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trail running
23 hours ago

Decent view at the end but the walk down has no views. Do yourself a favour and walk Nu’alolo Trail instead.

Incredible views at the end of the trail. You must visit this trail if you enjoy the Napali coastline and all that it has to offer.

Great hike! Challenging with the elevation drops and gains however worth the reward at the end!

3 days ago

My son and I had not originally planned on doing this trail. We started with the Awaawapuhi Trail. While admiring the amazing views at the end, another hiker told us that as good as these views were, those at the end of the Nualolo were better. We took the connector trail to decide for ourselves. He was right. The views were incredible, but it came with a price. Soaring sandstone cliffs jut out at impossible angles to the sea thousands of feet below. Punishing winds rip sand across the landscape while helicopters fly past. This hike was extremely hard. While the way out was fine, the hike back (which made our total hike 11 miles) was mostly uphill and very tough. At times shade is sparse as well. We forced ourselves to stop often to rest and drink lots of water as it was the heat of the day. In the end, this may have been the most spectacular hike we've ever done. It was definitely the hardest. Had we planned to do this hike, we would have done it the opposite direction we did. Many people said we were nuts for doing it the way we did. I don't disagree. Also, since we started at a different trailhead, we successfully hitched a ride from the Museum Shop back to our car.

3 days ago

This hike was exactly as advertised. Downhill on the way out through jungle-type setting that eventually opens up and finishes with jaw-dropping views. Wouldn't have minded some additional views along the way, but the end result will make you forget any complaints.

4 days ago

I have hiked all over the world and this is easily one of the coolest and most beautiful trails I've ever done. Especially, if you connect to the other trails towards the end.

The canyon views are truly breathtaking and the structure of the trail itself is really neat. At points it's like a puzzle trying to figure out the best steps to take. My kind of hiking!

I can understand why some non-hiking types would not like it, but if you enjoy a fun and unique trail with truly amazing views then this one should be at the top of your list.

most of the trail was washed out due to the heavy rains in April. it is a rough hike especially with the trail being washed out up near Princeville. and since this road is not maintained I don't think it's going to be accessible anytime soon. hiking 3 to 4 miles turn around and head back. or find another Trail.

9 days ago

Less traffic than Awa with a few more steep sections. Overall I’d call the terrain intermediate. Most of the trail is shaded in the trees without view but the last 1/4 makes up for it the monotony of the beginning. The trail “ended” at the overlook with a metal guardrail but the trail continues another 1/2 mile (or as far as you feel safe).

Easy Hike along the coast with scenic views. We hiked all the way to Gillin’s Beach and were lucky to see a Monk Seal on the beach there.

Mostly downhill on the way there, so a tougher uphill trek back up. Muddy in the beginning. Took us (mid-20’s, females) 1.5 hrs on the way there and 1 hr on the way back. VIEWS ARE SO WORTH IT THOUGH!! Make sure you go all the way to the end of the trail to the rocky look out.

Earned the views

12 days ago

Great view at the end that you will work for!!

12 days ago

Un très beau trail le début dans la forêt est agréable quant à la fin elle est splendide la vue sur la Napali Cost ...
Il ne faut pas avoir trop le vertige sur la fin....

14 days ago

The beach is beautiful with lots of turtles and surfers in the waves. As you follow the trail you come across an awesome vantage point for sunrise and the spot doubles as a great cliff jumping spot! Walking along the coastline you will get a magnificent view of the Kauai coastline. Great all around hike!

paddle sports
14 days ago

The river is an interesting trek. You can take a boat tour (boring) or kayak/paddle up the river (much more fun). The Falls are cool as well as the Fern grotto.

One of the most beautiful trails in the world (not a hyperbole). Stunningly beautiful - the mountains stumble into the ocean. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the beach and the waterfall. Imo, this isn't a trail that you rush in and out of; Savor every moment of this remote, rugged landscape. The lush jungle on one side and the blues of the ocean on the other - this is my favorite hike in Hawaii, maybe the world (at least so far!).

Easy hike (long). The clouds beat us even after waiting an hour at the top so no idea about the view. Swamp was neat to see.

17 days ago

Awesome! Wonderful views. It’s a bit steep at the end but an easy hike in for the most part. Coming outs fairly easy to moderate.

17 days ago

Absolutely awesome! Fantastic views. Easy hike in and moderate incline coming out (the entire way). Go the extra 30 yards across the narrow rock path at the end. Well worth it.

17 days ago

La randonnée est plutôt facile, les paysages à fin sont magnifiques. Attention aux moustiques

Amazing views! Highly recommend this hike. It is a bit challenging with its unique terrain of foot holds carved in dirt hills, sticks and boards nestled in mud and possibly two miles of a mix of aged and new boardwalk planks.

We were lucky to be rewarded with near perfect weather and clear view of Hanalei Bay.

epic view at the end

Diverse hike with changes in terrain, views and plant life. Starts on a broad dirt path with amazing views of the north coast comes to trees and more dense foliage with wood steps and planks. There are two pretty steep sections before getting to the swamp. It is the highest swamp and rain forest in the world! But don’t believe the lies; it is only the 8th wettest place in the world ;) still, don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

21 days ago

To the end, which was not the bench with view but the small ridge after mud swimming it took us around 90 minutes. The views were really nice sometimes but the mud was really everywhere and you could just go barefoot cause my shoes just turned brown. I was expecting this since it was sparkling since morning though maybe if you go after 2 days of not raining itll be ok. Its chill trail, okay for even kids, and yea theres a big eucalyptus tree blocking the road in the beginning so its funny to go over it.

24 days ago

Quand on commence à marcher ce sentier, on se rend vite compte que l’on descend, descend, descend. Comme je le dis toujours, tout ce qui descend doit être remonté. Bref la remontée est difficile pour le cardio. Mais quelle fin de trail spectaculaire avec sa vue incroyable sur le Na Pali.a plus belle trail de Kauai est fermé pour un bon moment dû aux inndations, rabattez vous sur le Nu’Alolo... superbe!

on Awa'awapuhi Trail

24 days ago

Amazing view at the end! Like others are saying, not a ton to see for the 3 miles out and back, however, I’d say it’s worth it ! It was very foggy and muddy and drizzling . Took us about 2 hours to get there because we were going slow as to not slip and fall . Way back took us basically half of that because we trekked up pretty quickly (was a good workout!) hiking poles are basically necessary because it was so slick !

Major disclaimer: the "secret falls" are not so secret lol. This is a very popular tour destination. I decided to do stand up paddle boarding instead of kayaking, it was a perfect length for a beginner. The trees on the sides of the river make for super calm, pleasant conditions. The hike was quite crowded, even after a heavy rain that made the trail muddy; I did the trail barefoot and just hopped right into the mud. I had a blast, but this is definitely not the trail for those who don't want to get dirty. The falls were very pretty but nothing spectacular and there was a nice pool at the base to rinse off after the hike. This would be a good tour for a family, but might be too crowded/underwhelming for those who want something off the beaten path.

Belle randonnée mais nous n’avons pu voir le point de vue à cause du brouillard

This hike had the best view of almost any hike I have done. It is my favorite and the one I recommend to most People.the hike itself is nothing special. The view at the end is just ridiculously amazing!

We loved this hike! We had lots of fun there but make sure to wear really good hiking shoes because it gets very slippery.

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