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Beautiful views and very enjoyable.

This trail was rather rocky and a great climb, definitely felt like I got a cardio workout for sure. I prefer Sleeping Giant West but this was fun too.

I would never attempt this hike during or right after the rain—completed it today when it was clear and dry and it was muddy and slick enough!

Don’t take this hike lightly. There were a few spots where I did not trust my holds quite enough and my adrenaline PUMPED! I’m a three points of contact type person when we are talking about sheer cliffs close to the trail and packed, slick ground under my feet—so I did a lot of low to the ground climbing/scooting on the way down and slow intentional climbing on the way back up.

I don’t know if I’d do it again but it was incredible!!! I’m typically a more cautious person, so crampons would have helped immensely. I would have trusted my footing a bit more in that case.

Amazing Trail! Go early in the morning to avoid the crowd. We went yesterday and arrived at the trail head at 10am. We completed the hike in about 3.5 hours and it was completely clear at the look out point and incredibly beautiful, if you are on the island this week you should go now while the weather is perfect for it. Definitely a VERY muddy hike, you need to be careful to not slip on your way down but it was all doable and there are a lot of walking sticks at the entrance to help you keep balance if needed.

The walk up can be steep in parts but for me it was easier than the way down because I didn't have to worry about slipping as much. We saw a family of goats and a small spotted baby pig on our way back up as well!

Plenty of parking before 10am but fills up after. Moderate hike is right but made more challenging by muddy conditions. Walking sticks are really helpful for folks who need extra support. Not worth it if you’re doing it for the waterfall alone—though the canyon views are incredible. You’ll hear the helicopters overhead, so it feels less remote than it is. Fine outing overall but probably wouldn’t do it again.

Great hike. It was muddy for us because it just rained, so really slick at some points. At used walking sticks in and out. The water fall is a cool view, but the canyon itself is amazing scenery at the top. Just over 2 hours with lots of picture taking breaks.

Loved it. Super muddy and slick. definitely need a walking stick for balance. The view at the top was incredible!

Great trail too bad it was too misty to see the overlook! i have friends who have done it a handful of times and never seen the overlook. Very muddy.

Dec.8th 2018
When down to see the waterfalls from the Do not pass sign. It is slippery just need to be careful and stay low and go slow :) but you do need to able to hold yourself up with the ropes and trees and able to balance yourself.
Nature is very generous there are tons of trees, veins, roots to hold on to. I managed to go down and up without getting muddy. I didn’t even get mud on my hand.

Seeing this Water falls close by is amazing! It’s so worth the little slipperiness:)

*But it will be very hard to do if you are wearing slippers or sandals.

Dec.1st 2018
This hike was just perfect level : Nice, Easy, Safe and beautiful view at top type of hike.
I would definitely go back there and do the trail run up and down for work out!

beautiful half day hike.

Great views of Waimea canyon! The waterfall is a little bit small but overall, great hike!

Visited today (12/8) and several “do not pass” signs and a tall fence line the road. Did not attempt but could see several others that had managed to climb down.

This was a great sunrise hike, especially for those who fatigue easily in the sun. I loved the many beautiful vistas looking out over the ocean. You can take paths closer to the cliffs or more inward paths shaded by trees.

Nice scenic waterfalls and River views, but lots of downed trees to dodge and difficult without proper footwear due to mud.

Nice views across the canyon. Waterfall plateau is small, but definitely worth it. All in all a very nice and well maintained trail!

Tried going today (12/7) and the entrance gate is locked. Heard of others hopping the fence to go out but did not attempt.

Took us 3hr and 40min. The way back up is definitely harder but not impossible! The view point at the end is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Love this trail!!!

9 days ago

I brought 2 of my sisters to this hike- there are sections of the trail that were muddy and very slippery. The views of the canyon are the most beautiful. The waterfalls are nice but not as dramatic. All in all, a good day hike.

Pretty muddy for first two miles. I was glad I had a trekking pole with me, but I was just wearing cross training shoes and didn't fall on my backside. Trail was relatively easy until you get to Nounou West trail, then it gets harder to the top. The trails were well marked, despite lots of mud/tree debris covering the trail. The views were very nice from the top and during the hike; good variety of trees and plants.

on Berry Flat Trail

11 days ago

This loop is actually a series of trails. It can be hard to find the start and follow the loop to each connection. The redwood forest is a nice surprise.

Got up early and headed off about 5:30am. Trail was dry for the most part. Surprised by a wild pig snorting at us in the dark. What a wonderful place to watch the sunrise! I would highly recommend the hike if you have the time.

Did this trail this morning. nice and dry. great views from the top

As a novice hiker, this trail was still very doable. It had rained a lot the day before which made the way down slippery and slow. Would not do this hike in bad weather - would be both difficult and views of the canyon wouldn't be great. As it was, we had spectacular canyon views. Didn't go all the way to the waterfall because of limited time (the hike to the canyon and back took 2 hrs). If you have a fear of heights, drive to the trail head may be tough for you (windy roads overlooking canyon)

Super quick and easy hike. Did not take the kids on it but would have been an easy one to take the kids on. Great views. Beware most hikes in Hawaii are slippery if is raining or had the day before.

Today was a great change of pace since it wash much drier and clearer than yesterday’s run of the Sleeping Giant (West Trail)! Actually got some good views!

This trail is much longer but more gradual than the west approach. Both are great though, just depends if you’re looking for a short yet intense hike up, or longer / more gradual incline.

Ran this trail Car-to-Car (to the very top) in 50 minutes exactly

14 days ago

4-18 took us about 3.5 hours. We left at about 7:40 AM incredible overlook at the end.

A really great, quick outing! It was raining hard while I did it so it was slippery as hell, but still worth it with those views at the end! Ran it car to car in under 35 mins total. Don’t be scared to take it all the way to the top (beyond the awning) based off other comments, it’s really not too bad of a scramble and only tacks on 5 mins or so each way... totally worth it!

Nice and easy walk with kids, beautiful sights.

16 days ago

This hike was tough because of how slippery and muddy it was. The weather in the winter is just unpredictable but it was simply epic... go to the end, even if it’s a bit scary.

Wear hiking shoes or trail runners ... some people were wearing crappy running shoes and were sliding all over. One couple was barefoot and that seemed way better than bad shoes.

But the view from the edge is insane. The clouds would roll in for a few minutes and then open up to see the Napali Coast.

We really wanted to do the Kalalau trail but it’s closed. This was the next best for sure!

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