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Dec.8th 2018
When down to see the waterfalls from the Do not pass sign. It is slippery just need to be careful and stay low and go slow :) but you do need to able to hold yourself up with the ropes and trees and able to balance yourself.
Nature is very generous there are tons of trees, veins, roots to hold on to. I managed to go down and up without getting muddy. I didn’t even get mud on my hand.

Seeing this Water falls close by is amazing! It’s so worth the little slipperiness:)

*But it will be very hard to do if you are wearing slippers or sandals.

2 days ago

Date:Dec.9th 2018
It was a fun adventurous hike and the water falls at the end was so amazing and so powerful.
My boyfriend and I started bit late (around 3pm and we finished it around 6:30pm) so it got really dark on the way back so we had to use the flash light on our phone to navigate the trail.

I recommend everybody to start before 1pm to be safe.

And there are many path and trails to get to the water falls (Some people likes to go by the rocks near the river and some people are more comfortable going through and under the trees etc...)

The advices is TO STAY near BY THE RIVER and follow the river up. Instead of climbing up high into the bamboo forest or too much into the jungle.
And you will be fine !!!

Visited today (12/8) and several “do not pass” signs and a tall fence line the road. Did not attempt but could see several others that had managed to climb down.

This was a great sunrise hike, especially for those who fatigue easily in the sun. I loved the many beautiful vistas looking out over the ocean. You can take paths closer to the cliffs or more inward paths shaded by trees.

We could not get to it. It has signs on Ohiki road saying “local traffic only” this means it is not open for tourists. I’m not sure if everyone else just ignored the signs or it wasn’t there before but we decided to respect that and turned around.

Tried going today (12/7) and the entrance gate is locked. Heard of others hopping the fence to go out but did not attempt.

6 days ago

Good workout. Didn’t make it all the way up, because of time. There’s a scenic lookout about 1.75mi into the trail, which gives you a good overview across the bay. First portion of the trail is muddy but it gets better the further you’re in. I recommend it for some good sport activity, but I’m sure there are better scenic hikes.

One thing I should say is all the reviews need a good read before you go. All of them have some valid information. Its not a hard trail walking wise. But rather as I like to think of it a "all 4s" trail. You will use your arms just as much as your legs.

I used the tracked of the mapped route on here lots. If you feel like its not the way you are probably right. Looking on here helped lots

Stay close to the river. if you start loosing the sound of the river you are definitely not heading on the right track. Look for other peoples tracks.

The rocks and trees are slippery. Do not jump onto or off anything. Everything is muddy. There is lots of things to hold onto for most of the way.

The trail is not all the way to the falls. ( the one mapped out on here) you get to the end where there is 3 streams. Go between the two streams on the right. Stay right the whole way up. most of it is walking on the rocks in the river.

Beautiful but challenging mentally.

lastly. Spoke to two ladies at the waterfall. They said most people don't get to the waterfall just because it's so tough to find the way

Nice and easy walk with kids, beautiful sights.

13 days ago

This hike was tough because of how slippery and muddy it was. The weather in the winter is just unpredictable but it was simply epic... go to the end, even if it’s a bit scary.

Wear hiking shoes or trail runners ... some people were wearing crappy running shoes and were sliding all over. One couple was barefoot and that seemed way better than bad shoes.

But the view from the edge is insane. The clouds would roll in for a few minutes and then open up to see the Napali Coast.

We really wanted to do the Kalalau trail but it’s closed. This was the next best for sure!

13 days ago

My favorite trail in Kauai has to be the Makaleha Hike. This hike is rated as hard and it lives up to its reputation. Even with a map, we had to backtrack several times to find the correct trail. I live for adventure and this hike checked all the boxes. It was challenging, full of new scenery including; thick bamboo forests, traversing rivers, using vines to climb down steep sections and of course, finding hidden waterfalls. This hike was the perfect end to a perfect tropical sojourn.

If you have any questions about our trip, please let us know. Also, we will be releasing videos of these adventures and more on our YouTube Channel: TheAdventureTravelers

I have done this trail with my 8,7,5 year old . My friend took his 1 year old .

Not an easy trail to do with kids , a bit dangerous at the beginning it is very steep for about 100 feet.
Then it’s not that bad

April 2018- Favorite trail I’ve ever done. So lush and green with such diverse plants & flowers. There were birds chirping away. The Moalepe connecting trail was also amazing and had a strong eucalyptus smell. Felt safe compared to other trails in the area and not too difficult! Highly recommend. Took us 3 hours.

Can be tricky in some parts but we saw children and adults in sandals completing the hike-take your time and you should be ok. Really enjoyed it! That being said, if it had been raining I would have avoided this hike that day.

We loved the reward of this hike! Went there early in the morning so we were the only two people there. Seriously beautiful views of the waterfall from the bottom of it and the mandatory rainbow was there too. Be carefull on your way down though and stick to the trail where there’s ropes to help you descent. The trail start after the green fence on your left handside going away from the parking lot. Dont climb any fences, people get hurt and they might close off the whole thing then.

Great views of the beautiful valley on this easy hike. You can either stop at the rest area or walk to the end of the trail (at the small wooden bridge), no need to go further.

Awesome trail ! Pictures don’t even do this hike justice, best kept secret in Kauai! Don’t go on a cloudy day, wait for a clear day to really see the amazing terrain and helicopters flying BELOW you!

The view is spectacular !

16 days ago

This hike was pretty incredible. I highly recommend it but know that it's a little tricky in some spots. It was definitely slippery when we went. Trekking poles are highly recommended and just take your time. The views were amazing throughout the entire hike.

16 days ago

Definitely not recommended for kids . We almost made it till the end with a 8,7, 5 and a baby . It’s very challenging with kids . Doable without.
The last half mile is pretty hard cause it’s dense and you’d need to go over and below a lot of trees and branches
You would need to cross a the river a few times .

FYI it’s very very muddy and slippery but a lot fun !

17 days ago

Epic hike. Definitely a little scary as many points on hike you are on step away from falling off a cliff. Take your time and it’s worth it!

This is an amazing trail, so glad I did it. One of the top hikes i’ve done in awhile. Though short, impressive and beautiful views throughout the hike, so much to see. I saw the warnings about using this trail at the information center about not risking it and somebody had fallen and had to be rescued as previous reviewer said. The trail is completely manageable, first 15 minutes is steepish, use caution especially when muddy and wet, can get slippery going downhill. wear hiking boots and you’re fine. Like others said on here trust and use your judgement and you’ll be fine. It’s a good sweat at times, Never felt like I was in danger, this trail may fry a few nerves for those who don’t hike often.

This was totally awesome hike. Short but steep down hill. I was able to enjoy the water after the climb down and cool down before hiking back up. I loved it.

I'm writing this as a warning -- I was going to do this trail, but today when we visited the museum nearby, there was a sign up warning visitors about this trail. Please be aware that this trail is NOT meant for hiking and isn't kept as a hiking trail; a lot of it is overgrown and it's hard to see where you could fall through. Someone fell just last week and had to be rescued.

Basically, although people may say it's worth it, just be smart. There are plenty of other amazing trails in this park.

26 days ago

Best bang for your buck on napali coast views

Super muddy but well worth it. Most of these reviews will cover what to expect (views, cliff, climbing). Definitely worth the struggle.

Beautiful, totally enjoyed this hike in combination with kayaking, crossing a river and getting totally wet, and seeing waterfalls.

Best hike in Kauai!!! Be carful and wear appropriate shoes. It’s quite hard because slippery. The view is the best.

1 month ago

Unbelievable hike. The views never end and every corner you turn, it's keeps getting better. The finale overlooking the ocean is truly special. A bit muddy as you're weaving through some wooded areas, but well worth it. This one takes some beating, anywhere in the world!

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