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22 hours ago

The map isn't accurate. This is a tiny little loop with signs identifying plants. Good cool down after Kukui.

Great Beach during big waves! Short hike down.

road biking
no shade
3 days ago

Great little commuter path for walking or cycling. We've seen whales from the path every day since we arrived (mid-January). Nice way to get to Donkey Beach.

3 days ago

Closed. Gate up. Don’t bother.

Beautiful views! Worth the stop

We lucked out with dry ground! It hadn’t rained for at least 4 days......maybe longer. That made for an easy day. The falls were gorgeous. Well worth the time. Follow the upper trail rather than the river to get to the second falls! Beautiful the whole way. Loved all of the plants too!

CRAZY MUDDY too slippery to continue had to turn around

Very muddy. I would say it is even unsafe. But on the way back we found shortcut way, we went just uphill through the forest and got to the backyard of one house. It was just next to the main road. I couldn't imagine to go back by this slippery mud. Be careful!

Started out only to find it closed. Repairs from mud slide.

Awesome hike. Beautiful views of the south shore, Surrounding mountains and local whales and turtles.
Volcanic rock, packed soil and sand along this trail.

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7 days ago

Not a hike, just a lookout. Regardless, still worth a stop! Great views, very peaceful if you go early in the morning to beat crowds.

Not a hike, like others have mentioned- just a short walk on a paved path. Beautiful views though and a tour of the lighthouse is included in the $10 entry fee.

Nice. Great views. Not strenuous hike. Would have liked more history on heiau along trail. Did see whales spouting / a few turtles. We went farther to spend a relaxing hour or more on beach.

crazy muddy. took three hours in and out with our six year old in tow. This trail isn't dangerous, but its in such poor shape it can hardly be called kid friendly. Sleeping Giant east was far easier because we weren't slogging through mud and crawling over trees the whole time. pass.

Closed today due to federal budget impasse. Can see lighthouse from gate ~1/4 mile away.

Extremely hot, quite average views compared to other hikes in the mountain.

Nice, flat and even trail. Couple of muddy spots but it has been raining an awful lot. The stone dam and common ground are still closed to pedestrians post flood :(. Would go again for sure, even my 2 year old made it the entire 4 miles.

Really nice easy hike :) took around 40 minutes to get there. Follow the river you will see a path it almost not muddu a all !! We came back by the " real " trail, was fun too but muddier ;)

13 days ago

Excellent views and swimming hole. Be aware of tides and waves. The first couple hundred feet of the trail is steep, muddy and may be hard for younger or older to make. Trail is short though, I wouldn’t mark as hard, just need to be cautious.

Loved the trail. Muddy and slippery.

Easy walk. Did it in cheap flip flops. Perfect beach for kids and adults.
UPDATE to my original post. Came out here a few days later and it was a whole other story. Surf was high and the waves were huge. So I guess it depends on the day for the kids

15 days ago

Beautiful beach, path is pretty straight forward just really steep. You’d be able to bring a surf board & other beach items as long as it hasn’t recently rained.

15 days ago

We did this hike (or walk) to delve into the history here. Thought it was interesting, plus, had it to ourselves. From fort we saw an inviting area below near shore, so grabbed our picnic lunch and went down there to enjoy our lunch and view...sitting on boulders was not the best but what the heck, we made do.

Nice stroll. Many do it biking

Super muddy but worth it!! So beautiful. Pretty steep and loose ground/grass for part of the way so make sure to wear sturdy shoes! There is A LOT of coral at the beach very clear for snorkeling but it is very shallow so if you’ve never gone before I wouldn’t recommend.

But please get in the water! Nice waves on some spot for boards, and nice snorkeling too.

17 days ago

Very (very) muddy when I did it, that will definetly slow you down! I think it took 2 hours for those 2 miles (!). The view is nice, worth the effort.

17 days ago

Not sure what this was about - I'd avoid doing that, a bit of a waste of time. Especially considering the awesome trail just on the other side of the road!!!

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