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1/23/2019 trail closed...still able to see from road..

15 hours ago

Easy hike, muddy along dirt road. Views spectacular.

Great starter hike for our first day on Kauai. Cool trees for shade & critters on the side of the trail. Maybe they are salamanders???

1 day ago

Trail is all downhill which means it is all uphill coming back! Muddy the first mile. Tremendous views at the end! Certainly worth it!

Great little hike to the falls with lots of great vegetation to look at. The trail is not maintained so be prepared for some ducking under fallen branches and some steep muddy terrain. Wear swim suits if you want to enjoy a dip at the end!

Great hike with beautiful views! Just a bit crowded.

2 days ago

The trail is quite strenuous, but not very difficult or dangerous. Just be careful if you go close to the edges and down the ridge. Well worth it in the end to get the absolutely gorgeous view! One of my best hikes ever!

3 days ago


3 days ago

Wonderful hike! Breathtaking views even if you don’t make it all the way to the top. There are a few spots where you have to climb up boulders, but I do it with my 1.5 year old on my back so it’s not too bad. They look scarier than they are. If it’s been super rainy within a few days it may be muddy but last couple weeks has been perfect trail conditions. Happy hiking!

Hiked this 2x. Once back in 2000 and then again in 2016! The view at the end stays with me always. Great exercise too! I am scared of heights and this was the perfect amount of holy shite!

4 days ago

Went on a Saturday in mid January with group of 3 reasonably athletic people in their late 20s. Arrived at 0800 which was the perfect time to beat the crowds and get some beautiful shots with the sun in different positions. If you're fairly surefooted you should definitely venture past the warning signs on the end, the views are even more spectacular out there.

6 days ago

Closed. Gate up. Don’t bother.

7 days ago

This trail is a beast! We lucked out with dry ground. I can’t see how it can be done safely with mud. The views are amazing! I disagree with other reviews on the forest. I feel it’s worth every second to be in the stone still forest. It was amazing... probably my favorite part actually. Pack plenty of water, a camel pack would be ideal. Wear shoes with good traction, red mountain is slick with loose dirt. I’m strong, I hike seasonally, not super fit (gym 3 times a week) but I made it with minimal soreness. I totally thought it would be worse lol. Total time in was 2.5 hrs and out in 1.75. The way back was all business pacing up the inclines. I too was grateful I didn’t have to be rescued! You leave this trail feeling like a total badass.

We lucked out with dry ground! It hadn’t rained for at least 4 days......maybe longer. That made for an easy day. The falls were gorgeous. Well worth the time. Follow the upper trail rather than the river to get to the second falls! Beautiful the whole way. Loved all of the plants too!

This was an easy trail. Got there about noon so it had less traffic. I can see if there was recent rains it could be a tougher trail. It seemed challenging for people who aren’t out walking nice inclines often though. Great for families. The views were spectacular! Especially past the picnic area. I’m a plant person and a fan of the forest so I loved every minute of the larger plants past that point! I highly recommend this trail. In and out took about 2.5 hours. That includes tons of plant ID time and pics.

We did this hike today - our 3rd time over the years! Simply beautiful and not overly strenuous even for two mid-60 yr olds. Canyon views are fabulous!! One key piece of advice is to park on the road by Hale Manu road - quite a few spots there - then walk down the 4wd-only road about a half hour to the trailhead. Much, much easier than the steep, rutted spur trail coming from the Pu’u Hinahina Lookout parking lot. About an hour each way plus photo time at the top of the cliffs. We didn’t go the final leg to the falls but really love this trail! Not very wet today.

Great hike in Kauai for the amazing vista at the end. Interesting hike in closed in forest until then. PLEASE pick up your toilet paper when you pee in the outdoors. It doesn’t take that much effort. So discouraging to see tp all along the trail!!

This hike is spectacular! As middle-aged, active people, this hike wasn’t ‘difficult ‘ ; however, we went on a dry day. If it is raining or has recently rained, it can be challenging. We went past the railing at the end of the trail; had it been wet, we wouldn’t risk it. We’re constantly overcoming our fear of heights, so venturing down to the plateau was a big step. There is an even more precarious end and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GOING OUT THERE! The view of the valley, the coastline, the ocean will be imprinted in your minds and hearts forever. Casually walking and an hour stop at the end made our trip total, 4.5 hours.

Amazing views of valley and 2 waterfalls (one from the top). Don’t worry about the mud. As of yesterday the mud trail has dried and solidified into a perfect hiking surface. Had no trouble even with my heavily worn Crocs. The only slippery areas are where it dried out too much resulting in loose dirt, particularly at the slope descending from the vista. Avoid those loose dirt areas and stay on the hardened mud and you will be fine. Just past the vista, take the final loop clockwise as there is a very steep section on the right fork. Can always double back if too steep for you.

CRAZY MUDDY too slippery to continue had to turn around

Unexciting path leading to stunning vista!

Very muddy. I would say it is even unsafe. But on the way back we found shortcut way, we went just uphill through the forest and got to the backyard of one house. It was just next to the main road. I couldn't imagine to go back by this slippery mud. Be careful!

A favorite! Gorgeous views and not busy. Only a couple muddy sections today. We like to go as far as the picnic tables. Easy enough for everyone but amazing views!!

9 days ago

Incredible views of the Napali coast along the beginning, and at the end of the hike, where you can actually see Hanalei Bay & Princeville. Very technical in areas, but most of it is on boards, many of which were recently replaced. Very long hike (Took us 7 hours RT with lots of stops and a long lunch), but a big payoff at the end. Fortunately, it hasn't rained in Wimea for many days, so the trail is probably about as dry as it has ever been. No problem for my well worn Crocs. Very clear all day.

If you are in Kauai now, you should do this hike ASAP, as the conditions are perfect - especially if you have questionable footwear like me. There were only 2 patches of wet mud which were easily crossable on boards without shoes sinking in.

Beautiful views. Cool swamp. Interesting vegetation. Not too crowded once you get away from the lookout parking lot.

11 days ago

Great trail, some hard slippery mud makes going down harder than going back up. Took us about 3 hours, not including time spent at the vistas at the bottom. Shaded and forested the entire way, no great views until you get to the end, but when you do they are spectacular. Really cool exposed ridge line at the end to get great photos and your heart pumping. GF wore chacos and got some blisters, so maybe wear shoes or boots to tie down your feet with some of the slipping.

Leave early in the morning to get the best views, avoid clouds, and avoid crowds. We were first on the trail and it was well worth it.

On weekends hunters are in the area. A sign recommends wearing bright clothing but we didn’t get hunted so maybe not a big deal.

Only muddy for the last 1/2 mile. We were fine in sneakers, but hiking boots would have been better. Nice views along the way, and close to town. A super quick activity on the way between other things. If you only have time for one hike, definitely skip this and head to Waimea canyon!

12 days ago

2nd time doing this hike & it’s just as breathtaking every time! Very steep downhill climb then right back up it. Very slippery, lots of mud. Saw double rainbows and enjoyed a pleasant mist from the waterfall at the bottom. Wouldn’t take kids or the faint of heart as this trail is extremely steep at some points, prepare to get muddy.

Loved this trail. It’s what I imagined hiking in Kauai would be like - lush, vistas of rugged mountains, and little to no people. I was a little disappointed with the waterfall (it’s essentially a little stream falling over some rocks) but hopefully I’ll find something else. (Napali Coast hiking is closed and this probably doesn’t compare).

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