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Easy to hike with good elevation gain. You can park at sanctuary cove and head to the trailhead which is right by Sundance event center. There really is no hiking at the trailhead so you have to walk about 100 yards from Sanctuary cove parking.

Pleasant hike off the main road that runs through Catalina State Park. There is an immediate elevations change via man made steps... Beautiful views... variety of cactus . .

It was an awesome trail. I parked at the Brown Mountain Picnic Area trailhead which in fact is easy to find the trail. There are a few picnic tables and grill stands if you desire. The start of the trail is narrow and not marked. It is only about 150 feet to the main trail after you walk through the wash. It is very easy to find. There is a dead saguaro that is still standing that is your indicator that you are in fast on the correct trail.

Take the trail counter clockwise starting right at the saguaro, since the ascent at the far end of the trail is much easier than the close end.

I would have rated the trail easy/moderate but I definitely agree with the rating of moderate because of the terrain. It is not steep, and provides switchbacks, however the footing is a little treacherous. I wouldn’t recommend running as it may be too easy to skip and fall or obtain another sort of injury. I’m very coordinated and at times had trouble with footing. But not to worry, there were a bunch of older folks on the trail.

Definitely recommended! Pretty views all across the top of the ridge!

Great easy fun hike. Able to do without any problems being 7 and a half months pregnant :]

trail running
11 days ago

Easy trail that I was able to run. The trail is relatively narrow though, so there were some areas where I momentarily wandered off into the washes. Beautiful hike with amazing views. Would highly recommend.

A nice short trail with great views of the pass. I did this as a run but it was a bit rocky at times.

Nice trail with good views but be aware that the trail shown above is NOT from the Brown Mountain Trailhead. The real trailhead in on the right side of the road that also goes to the Gilbert Ray campground area. When you take this trail be aware that you'll need to cross a wash with no signage. The trail picks up about 20 yards to the right of where you enter the wash. While the trail is fairly rated as moderate, it's not one you'd want to take without hiking shoes and some prior hiking experience. Also, be aware that there's lots of cacti leaning into the trail early on. The hike stats above are for the picnic area trail entry. From the main trail head you're looking at closer to 5 miles RT and 900 feet of altitude gain.

22 days ago

Everything and more for a relatively short hike. Beautiful views and you can make some cattle friends as well! Also gives you an option to explore further and take multiple routes.

Nice easy, quick hike.

Easy and safe hike with our dog.

30 days ago

Easy hike with great scenery along the way. Dog and kid friendly. Nice to have a waterfall hike in Arizona

Very nice easy trail. Perfect for a morning walk before it gets too hot.

nice, easy hike with dogs

Good one for the family. Love being this close to Superstition.

What a watery wonderland!! :-D

I love this trail! Will keep coming back for sure!

I'll go again and again! I prefer weekdays, much more peaceful but always fun anytime. The eagle people are always nice and let you watch the eagles and always a great chance to make friends with the chipmunks.

A ranger suggested we go up the right trail and come down the left trail. I am so glad we did. The right trail has a lot of elevation gain and I was tired when we reached the top. Beautiful view. Coming down the left trail was easier...since there is less elevation decline. My dog enjoyed the hike and the many new friends that she met. Since there is little shade, it could be a better winter hike. Enjoy.

It’s a short, flat, easy dirt/gravel trail. Good to let kids run and play.

Cute trail. Easy.

Easy trail; well maintained. Beautiful views of the Superstitions and the surrounding mountains. Round trip in less than an hour at a leisurely pace.

1 month ago

A fun easy hike to do with the family. The scenery is beautiful, the trail is well groomed, not much shade to hide from the sun if you need a break. I only give it three stars because it is a very simple walking trail with some elevation and decent views.

Very fun! Mammoth Saloon after is a must!

I loved this trail , it's an easy pleasant hike. You can take a mostly shaded stroll on a hot day or step it up and use it as a conditioning excersize. The slightly rocky dry river bed (not dry June thru sept) helped me get my footing skills back after foot surgery. Oliver Lee state park is a nice backdrop and there are usually other visitors in the area.

Beautiful little hike

Honestly it was pretty but it’s a casual walk through a “nursery “

1 month ago

My pup and I love this trail. It's an easy hike with plenty of spots to stop and take a break by the stream. It took us about 2 hours to get to the waterfall and back to our car, but we stopped plenty of times so the pup could play in the water.

Very kid friendly. Easy hike for a first timer

2 months ago

This was a great easy hike. We went in October, after A LOT of rain and the stream was running loudly. It was a truly sensory experience, the air was cool and crisp, it smelled so good and sweet, the stream was rushing noisily. The ground was soft from recent rains, so the ground was soft, but it really wasn't slippery muddy. It's a great trail for exploring because you can venture somewhat here and there away from the trail. There is a lovely memorial to the three year old who was killed along with many members of her family in 2017 when a storm hit, causing a flash flood that swept away several members of a family. When we finished the downstream trail, we turned around and walked upstream-both ways were pretty awesome.

good trail but watch for snakes

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