. The paved trail is nice, but shorter than I like so I took the dirt trail that goes down the Creek a little ways. At the turn around point it is a little hard to find the trail again. If you put your back towards the water the Continuing trail is ahead of you slightly to the right. It almost doesn't even look like a trail for about 30', which is why it's hard to see. (thin and overgrown a bit) There is a large concrete slab just to the right of the trail to help you mark it. Once you go down that way there is actually a bridge that goes across the Creek. It takes you off of the trail maps trail but it follows along side the Creek up to the bottom of the falls just the same but it has an actual path you could walk on instead of having to go through the water for part of the time. The part of the hike off of the paved trail was amazing. Lots of cliff overhangs and beautiful scenery. It was mostly shaded and a very cool walk. You do actually have to follow the trail back and around to pick backup on the trail maps trail and get back to the paved trail. I had cell service the whole way. (Verizon) Definitely go!

29 days ago

Great short hike to a awesome waterfall. Make sure its been raining a bit prior to going fall was little slower than usual but still a beautiful place. Kids loved it as wasn't long at all.

I’ve been to this trail twice this summer and will be heading back in the fall. It’s a quick hitting trail if you’re in a crunch for time, but is also a place you could spend hours enjoying the views and water. We usually get in the creek at the wooden bridge and follow it all the way until the end to start our descent (you’ll know when you’ve hit the end, trust me). You’re gonna need some shoes with grips for this trail because of the wet and at times challenging terrain. This trail is not for the faint of heart, but is definitely achievable. 5/5 recommend.

1 month ago

The trails here are very dangerous and slick. I fall and hurt myself. My boyfriend slid almost fall over a cliff and lost his walking stick. If you go here be extremely careful and let someone know where you are going.

love this place. so peaceful and great workout for me. perfect length and test of physical fitness. Would definitely recommend as ive been going for over 10 years now. Beautiful waterfalls and great view if you hike to the top. dog friendly and low traffic. there is a easy paved walking trail at top for those who cannot complete hiking trails and there is seperate rd to this. also easier trails across rd with ponds and creek that is a peaceful quiet setting and has picnic tables.

We enjoyed this trail this morning. The blacktop path was nice but exploring the trails along the creek were the best!
Not your typical “hiking trail” but great for pictures and a cool dip in the pool below the falls.
Great parking and great starter hike for the little ones!

1 month ago

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