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Not a hike at all, but great views!!

1 day ago

We arrived on a rainy day and debated whether or not to attempt this trail. It was very muddy and the trail was in bad shape with clay-mud, roots and overuse. However we didn’t have to wait that long to get a parking space so we went for it and we are glad we did! Great reward at the end!

Short but pretty steep hike. Not too challenging, just have to use some concentration while walking. My brother (19) did this without shoes and was just fine. When you get down the trail, keep going left to find a really cool swimming hole. Would do this again!

3 days ago

Bring lots of water, trail is hot (August), hiking stick is good to have on this trail. View is good, you’re down the canyon and hit the Waimea river. This is really a hard trail. Seen some wild goat. Awesome

Short but steep with a must experience ending. Slippery when wet, you will get muddy. only about 10parking spaces. Can park at the golf course free with $15 purchase at the pro shop and walk a quarter mile to the trail head.

À must do if you are in the Princeville area! Prepare to get muddy feet. Beautiful views and rock jumping into the pools. The whole family loved it!

With the recent storms parts of the trail are treacherous. There are some very muddy and slippery sections before the lava rock cliffs and an area just before you get to the cliffs is quite a scramble. The pools are neat and the view of the waves is incredibly beautiful; but the hike out, although short, is fairly difficult at this time.

12 days ago

This was a fun little hike. It was super wet and muddy, but we had a great time. Adults and kids both were able to do it. Dont forget to keep exploring to the left after you get to the bottom. Loved that we were able to swim in it. Just make sure it is low tide.

One of the most beautiful trails in the world (not a hyperbole). Stunningly beautiful - the mountains stumble into the ocean. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the beach and the waterfall. Imo, this isn't a trail that you rush in and out of; Savor every moment of this remote, rugged landscape. The lush jungle on one side and the blues of the ocean on the other - this is my favorite hike in Hawaii, maybe the world (at least so far!).

It’s a long, winding path to get up to the lookout but has rewarding, breathtaking views. Bring a jacket though if you’re up there near sunset. With higher elevation it gets chilly and windy.

14 days ago

The hike is a fun sloppy mess to get down to the water. Trekking poles are a MUST! We kept laughing hearing people slip and land on their butts and yelp at the same time. Watching a stream of people navigate down this way was quite entertaining. Once you get down the waterfalls and of course the bath are simply awesome. The only problem? BIG SURF. Over 30 people have been swept out to their deaths. By sheer dumb luck we were there during low tide during the off season and even with this 4-6 foot swells were constantly coming in. The Queen's Bath is totally worth the time it takes to check tide tables. Enjoy!!

16 days ago

This is a quick stop offering a spectacular view of the Canyon and its contrasts. Its a short but steep walk up the paved trail. Great for selfies =)

16 days ago

Un très beau trail. Le retour peut être dur prévoir au moins 1,5L d’eau par personne.

18 days ago

So incredible. Wear real hiking shoes. Bring a hiking stick. Prepare to get muddy!

The views are totally worth the drive. The road was EXTREMELY wash-boarded the first 2/3 of the trip. I was in a JEEP Wrangler (the best there is IMO) and it was nothing for it. I saw people in minivans do the trail/road. However, there are some parts of the road that a 2WD would be iffy on. The closer you get to the end, the sandier it gets and the more puddles in the road there are. Some of them are deeper than you expect and make quite the splash. If you are in a 4WD it is a piece of cake. The views from the beach were gorgeous, you could see the catamarans from the local tour businesses and you could also see the island of Ni'ihau (at least on a clear day). Overall, next time I go I am totally going back.

25 days ago

It's difficult although it is amazing. We start around noon. There is no any others but three of us on the trail down and up. Two is early 50's and one teenage. There has few cover and I got sunburned on my shoulders. I would not hike down more than the tree lines if I had to do it again. I got bitten by mosquitos and out of water at last 0.5 mile (three bottles for two). 3 and half hours for two adults and 3 hours for teenage total. Good hiking boots, poles, plenty of water, really plenty.

Perfect combination of ocean (Napali Coast) views and stream crossings with an amazingly beautiful waterfall at the end. I was lucky regarding the weather. It took me about 5 hours in and out (including half hour stop to swim by the waterfall and replenish the calories). But I’d have done it faster if it weren’t for my not experienced friend hiking along. She fell on almost every stream crossing and was all bruised up at the end. So be aware that this isn’t a hike for unexperienced hikers or people who aren’t physically fit. There’s a lot of up and down and a little climbing on slippery rocks. It’s a moderate to advanced hike due to, also, the necessary weather knowledge and proper planning. When I was about 30 min to the end I saw a couple heading in with a baby on the carrier (about 6 months old). I hope they made it out safely since it had already begun to rain on top of the mountain and by the waterfall and the risk of flash flood was evident. Pack a lot of water (I finished up my 3 liters). At points, a walking stick might be helpful and cleats would be necessary in case of rain. It’s muddy and very slippery at many parts of the trail. I’d definitely go back!

29 days ago

Be aware of the trail conditions before hiking down. It gets muddy and very slippery. Also pay attention to the surf. Rogue waves can sweep people out to sea at any time. It is a great spot to watch the sunset, but you have back up the trail in the dark, so be prepared.

29 days ago

Amazing!!!! This is a really hard and strenuous hike but the views are so beautiful. We hiked to the river and there is a nice swimming hole. So beautiful

30 days ago

One of our favorite memories from Kauai! You hike to a beautiful coastline with a waterfall and then continue along the coastline to a beautiful natural swimming pool formed by the tide.

FYI: there are only about 8 parking spots at the trailhead. You can choose to wait in a line of cars waiting for your turn at the next open spot, or park far away and walk in. There is no parking on the street in the surrounding residential area.

Also we went after it rained and the trail was extremely muddy and slippery. Definitely wear good hiking shoes or water shoes, and be prepared to get your car filthy afterwards unless you brought something to wash off all the mud- there is no shower to wash off. As a result of the slipperiness, I wouldn’t recommend it for young children or elderly people (I actually fell on our hike!).

Also wear a swimsuit if you want to get in the bath!

Do it! It was so worth it and a great memory!!

It’s not an hike, but the view is amazing!

1 month ago

Fun short hike from the Princeville/Makai golf course area out to the “Queens Bath” cliffs and tide pools. Went on a sunny day and it was still pretty wet, muddy and slippery in the shady parts on the trail. I recommend wearing a bathing suit or bottoms and a top that can get wet/muddy and either plan to hike barefoot or bring sturdy water shoes or hiking boots. We hiked barefoot for lack of planning and I wouldn’t recommend it, especially down on the rocks around the tide pools. Plan on using your hands when hiking as there are some big steps at some points and much of the hike involves stepping over and between tree roots.

At the bottom of the hike you’ll find the tide pools, get a great view of the coast, watch turtles swim around and people jump off the rocks into the pools. If you walk past the first tide pool there are a few others where the water is calm and in the summer the waves crash hard enough to add water to the pools but not sweep over the top with a lot of force. Judging by the height of the location I’m guessing that it’s less accessible in the winter months when the surf and weather is much stronger.

It took us about 20 minutes to hike in (all downhill) and another 30-45 out. It is a heavily trafficked hike and parking could potentially be the biggest headache. There are only 20ish spots next to the trail head and no parking on the surrounding neighborhood streets. I highly recommend this short hike and swimming in the tide pools. Kids can do this, we saw plenty on the trail.

Great hike! One of my lifetime favorites! Beautiful, tropical scenery, clifftop views, gorgeous beach, big waterfall with a swimming hole - amazing! We did the 8 mile round trip hike to the falls and back, and it's tough, especially because the last two miles are two of the hardest, all up and down instead of just down, like most trails on the last two miles. (funny, though, they didn't seem so hard on the way in, when I was fresh!)

Beautiful views at the bath and a pretty waterfall on the way down. The hike is absolutely worth it, but I underestimated it with the short distance and moderate rating. I mistakenly thought flip flops would work since it's only about a half mile trek but hiking sandals would be ideal. It was so extremely muddy, I ended up going barefoot. If you can find a hiking stick I think it would be very helpful as it was slick and hard to find traction on the way down. There was also several people around which complicated things further. If it has recently rained, expect to come back with mud covered legs.

1 month ago

Beautiful views but intense. It was 2.5 miles straight down and then 2.5 up up and then up some more. We saw several goats and lots of birds, waterfall from afar. If I did this again I would hike down a mile or mile and a half then turn back. I work out 5 days a week and am in good shape, this was challenging for me.

Low tides at its best for this amazing spot ! Loved it with our teenagers ! Be aware of some high waves, can be surprising !!

1 month ago

Absolutely loved queens bath! While on vacation my partner and I went there twice and wished we were able to make it one more time.
- Get there early for a parking spot
- be prepared to get dirty and stick your feet right in the muddy holes
- keep walking past the first few pools, queens bath is much calmer than the others and safer to swim
- you can keep walking after queens bath and explore further

Road after Hanalei is closed till November at least

Road after Hanalei is closed till November at least. This hike is not happening.

1 month ago

Extremely treacherous down and back up as you are literally walking on the side of a mountain with a 100’ drop-off. Going back up make sure you have plenty of water as you will definitely need it. Great hike for those wanting a challenge.

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