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We started the hike in a misty cloud but it quickly cleared as we descended. The trail was extremely muddy and we slipped a few times. The view at the end was definitely worth the sweat and mud.

The hike up the sleeping giant was amazing! Initially it can get very humid under the cover of the canopy, but becomes very exposed further on the ridge so remember sun block. There is a short “scramble” after the picnic area, which is not difficult at all. Many people like to hang out along the sketchy ridge of rocks, because of the beautiful view but if you keep following the trail up the ridge to the right you you’ll get views inland, with less folks and flat open landing area to stand/sit/eat/take pictures. A must do in Kauai, bring water, sun block, snacks and stay on the marked trails and you’ll have an amazing experience!

3 days ago

I'm planning to do this hike next week (15-20th). If anyone wants to join me send me an email at h0tr0dder_uk@yahoo.com - Pete

There are three different ways to hit this trail, and the longest and most interesting (and muddy) is off Kuamo’o by the horses (just past Opaekaa Falls). The shortest and second favorite is off Lokelani in the Wailua Homesteads. My least favorite is from sea level, through the Wailua Houselots simply because you’re in full sun the whole way and it can get really hot.

This is a fabulous trail, relatively easy, with spectacular views. My only recommendation is to forego walking on the “neck/head of the giant” as the trail is super narrow and the drops are shear. We have lost a few along this section (past the picnic tables) and it’s devastating.

Great hike and a regular/staple on my “to do” list.

This hike is not moderate. It Hard AF!!! If you can’t pull yourself up a rope on a slope as slippery as boiled witch guts, don’t do this hike. If you can, DO IT!!! The view from the bottom is amazing. 100,000% better than from the top.

Nice trail. Beautiful views—go all the way to the end! Need shoes with traction as it is slippery in parts even though it hasn’t rained in a few days.

Best to do this trail when it’s dry. Can get very muddy in wet conditions. Some rock scaling at the end but not too bad if you’re in decent shape. The views at the top are definitely worth it.

7 days ago

#1 AMAZING HIKE!!! My husband and I have hiked about 15 trails throughout Kauai, and this is one of the best! The hike was easy getting to the end which is spectacular views of the Waimea Canyon and the Napali Coast. Breathtaking is just the beginning of this view! The trip back - yikes! It’s all uphill and tough. My suggestion - start before 8:00 am. Relax and enjoy the view once you get there and save your water and energy for the hike back to your car. This is over a 6 mile hike and I would rate it a “moderate plus”.... because of the hike back. If you don’t do anything else....DO THIS HIKE!

Nice short hike. Great views at the end. Muddy but could have been much worse if it were raining. Very few people at on the way up at about 2pm, packed on the way down.

If ever in Kauai take this hike for one reason... incredible ocean views from the hikes peak.. Level of skill is rated appropriately (moderate). The lack of elevation is surprising thinking you achieved higher. Two or three spots along the moderately groomed trail where you are actually rock climbing a 5’ wall. the rewards on the peak are well worth your sweat from both the task of the trail and humidity. Trail is extremely popular on weekends

10 days ago

Beautiful 6ish mile out and back - took us 2 hours 20 minutes.
Prepare to work on the way out it is mostly uphill.
The views at the lookout are quite impressive.

This was a fun hike, not too challenging except in slippery spots. The views from the top are breath taking.

Ok so, you can’t access this trail legally, my mom did the fall trail the day before without any problem (just said it was slippery and steep). However when we tried to go we got threats from a local tour guide that he would call the cops if we went down (which is apparently a $1000 fine). Either way my mom said it was breathtaking and worth it, but that’s if you can afford the risk of a fine. The signs say the trail is closed but nothing about a trespassing fine or it being illegal to access. There were about 7 people down there when we were trying to go down.

Amazing view if you can scale a rock wall to get to the viewpoint, very slippery wear hiking boots or shoes with a grip

We loved this hike. It was fairly easy and great ocean views all along the trail. I believe the total round trip was 7.5 miles. If you don’t hike with the app AllTrails- you should give it a try. It will keep you on the right path.

The views at the end are impressive, really worth it. Try to go early as there’s less people, and save energies for the way back.

Great hike! You must kayak to get there and keep in mind it’s Muddy and takes about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall, you must traverse a river!

Definitely worth the hike and kayak

Easy trail, fantastic views, definitely worth the walk! If you like heights, go out further on the cliffs! If you are climbing on all 4 you don’t have to be worried.

Good luck!

16 days ago

Amazing!!! Slippery and wet hiking down, but the last 50 yards are so worth it. The views open up and you see the ocean and the ridge line. If you’re afraid of heights, the walk down to the view platform area is a bit tenuous and walking further is not recommended. Strenuous hike back up so be prepared with water and some energy before starting.

The trail entry was a little hard to see but easy enough to walk down. If you stay along the water it’s less muddy, and a lot easier.

The trail was hard to find but thanks to the other reviews we found it pretty quickly ! I thought the trail was okay but I wasn’t amazed by the view. I was under the impression the trail would lead to the bottom of the waterfall not the bottom.

19 days ago

Started on the trail at 7 am in a fog with light misty rain. There were only a few cars in the parking lot. As we started our descent 2 different groups turned around. We stayed on track because we have noticed in the short time on the island that the weather changes quickly. About 2 miles into the hike the weather improved. The result was a spectacular Vista at the end. It was wet and muddy bit you should not let anything stand in the way of an amazing hike.

Would love to do this hike when dry. It was storming today so we went when it cleared up in the evening. Trails were super muddy it became pretty treacherous. Incline is tough going up but enjoyable, going down was very slippery cuz of the rain. We’re going to try this one again, weather permitting, and if we have time.

22 days ago

Jet lagged, I left the north shore at 5 AM. I stopped at Starbucks in Lihue and then again at Ishihara Market in Waimea for snacks along the way. I arrived at the trailhead at 7:30 and there was only 1 other car there already. The viewpoint at the end of this trail, past the guardrail, is absolutely stunning! I lingered at the view point for maybe 20-30 minutes and took a casual pace throughout, arriving back at my car around 12:30. I passed plenty of people on my way back and the parking lot was overflowing when I returned, so start early if you'd like some solitude!

This hike was really enjoyable. The first part of the hike is not all that spectacular but the second parts gets really interesting and the view at the end is simply breathtaking. Make sure to go down ridge a little bit at the end of trail because only from there you really have a good view. We did a very interesting option which is to take the 2 mile connection trail to the Nu'alolo cliff trail. That allows you to make a 11 mile loop trail which takes about 6 hours.The views at Nu'alolo cliff trail are actually even more impressive. Either you can park two cars at both trail heads or walk along the road back to the original car park.

Good workout, pretty view

Grueling hike to the top but the photos from the top make it totally worth it. IG: @0utd00rwan3r3r

If you are a tourist, don't go out of your way to go to Ho'opi'i Falls. There are many more beautiful waterfalls on Kauai that deserves your cameras time and attention. It probably deserves three stars but the trailhead was across the street from where I used to live, so it was a great reason for my friends to come over, and for that reason it gets four. Kipu Falls was an infinitely better waterfall with a couple rope swings which I would recommend tourists to go to instead, but I guess too many people died there from jumping and landing on rocks, or swinging and hitting branches that had fallen into the pond. I remember one guy climbed up on the branch above the rope swing and it broke and he died. So the trail there is closed.

This trail is a good combination between canoe and walk, the river is quiet in canoe, after 45 minutes, you have to walk in the jungle to reach an amazing falls, don’t forget your see shoes, a very good adventure

This trail is not hard, a big part of the trail in the forest, you can feel a quiet atmosphere, it feels like good, the 360 view on the top looks beautiful, oceans and mountains of Kauai

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