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The views from the top of sleeping giant are fantastic. This route is very muddy & closed in!

Very muddy! Lovely variety of trees and plants along the way. Great views from many spots.

1 day ago

Closed. Gate up. Don’t bother.

Beautiful views! Worth the stop

We lucked out with dry ground! It hadn’t rained for at least 4 days......maybe longer. That made for an easy day. The falls were gorgeous. Well worth the time. Follow the upper trail rather than the river to get to the second falls! Beautiful the whole way. Loved all of the plants too!

CRAZY MUDDY too slippery to continue had to turn around

Very muddy. I would say it is even unsafe. But on the way back we found shortcut way, we went just uphill through the forest and got to the backyard of one house. It was just next to the main road. I couldn't imagine to go back by this slippery mud. Be careful!

scenic driving
5 days ago

Not a hike, just a lookout. Regardless, still worth a stop! Great views, very peaceful if you go early in the morning to beat crowds.

Not a hike, like others have mentioned- just a short walk on a paved path. Beautiful views though and a tour of the lighthouse is included in the $10 entry fee.

7 days ago

2nd time doing this hike & it’s just as breathtaking every time! Very steep downhill climb then right back up it. Very slippery, lots of mud. Saw double rainbows and enjoyed a pleasant mist from the waterfall at the bottom. Wouldn’t take kids or the faint of heart as this trail is extremely steep at some points, prepare to get muddy.

crazy muddy. took three hours in and out with our six year old in tow. This trail isn't dangerous, but its in such poor shape it can hardly be called kid friendly. Sleeping Giant east was far easier because we weren't slogging through mud and crawling over trees the whole time. pass.

Closed today due to federal budget impasse. Can see lighthouse from gate ~1/4 mile away.

Really nice easy hike :) took around 40 minutes to get there. Follow the river you will see a path it almost not muddu a all !! We came back by the " real " trail, was fun too but muddier ;)

11 days ago

Excellent views and swimming hole. Be aware of tides and waves. The first couple hundred feet of the trail is steep, muddy and may be hard for younger or older to make. Trail is short though, I wouldn’t mark as hard, just need to be cautious.

Loved the trail. Muddy and slippery.

The hike is technically off limits but lots of people are still doing it. The entrance I used was to the right of the stone wall (if you’re looking at the falls) and past the green fence. You’ll have to hop the guardrail and you’ll see a brown sign that says Danger. It was pretty doable until I got to the last red rope. It was extremely slippery and I lost my footing but thankfully was able to hold onto the rope (wear hiking shoes, sneakers didn’t cut it!). Just go slow and be mindful with each step. You can get up close to the waterfall and even go behind it if you’re willing to get soaked. I went around 11am and saw double rainbows. It was so beautiful.

nature trips
14 days ago

Beautiful nature walk through to Waimea Falls. Falls are a little over rated. I’ve seen much bigger and beautiful falls in my hometown in Australia, however the walk was peaceful and tranquil. We arrived at 9am, and it took about 1.25 hrs, slow relaxed pace. We didn’t swim in the falls, didnt feel the need to. I would recommend arriving before 9:30 though as when we were heading back, the amounts of people that were on their way to the falls were growing rapidly.

15 days ago

It's about 2 hours down to the river, and 2 hours back up. The trail is fairly easy up to that point...but then. I don't know if it's because it had rained a lot, but following the river wasn't that easy, and involved A LOT of river crossing where hopping from one rock to the other isn't possible - got to have river crossing shoes. The views along the way were nice, but maybe not worth that effort.

Not really a hike - it's a lookout. But it's gorgeous, definetly worth the stop!

Super fun muddy hike!

Beautiful view, but gate was closed, so we were unable to go walk up to the lighthouse.

easy and relax hike

Trail closed most likely due to people not understanding the dangers of the area. Wave height is not the same thing as tide. People are so misinformed judging by the reviews. Knowing how to accurately read the surf report is so critical to enjoying this spot safely. Being here on an incoming large swell is the absolute sketchiest time. If you don’t understand that, you have no business visiting Queens Bath.

Easy but very muddy and slippery. The first waterfall has some great cliff diving spots but it is very narrow and you have to know where to jump. Luckily some very friendly locals led the way on where to jump and it was a great spot to swim and relax after a moderate day of hiking.

21 days ago

This was minutes from where are staying, so it was a must see. After speaking to a local neighbor, saying it was closed but most people just go around the fence we decided to take the chance. We hiked down the muddy trail, it was moderate in my opinion. It was NOT high tide when we went in the morning. We stayed away from the edges and paid attention to the waves. It was definitely a site to see but we would much rather see it in the summer when it’s calm and an actual “bath”. I highly recommended checking the weather and surf conditions along with using caution and common sense here. Happy hiking!

Trail closed, but can still stop to see the waterfall.

Trail closed - cops writing trespassing tickets when we came!

awesome beach. the children love it here. there are two different pools that were created for children. larger one had fish inside for snorkling and other is more for small infant and toddler. there after crabs in the rocks that kids Chase. there is a huge playground across the way that's still in the general area. kids love it and there is lots of shade on playground side. there is also a historical village remains and please kapu(keep out)!!! you can walk around it but show respect. certain areas are closed off!! it leads to the canoe entrance and wailue River. there is a page trail to follow if you have a stroller. also there is calling in the beach of you follow the sidewalk.

I came to this trail with my family last week. today is 12/26/18. it's been raining off an on since we got here 12/19/18. this trail was awesome but difficult for my family. the trail is very slippery and muddy when wet, Mud up to your ankles. the family included 2 adults over 38, an eight year old and a 19 month old. it took us over 4 hours there and back. we took out time at each waterfall and exploring. we used the walking sticks left by previous walkers and still very difficult. it's actually very nice walking without shoes, you get more traction. prepare to be extremely muddy and workout if coming in winter months. had an awesome time and glad that we did it.

Not really a hike. We watched a rain cloud move in across the water and soak us, it was pretty. lol

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