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5 hours ago

AMAZING!!! Very short with stunning views throughout. It was dry when I did it and really not scary at all, though I can see it being very different when wet.

11 hours ago

Difficult hike in that the trail is not clear, you will end up rock hopping, climbing under and over trees, route finding, getting muddy and questioning your path constantly. If you lose the trail you can stick to the river and continue up but you will find several spots challenging and slippery. Watch your footing closely. Start by following the fence around the water tower to the main trail on the right side of the river. Cross the river at the concrete slab with rebar sticking out and enter a beautiful bamboo forest. After the bamboo forest you come into the dry creek bed but make sure to go to the left at the cairns. This will save you a lot of time as you will be following a trail through the jungle trees rather than rock hopping and wondering where the trail is if you go right at the cairns. Next make sure you recognize the fork where the canyons split and go right. There are 2 smaller falls to the left but a difficult trail and small falls makes it not worth it for me. Follow the canyon to the right and it’s only 20 mins to the falls from the fork. Surely an adventure and the falls at the end are pretty unique. Do this if you want a challenging hike that will feel like an adventure with few people around.

We rented a kayak and leisurely found our way to the trail head. Yes, there were a lot of other people but you don't seem to mind. The hike in was not long or a challenge. But, if you are not in at least average shape it will not be easy. Don't bother with shoes (but bring them if you are not accustom to hiking barefoot). The mud covers half the mile hike.

The waterfall is worth it. This is a don't miss here on the island. The pool is refreshing. You MUST swim in and get in under the falls. While seeing it is worth the hike, being under it is "feeling" it. Big difference.

Often quite wet. Kinda like a jungle maze sometimes. Had a hiker slip on rock and split forehead requiring stitches. Pretty waterfall and pool at the end.

Ok... I hate heights! But this hike was amazing. I did it cause it was rated difficult and made me conquer my heights worry. AND... cause my GF wanted to do it. It’s easy really. Mostly down hill out and all uphill back. Awesome views! Keep your wits about you... my GF tried the last little 40-50ft path to look out but turned back. I was very frightened for her. I uploaded a pic. DONT try it! Not worth it.

Second time on this trail. Tried some new paths... I should learn by now. Here’s the actual road map... start on right side of water from parking lot. Cross at old piece of bridge ( rebar sticking out of concrete). Left side of water is bamboo forest.. easy hiking and totally cool. After big rock in bamboo move to creek bed and boulder and old dry creek bed. Cross back to right when convenient. This is where work begins but no way around it. Fallen trees and rocks and bouldering. Stay to creek. Then left side after first falls. Mostly bouldering from here. Follow right branch of creek. Easy if you don’t commit too heavily to one path. Stay to stream when in doubt. We loved it so much we did it 2x in week. Best hike ever- Troy and Janis!

Nice hike. Easy going down, but streanous coming back up. Be sure to have water, hicking shoes or sneakers, and a camera!

Intense hike, very slippery, have cross water often, climb over fallen trees, but well worth it! It was an amazing hike, my favorite yet.

Enjoyed this hike and the views are spectacular. The only reason I’m giving this 4/5 stars is the Waterfall at the end is kind of a buzzkill. Look, I’m from upstate New York so Niagara Falls is in my backyard - I have high standards.

One thing I’ll say: please wear proper foot attire. An elderly woman was wearing sandals and fell walking over loose stone. This hike is very manageable but if you’re going to wear sandals, well, you’re in for quite an adventure.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend bringing children under the age of 18 on this hike. I saw a mother with kids no older than 8 and it looked like she was experiencing hell.

Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

What a great little hike!

5 days ago

Super tough but totally worth it!!

Immediate and huge payout for such a short hike. Not challenging if you’re a frequent hiker- Incredible views the entire way, a few moments of needing to watch footing etc but one of the hands down most beautiful trails we have ever been on.

You use all systems - strength, agility, patience to be ok with not knowing the EXACT way. If in doubt, as many others have said, stay to the river and boulder a ways until you see a trail. There will usually be mud tracks in the rocks to follow as well.
The first crossing at the rebar- concrete suggestion was dead on!
Definitely the icing on the cake is the last waterfall ( right at the fork) and jumping off the ledge into about 10 feet of water. Go early and beat the heat.
It’s defiantly do- able. We are average hikers from the PNW and this was a fun challenge but nothing that would have stopped us from getting to the pot of gold.. the last waterfall . Xo

6 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Amazing view of the cathedrals in the Na Pali Coast and the valley. There was even a rainbow as we hiked this trail. Easy hike for sunset ~30 min down. Don’t go if it has rained- can be very muddy and narrow path (4000 ft high) end also gets narrow and can make you realize you’re afraid of heights

Best views in the world at the start of the hike. Hiking through the swamp was unique and fun. Only reason not a 5 star is clouds at the lookout.

Beautiful waterfall! It wasn’t nearly as crowded as we expected, could be that we went on a Sunday. We had the entire waterfall to ourselves at one point, with Only 1-2 other groups the rest of the time. The mile hike from the river to the falls is extremely muddy & slippery - be prepared to get very dirty!

Best hike of my life!!

12 days ago

This is well worth it and so fun if you are adventurous! Trust your instincts! When in doubt, Follow the stream! If you can’t find the trail, climb the rocks in the stream and another trail you will find! When you come to the clearing and can see the falls from afar in the mountain side.... keep going up stream for 15- 20 minutes and you will find the most amazing wonder nestled between a narrow canyon! We swam in the two tiered waterfall and jumped off the cliff! It’s beautiful!! Don’t give up! Stay along the stream!

slick and muddy, need sturdy shoes. in some area you have to crawl under low limbs to get to head of the falls. At the first waterfall there's a trail that is not easy to find where you can climb down to the base of the falls. we saw the trail that went to the right and climbed up it part way but it look like it didn't go anywhere so maybe the other one was there too and we just missed it. I think it was an easier climb down then it was a climb up for the trail we took because we saw some people with young children that had gone down to the base of the waterfall on the trail that we could not see. It would be helpful if there were some signs.

Partly steep, but easily manageable. Amazing views if the Napali Coast. We hiked 35 minutes. It was not the end, I think we missed it to go to the end of the ridge, because in the end it gets a little more dangerous. Just decided how much you want to risk and how far you want to go! Would definitely recommend it!

15 days ago

Did this trail after the rain, there are two paths to go down, just make sure you do the one thats a bit safer. it was very difficult going down because it was steep and slippery, but going up was a breeze because you have better balance in general. there was a rope that you can hang onto to go down, but still slippery as hell. but after all that, it was definitely worth the hike!( or like a slide down)

This is a great trail! The views are amazing from both sides of the ridge. The clouds may roll in but they roll out just as quickly. Having a hiking pole was handy but not entirely necessary, Good boots are recommended and be prepared to get muddy if it has rained. It took us a little over 2 hours to complete without rushing. The first 500 meters or so are the worst for climbing but it does level out somewhat after that. If your afraid of heights then this may not be for you. The views at the end make it with it!

16 days ago

This was hands down my favorite trail in Koke’e. The views are mind blowing and there is no crowd. The hike is fairly short and only moderate in difficulty (if you are prepared and are not trying to hike in flip flops and a baby on your hip, which I would not recommend).

The ledges can be scary if you have any kind of fear of heights and possibly dangerous if you are not careful. However, you do not have to go all the way to the end if you feel uncomfortable. The views get better with every step. Hike down and soak in the views and the cool ocean breeze!

A very cool trail. We did it in the rain the Tuesday after Lane passed through. There was only a few other people around that day and we had It mostly to ourselves. The fog, mist and light rain gave the canyon a unique feeling and the views were still amazing! I would absolutely recommend this trail if you are in Koke’e. It is an easy hike and fairly short. Came back a few days later with beautiful weather and could see a crowd on this trail from several of the canyon overlooks.

Awesome views!

Amazing views! My mom who is terrified of heights had to overcome fears on that trail but she did it.
The waterfall is small and the water muddy but still offers a great opportunity to cool off. Would hike there again!

Amazing views!!!


This is a great hike. the views along the entire walk are amazing and the prize at the end when you get to the falls is wonderful. It took us just under 2 hours round trip but it was very slippery given the rain post Hurricane Lane. I would recommend this hike to anyone. Get there early before the heat of the day!

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