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washed out
21 hours ago

It’s a tough one! First off, the map is not accurate to how the trail goes. Due to mud, trees down and blocking the way one is forced to zigzag back and forth across the river. There are no trail markers to help you pick your path. Crossing the river in mud caked shoes is no picnic either. If like playing Twister or The Limbo with Vaseline on your feet....this is the trail for you!

We had great weather! It lightly rained the day before but the trail was barely muddy. Go early... the more traffic the muddier it gets. We were the first to arrive at the falls for the day which made it amazing and peaceful. I honk the 14 mil description is mistaken. It’s more like 2 mile paddle and 2.5 mile hike in? Not real difficult but I can see how it would be if it were muddy. I would definitely do this trail again! Awesome laid back adventure!

We lucked out with dry ground! It hadn’t rained for at least 4 days......maybe longer. That made for an easy day. The falls were gorgeous. Well worth the time. Follow the upper trail rather than the river to get to the second falls! Beautiful the whole way. Loved all of the plants too!

We did this hike today - our 3rd time over the years! Simply beautiful and not overly strenuous even for two mid-60 yr olds. Canyon views are fabulous!! One key piece of advice is to park on the road by Hale Manu road - quite a few spots there - then walk down the 4wd-only road about a half hour to the trailhead. Much, much easier than the steep, rutted spur trail coming from the Pu’u Hinahina Lookout parking lot. About an hour each way plus photo time at the top of the cliffs. We didn’t go the final leg to the falls but really love this trail! Not very wet today.

Amazing views of valley and 2 waterfalls (one from the top). Don’t worry about the mud. As of yesterday the mud trail has dried and solidified into a perfect hiking surface. Had no trouble even with my heavily worn Crocs. The only slippery areas are where it dried out too much resulting in loose dirt, particularly at the slope descending from the vista. Avoid those loose dirt areas and stay on the hardened mud and you will be fine. Just past the vista, take the final loop clockwise as there is a very steep section on the right fork. Can always double back if too steep for you.

CRAZY MUDDY too slippery to continue had to turn around

Very muddy. I would say it is even unsafe. But on the way back we found shortcut way, we went just uphill through the forest and got to the backyard of one house. It was just next to the main road. I couldn't imagine to go back by this slippery mud. Be careful!

Beautiful, challenging, slippery, and a grind. Did it one year ago. I am in my 60s and trained. It was an excellent challenge, every step requires focus. You will be present or else.....

on Makaleha Hike

5 days ago

Knocked out this hike today and the conditions were great. It took us about an hour and 35 minutes going all the way back to the hidden falls and about an hour and 10 minutes out. I turned on my Strava app and it logged 3.2 miles in and 2.2 out. I think most of the extra mileage can be attributed to me walking all over the place instead of strictly staying on the “path.” As others have said, there is more than one path at many points, but as long as you stay near the water and follow the occasional cairns and you’ll be fine.

I’d say plan for 3 hours of hiking and about 4-5 miles depending on if you have to backtrack (or zig-zag a lot like we did).

5 days ago

Amazing. Did it with our 1.5 year old in tow so it was a bit harder to maneuver over and under the trees but soooo worth it. Trail is all over the place but just stay by the river and you will see it show up on one side of the other. We hiked in the river a lot of the time. Happy hiking!

5 days ago

We used stand up paddle boards to get to this hike which was a lot of fun. If you want to avoid the crowds, Sunday is the best day because the commercial kayak centers do not run tours that day. There were maybe 10 people at Secret Falls when we made it there. Finding the trail head off of the water was obvious.

Due to the lack of rain recently, when we did this hike (1/13/19) the trail was not that muddy. I think we would have made it in flip flops, but closed-toe shoes would be best.

We utilized Kaua’i SUP for the boards and they even had a few pairs of shoes left behind that we could borrow for the hike.

Best hike of my entire trip to Kauai! Amazing 360 degree views on this thrilling hike. Not for those with a fear of heights whatsoever! Watched the sunrise and enjoyed every step of the way on this trail. Good views the entire way and not too strenuous of a trail at all, just a little intimidating walking on the edge of such steep cliffs. Overall, 10/10.

8 days ago

2nd time doing this hike & it’s just as breathtaking every time! Very steep downhill climb then right back up it. Very slippery, lots of mud. Saw double rainbows and enjoyed a pleasant mist from the waterfall at the bottom. Wouldn’t take kids or the faint of heart as this trail is extremely steep at some points, prepare to get muddy.

We were planning on going to this hike again this year, January 2019, but the road just past Hanalei town is closed to through traffic. We parked and walked for about 1/2 a mile to get a look at the construction/work going on. Only trucks and heavy machinery, hauling lots of dirt, moving large rocks etc. heard it is closed until Summer of 2019. I believe some people will still get there by sea, but once open, that trail is going to be a bit more tough as the foot traffic will be about 95-98% less than normal for roughly a year.

Finished today. its closed but still accessible. A worth while breathtaking hike.

crazy muddy. took three hours in and out with our six year old in tow. This trail isn't dangerous, but its in such poor shape it can hardly be called kid friendly. Sleeping Giant east was far easier because we weren't slogging through mud and crawling over trees the whole time. pass.

Really nice easy hike :) took around 40 minutes to get there. Follow the river you will see a path it almost not muddu a all !! We came back by the " real " trail, was fun too but muddier ;)

Loved the trail. Muddy and slippery.

The hike is technically off limits but lots of people are still doing it. The entrance I used was to the right of the stone wall (if you’re looking at the falls) and past the green fence. You’ll have to hop the guardrail and you’ll see a brown sign that says Danger. It was pretty doable until I got to the last red rope. It was extremely slippery and I lost my footing but thankfully was able to hold onto the rope (wear hiking shoes, sneakers didn’t cut it!). Just go slow and be mindful with each step. You can get up close to the waterfall and even go behind it if you’re willing to get soaked. I went around 11am and saw double rainbows. It was so beautiful.

Really fun hike !!! My girlfriend and I did it yesterday. The map is not accurate and the trail is not that hard to find like others say, you have to look at the right and left side of the river anytime. You will always see a small path on one side ! Very nice hike if you like a bit of adventures :) go to the end, the last waterfall is the nicest one !!! I did it with my hiking boots and they did not get wet and I cross 3-4 times the river. Enjoy :)

15 days ago

Muddy, hard to find your way, etc. Won't lose your time: READ OTHERS REVIEW TO KNOW THE WAY

TRAILHEAD: Alright, go to the lookout, and to the LEFT of the green fence, there is another fence saying this trail is closed, dangerous, etc. So that's the trailhead, it's nice of them to indicate it - just jump the fence. And be careful.

Probably the best hike around there - great view all along the way! Can get muddy, so don't be that stupid person getting stuck and needing rescue. Not a hard trail at all, but don't go when it rains (anyway, you wouldn't get a good view). Assume that it will be slick/slippery/muddy and prepare accordingly. Now, with that being said, be careful and all, but it's by no mean an "extreme" hike. People here saying it's the worse they have ever done really need to calm down (or go hike some real hard ones).. Also, the worse spots were ALWAYS where slipping wouldn't be such a big deal (aka not on those narrow ridges). Finally, despite being "closed", the trail is clearly maintained. Still, just don't be that person falling off the cliff...cause you'd have a bad day.

Super fun muddy hike!

This trail was very muddy and slippery. I would recommend hiking shoes as the trail was very slick in trainers. We hiked all the way to the falls. The pool is tiny and mud is ankle deep around the pool so it is hard to swim or even wade. Canyon trail lookout is good but the real reward is the canyon view on the black pipe trail. It is very worth it to hike the extra distance. Not sure the additional hike to the falls is worth it. We started the hike at 8 am and by the time we were hiking out the path was extremely crowded. We had three kids 8 and older with us and I agree with the rating of moderate.

This is an unauthorized trail. there is a fence and warning signs. -1 star. Not a long trail but has very steep parts along a cliff that could be bad if rainy or if there was a crowd or if you are a beginner or have bad knees. If you have hiking skills and the weather is reasonable and you are willing to ignore signs and hop a fence, this is an amazing trail. Amazing on top of the world views. I saw a Billy goat family wundering what I was doing on their trail.

on Makaleha Hike

16 days ago

Amazing hike! The terrain showing on the app is not accurate. Nothing extremely steep except for a few boulders. DO NOT STOP at the Makaleha falls! The hidden falls are only 10 to 15min away and are absolutely beautiful! It is also the easiest part of the hike. Have fun hikers!

Tough. Muddy and there is a lot of crawling up through branches and trees in the jungle vs actual hiking. Path can be hard to follow. We had to turn back and find another path several times. We turned back 45 mins below the first falls because of how much time it consumed. It has been very rainy in Kauai this week so the conditions were rough. Be prepared for a long trek.

Beautiful hike. There are parts that feel sketchy but be super careful and you'll be fine. Best views of the canyon and cost (especially with a portion of the island closed off from flooding). Highly recommend.

I did the Wailua River kayaking and hiking trip to the Secrer Falls. The kayaking was great (2 miles there and 2 back, mostly easy with a little breeze upstream). However, the hiking (3 miles round trip) was atrociously muddy, with some spots going up to the knees. beautiful falls but not quite worth the trek in my opinion. Still had a good time regardless!

17 days ago

Real hard. Real worth it at the end though. Just have patience. Bring plenty of water. Bring bug spray with you to apply in the way back after you jump in the waterfall at the end.

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