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KC hiking Map
10 days ago

Great for families! My 7 yo had a blast!

It great you don't feel like you are in the middle of kc.

Great area. I go often to walk the dog. Most lakes can be walked around without a trail. That makes for lots of loops!

Interesting area, good for kids, close to city.

very nice trail system to hike

Easy, lots of mountain bikers but a nice reprieve

Good hike on a fall day. Multiple paths offer different routes along the trail. A couple of muddy areas to walk around. Could be worse after heavy rain.

Really nice trail. Hilly terrain, some rocky parts. This is more like towards the moderate level. Not a struggle but it’s not flat and simple. Nice easy to follow loop trail with halfway shortcut. Beautiful biodiversity. Couple of spiderwebs at head height here during late September. Saw a HUGE spider hanging just right off the trail that my brother pushed me towards so he could get away haha. I didn’t use a hiking stick but my brother did and it is more useful on this trail. Pet friendly trail. Can’t wait to see it when the leaves change. Sad to see some vandalized trees, and I don’t like being able to hear cars from the trail. Also very close to backs of houses during some parts of the trail, which is kind of annoying but could be helpful if an emergency occurs.

nice inclines, beautiful scenery!

Good trail for power walking.

road biking
1 month ago

I have ridden this entire Trail on my bicycle. is well maintained and most of the ride is very scenic. the best part is south of Shawnee Mission Parkway on top of the large Hill. it has a great Overlook area.

Just another badly marked and cryptic trail that will easily get you lost. Even the trail head maps were off the mark. Got lost after waiting for the local "Trail Nerds" group run that never showed (not even sure they exist anymore) and found myself super lost in the dark. Not to mention LOTS of rocks, somewhat dangerous for runners and the occasional weed smokers on the trail make it for a annoying and disappointing experience.

2 months ago

ruff root covered paths, bridges in disrepair but one good bench passed the cascade.

Nice, paved trail for the road bike. Pretty, scenic suburban trail meanders along Mill Creek. Fairly busy on the weekend. Watch out on the blind curves as the trail is somewhat narrow.

Nice trails but park rangers were not helpful knowing about where the trails took off from.
Despite bug spray with deet I was covered in bites the next day, suspect oakmites. Would not go back til hard frost.

Hit these trails today for the first time and was blown away. So beautiful, well maintained, varied difficulty levels and surfaces. I spent several hours and went about 12 miles. Can’t wait to enjoy the trails this fall as the leaves turn. Make sure to take plenty of water and make note of the paved trail that goes straight up the middle and takes you back to the trailhead anytime.

Not allowing dogs ruins this trail

Nice walk through the “woods”. Like taking dogs on new adventures!

Great for trail run! I wasn’t smart enough to forget mosquito spray.

Best loop is Mill Creek to College.

We parked at the Smoke and Davey Trailhead and took the Neale Trail. So great. Somewhat challenging, very cobwebby at 8 am but found a good stick to help with that. Very well maintained and pretty views everywhere. When the trail crossed the cement path that ran down the center of the trail system we occasionally saw another person but aside from that no other people once we were in the woods. Great views of the lake.

This trail is GREAT for a long run at almost anytime of the day because it has good tree cover throughout the trail. Also the pavement is well kept which means there is no need to worry about footing on a run.

3 months ago

decent hike. sadly someone has vandalized some of the trees with demonic & swastika signs.

This area is perfect for walking your dog or children.

road biking
3 months ago

Great trail. Take plenty of water!!

nice little nature trail..saw deer turtles ..pretty cool..

Beautiful trail. Very maintained. Like 60 seconds from the city. Map at trailhead, however seemed to be a lack of trail markers while on the trail.

3 months ago

Nice little place to take the kids or go for a walk. I struggle with finding good places to hike in he Kansas City area so this will do in a pinch. My 2 year old had a great time. One part of the trail goes right up next to a busy street, separated by just a thin layer of trees, so it’s not the most “nature-y” or secluded/remote by any means but still nice. Did find quite a bit of trash which is very disappointing.

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