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3 days ago

This would have been an easy trail is it wasn’t so muddy and slippery. It last rained two days ago, so there were dry spots, but some of the slippery spots were really dangerous. The views are beautiful once you get there, but still be careful on the rocks. There is also a waterfall that is pretty. Several baths but only one that you can swim in. And if the tide is rough, this could be super dangerous. The trail does start with a sign that reads “Many people have died here.” And more. Could be a great experience, but I was too nervous after reading that!

I feel like I shouldn't even check in here as we didn't actually do the hike. Wouldn't have known where the trail was if one of the local vendors at the top hadn't told us. Another vendor told us we would get fined $300 for doing the hike. That in conjunction with the heavy rain we've had the past couple days, we chickened out, but the views are still gorgeous from the top. I'm starting to think it would've been worth it. Next time!

Beautiful trail. A little muddy but we had rain earlier in the day. Prepare to get muddy. There is a few places we have to weave through the trees. Did it with an 8 month old on my back just fine. At the falls there is a rope swing. Bring a towel if the weather is cooler.

Awesome hike, very pretty. We weren’t paying attention and totally missed the first falls and ended up at the second. We couldn’t figure how to get down to the bottom of the falls to the rope swing but asked a local and he showed us. Where it looks like it dead ends you climb up some rocks and trees on the right side of the trail to a higher trail. Once you walk about 50 feet you descend back down. Rope swing was cool, water felt great.

Very easy, the whole walk is clearly marked and paved. Lovely scenery and such lush vegetation with botanical signage AND historic Hawaiian sites with bits of interesting history for those interested all along the walk to the falls. Bathrooms at the beginning and end, not very crowded in March.

13 days ago

It hasn’t rained much before we went but it was still SUPER muddy and slippery. I wore flip-flops but ended up doing the hike barefoot until we got to the lava rocks, it was to slippery to be in flip-flops. Beautiful view once you got down to the rocks. The bath seemed calm enough for me to jump in and swim around for awhile. Every few minutes a huge wave would crash over into the baths, it was a lot of fun and a great easy hike (besides how slippery it was). My wife is 22 weeks pregnant and had no problem at all.

on Waimea Valley Trail

15 days ago

It was a quick and easy hike. Any age can do it and they provide life jackets to use for swimming near the waterfall. Must pay $17 to enter.

scenic driving
16 days ago

More of a path than a trail which leads you to the lookout. Incredible views on the drive up and you won’t be tired of them yet by the time you get to the lookout.

Just hiked this today with my 13 year old son. We cliff jumped about 40 feet down stream from the first falls on both sides of the stream. The jumping cliffs are about 10 feet high on the trail side and about 15-18 on the other side. I checked the depth before we jumped and the water was over 10 feet deep.

We then walked down to the second falls which are higher but there was no cliff jumping there - just the rope swing which also looked fun, but we didn’t do it. We went back to the first set of falls, jumped a few more times and ate the Subway sandwich we had packed. It was a great day we will both remember forever.

Trail was muddy, but not difficult by any means. Views are well worth the trip.

Really neat trail with beautiful views and waterfalls but is all private property and we were forced off.

Two nice waterfalls. The first is a bit more dramatic. The first waterfall has a nice jump just below the main falls into about 8-9 ft of water, you then float down 100-150 ft and climb out on the right. The second fall has a nice overlook and a rope swing in the pond below the falls. Watch out for the submerged rock below the rope swing.

Also look for signs of wild pigs with small wallows.

25 days ago

Really good trail. It is kind of wet in the winter and there is mud all the way.

Amazing short hike to two waterfalls. Make sure to bring water shoes if you’re planning to jump.

Definitely worth seeing!

Easy hike with nice photo ops and two waterfalls!

1 month ago

Easy hike with stunning vistas and a refreshing swim.

1 month ago

The trail was so steep and muddy going down it would have been easier to repel down it......but the pay off was well worth it!

It was awesome. Very steep and muddy, but there are ropes and roots to hold onto. Worth the view and the swim at the bottom

1 month ago

Easy, fun hike! Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/vmDjCu1t6jc

Waimea Valley Waterfalls is located on the North Shore of Oahu across from Waimea Bay. Enter this into your GPS: Waimea Valley Road, Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712.
Open Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week
Adult - $16.00
Senior - $12.00 (age 62+)
Student - $12.00 (college student must present I.D.)
Child - $8.00 (ages 4-12)
Group Rate - $12.00 (per person - group of over 10 Adults)

Take a casual walk on a paved path through Botanical Gardens and Historical Sites up to the Waterfall area. The hike is 3/4 of a mile one way or 1 1/2 miles round trip. Swim at the waterfalls as stay as long as you'd like. There are bathrooms to change in. If you're up for more excitement, head across the street to the ocean called Waimea Bay. You'll find spots to rock climb, snorkel, scuba dive and cliff jump.

For more videos of Hawaii Hikes, cliff jumping and scuba diving, check out GREEN BERET UNLIMITED on YouTube and HIKING HAWAII on FaceBook.

I was hesitant to do this trail as it was technically off limits according to all the signs at the lookout point. The trail is very steep at some points, but there are ropes and vines to help you down and up along the way. The end point of this trail is absolutely amazing. Seeing Wailua Falls and swimming in that waterfall was absolutely breathtaking. Well worth the short hike down!!

1 month ago

It had rained all last week so the trail was super muddy and slippery, but manageable. Definitely take one of the walking sticks that are piled up at the trailhead. Once you make it down to the lava rock it’s super easy to get to the rock pool. Water was warm and swimming was nice :)

Amazing, great hike down and up.

The trail head is just to the right of a person’s home; last house on the left before the off-shoulder Parking.
Tons of rain recently. The waterfall is FULL, and beware the last 25 feet of the trail is flooded, so you have to forge your own.


This is a great morning or afternoon hike but is only part of the way up to the top of Sleeping Giant. You begin a couple miles past the Wailua Falls. Look for a pasture on your right and parked cars. There is a trailhead with a sign and the trail is well maintained. We happened on a crew cutting down branches and cleaning up the trail so that was nice.

You go over a pretty stream on a wooden walking bridge then proceed through the forest. Mostly it's overgrown jungle but there is plenty of room to walk. A bit less than a mile in you break out on a great viewpoint at a picnic shelter. Continuing on you finally get to the junction with the trail coming in from the north and you can head up the rest of the way to the summit.

1 month ago

Muddy, but easy trail to amazing Queen’s bath. Make sure to go only during low tide.
Also, the bath is AFTER you reach the float belts.

Awesome views at the lookout!

1 month ago

We had a blast doing this today, the kids ( 9, 10 and 15 ) loved it. It’s challenging but not to the point where kids and parents have to be scared or have to worry about the safety of their children. Lots of ropes and roots to hang on to. Just go slow! It’s not a race.
You will get muddy and proper footwear is highly recommended.

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