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Get there early, it gets crowded. May not be possible in the rain. View is epic!

Very nice view of the canyon! Handicap accessible as well. Nice drive up waimea canyon road. Very cold at sunset so bring a jacket!

Good for those just wanting a nice beach walk.

Doesn’t get any better.

Stunning views and worth the entrance fee

Beautiful views and very enjoyable.

This trail was rather rocky and a great climb, definitely felt like I got a cardio workout for sure. I prefer Sleeping Giant West but this was fun too.

Muddy in traditional Kauai fashion for the winter. Worth it every aspect. Beautiful views along the trail.

It’s more of a walk as others have stated. There is a $10.00 entrance fee. There are times parking can be challenging because it gets crowded. If you can wait it out, the breathtaking views and picturesque background is completely worth the $10.00.

Nice scenic waterfalls and River views, but lots of downed trees to dodge and difficult without proper footwear due to mud.

Got up early and headed off about 5:30am. Trail was dry for the most part. Surprised by a wild pig snorting at us in the dark. What a wonderful place to watch the sunrise! I would highly recommend the hike if you have the time.

Did this trail this morning. nice and dry. great views from the top

Today was a great change of pace since it wash much drier and clearer than yesterday’s run of the Sleeping Giant (West Trail)! Actually got some good views!

This trail is much longer but more gradual than the west approach. Both are great though, just depends if you’re looking for a short yet intense hike up, or longer / more gradual incline.

Ran this trail Car-to-Car (to the very top) in 50 minutes exactly

April 2018- Unreal beauty. We saw monk seals at sunrise. No dicey/ unsafe sections. Expect lots of webs (but ample parking) first thing in the morning. Loved the turtle enclosure. It could be marked a little better in the beginning. Overall, a can’t miss in Kauai in our opinion! Took us about 4 hours.

Hiked this with my husband while it was raining on and off today-I had hiking boots and he was in Hokas. There is one section at the end (passed the picnic tables) that gets a little tricky-tough to get down not so much going up-otherwise it’s muddy, very slippery and so much fun! If you don’t mind getting dirty then definitely worth it!

Great short hike through a beautiful rain forest to this cute little waterfall (the second one), perfect for swimming and hanging out.

EXCELLENT hike—definitely not for the faint of heart. Trail gets pretty muddy the last half mile, but the views are 100% worth it. Go left at the fork, HIKE PAST THE PICNIC BENCH, and make your way to the peak. It does not disappoint.

I hiked in chacos, if I went again I would wear my hiking boots. I wouldn’t go in anything that doesn’t have grip/isn’t meant for hiking. The trail can be slippery at times. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen.

Great views of the canyon and waterfall. Muddy as all get out for the first 0.5 miles, this is especially difficult on the decent into the canyon

Beautiful. Pretty muddy though, bring good shoes. The last part is sketchy like people say, but definitely doable if it's not raining. If it had been raining, I wouldn't have done it.

Not a hike. More like a walk through a wildlife refuge. There is great information about local birds, which my kids and family are really into! A lovely stroll. Yes, there is an entrance fee but you are supporting national parks!

We did this hike on October 28. It was fantastic. Started late but did the whole thing with our two kiddos ages 5 and 7. Experienced hikers so this had challenges, but was still fun. Great payoff at the end!

Upstream from the main falls you can take a trail to a small waterfall with a pool. Very serene and pretty.

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24 days ago

Absolutely stunning view worth the long drive. Make sure to see the Red Dirt Waterfall near it too.

My wife and me climbed this hike today and it was so worth it. It rained early in the morning so it was quite slippery but that added to the adventure. We had hiking poles, which really helped and I would highly recommend them or a walking stick to help you stay upright! Make sure you hike past the picnic tables up top, the best vista is beyond them.

27 days ago

Not a trail at all. But it’s worthy to spend 5 mins for this breathtaking view!!!

Amazing view at the top

1 month ago

Did the trail 4 days ago. Great views along the trail. muddy in some areas. Avoid after the rain- looks like it wold be very slippery and dangerous. Trekking poles or a walking stick would be a great idea for navigating the muddy areas. We stopped at the picnic tables.

Such a fun hike. Challenging, but not so much that you’re dead after. Definitely wear shoes with good traction- teva’s style or actual boots. Best if followed up with happy hour at Lava Lava Beach Club!

Well traveled trail. Great views from the top. If you don’t want to deal with the slippery first half of the trail, bypass the original trail head and stop at the next intersection up the road. It’s a 4X4 road that takes you to the midway point on the canyon trail. There are other trails off the 4X4 road but they are all marked.

Significantly less muddy than the Kuamo’o trail leading up to the summit. Can’t speak on how strenuous this side is because we hiked up from Kuamo’o and descended here. Better views of the valley from this side. A little overgrown in some spots.

Go to the second falls and recreate some Jurassic Park photos. The people saying it is not worth it are chumps and probably only saw the first falls. The second falls are further downstream. Go to the first falls and continue on down the trail. There will be 2 sections of spider like trees you have to duck under and crawl over. You will then hear the falls on your left. Go just a little further on the trail and down the muddy slope on your left so you can go to the base of the falls and swim.

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