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Tried going today (12/7) and the entrance gate is locked. Heard of others hopping the fence to go out but did not attempt.

Did this today and it gets steep and extremely muddy. Beginning of the trail had some overlooks with good visibility, but deeper into the hike there was heavy cloud coverage so not much of a view at the vista. Took us approx 2.5 hours total, most of the time spent navigating slippery conditions at the end.

Took us 3hr and 40min. The way back up is definitely harder but not impossible! The view point at the end is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Love this trail!!!

So fun. Like an amusement park of tree roots, muddy foot holds, spectacular views.

4 days ago

awesome views, at the end very muddy.

Got up early and headed off about 5:30am. Trail was dry for the most part. Surprised by a wild pig snorting at us in the dark. What a wonderful place to watch the sunrise! I would highly recommend the hike if you have the time.

Did this trail this morning. nice and dry. great views from the top

Today was a great change of pace since it wash much drier and clearer than yesterday’s run of the Sleeping Giant (West Trail)! Actually got some good views!

This trail is much longer but more gradual than the west approach. Both are great though, just depends if you’re looking for a short yet intense hike up, or longer / more gradual incline.

Ran this trail Car-to-Car (to the very top) in 50 minutes exactly

8 days ago

4-18 took us about 3.5 hours. We left at about 7:40 AM incredible overlook at the end.

very muddy Two last Days . we Do 1.5 miles before get back cause There are rain almost every Day ans the trail become worst, so look for north-west wind and IT shoud be clear of cloud to Do awesome picture, your feet could be wet after if you hike even the day after rain Enjoy your ride

10 days ago

This hike was tough because of how slippery and muddy it was. The weather in the winter is just unpredictable but it was simply epic... go to the end, even if it’s a bit scary.

Wear hiking shoes or trail runners ... some people were wearing crappy running shoes and were sliding all over. One couple was barefoot and that seemed way better than bad shoes.

But the view from the edge is insane. The clouds would roll in for a few minutes and then open up to see the Napali Coast.

We really wanted to do the Kalalau trail but it’s closed. This was the next best for sure!

10 days ago

This is one amazing trail. Ensure that you bring solid hiking shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. The trail is super muddy and slick in the upper areas. Slippers or sandals are not recommended.

The trail starts off pretty fast going downhill for quite a while before it opens up. There are numerous changes in topography and foliage. By the time you get to the end of the trail, You are in for a treat. The trail opens up into amazing vistas of green and red mountains dropping all the way down to the beautiful blue Pacific ocean below.

If you are not afraid of heights, you could walk down to the very end of the trail, however of course, you do so at your own risk, as each side has 1000’ drops to the canyons below.

Now that you have enjoyed the wonderful vistas and had a nice lunch, it’s time for the charge all the way back up to the top. It gets a little tedious, since you’ve already seen everything once. but once you get to the cloud forest, it feels great.


April 2018- Favorite trail I’ve ever done. So lush and green with such diverse plants & flowers. There were birds chirping away. The Moalepe connecting trail was also amazing and had a strong eucalyptus smell. Felt safe compared to other trails in the area and not too difficult! Highly recommend. Took us 3 hours.

Can be tricky in some parts but we saw children and adults in sandals completing the hike-take your time and you should be ok. Really enjoyed it! That being said, if it had been raining I would have avoided this hike that day.

Hiked this with my husband while it was raining on and off today-I had hiking boots and he was in Hokas. There is one section at the end (passed the picnic tables) that gets a little tricky-tough to get down not so much going up-otherwise it’s muddy, very slippery and so much fun! If you don’t mind getting dirty then definitely worth it!

Great views of the beautiful valley on this easy hike. You can either stop at the rest area or walk to the end of the trail (at the small wooden bridge), no need to go further.

EXCELLENT hike—definitely not for the faint of heart. Trail gets pretty muddy the last half mile, but the views are 100% worth it. Go left at the fork, HIKE PAST THE PICNIC BENCH, and make your way to the peak. It does not disappoint.

I hiked in chacos, if I went again I would wear my hiking boots. I wouldn’t go in anything that doesn’t have grip/isn’t meant for hiking. The trail can be slippery at times. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen.

Awesome trail ! Pictures don’t even do this hike justice, best kept secret in Kauai! Don’t go on a cloudy day, wait for a clear day to really see the amazing terrain and helicopters flying BELOW you!

The view is spectacular !

13 days ago

This hike was pretty incredible. I highly recommend it but know that it's a little tricky in some spots. It was definitely slippery when we went. Trekking poles are highly recommended and just take your time. The views were amazing throughout the entire hike.

13 days ago

Epic hike. Definitely a little scary as many points on hike you are on step away from falling off a cliff. Take your time and it’s worth it!

Great views of the canyon and waterfall. Muddy as all get out for the first 0.5 miles, this is especially difficult on the decent into the canyon

13 days ago

didn't get the best view due to some overhanging clouds however still a gorgeous site to see. the 3 miles downhill feels like a breeze... until you realize you have to go back up. make sure you give yourself ample time. I rushed through it alone and made it in about 2.5hrs round trip (hustling and regret it) the upward climb sucked for me. bring lots of water and snacks.

the view is perfect in the right conditions, try to go in the mid morning or early afternoon. I wouldn't start this hike after 4pm. 3pm is even pushing it for winter sunset (6pm)

Beautiful. Pretty muddy though, bring good shoes. The last part is sketchy like people say, but definitely doable if it's not raining. If it had been raining, I wouldn't have done it.

We did this hike on October 28. It was fantastic. Started late but did the whole thing with our two kiddos ages 5 and 7. Experienced hikers so this had challenges, but was still fun. Great payoff at the end!

Upstream from the main falls you can take a trail to a small waterfall with a pool. Very serene and pretty.

nature trips
15 days ago

Absolutely stunning view worth the long drive. Make sure to see the Red Dirt Waterfall near it too.

15 days ago

Great hike. it's all downhill on the way so it seems very easy so keep in mind that it is 3miles of uphill the way back. It was only muddy for the first mile on and off the next 2 were dry and gorgeous. So many pretty views on the way and breathtaking when you get to the end. 100% worth it. Once you get to the end there is a fairly skinny edge that takes you out further if your not scared of heights I would reccomend doing it. You see everything around the end of it when you get there, makes for a great photo.

This is an amazing trail, so glad I did it. One of the top hikes i’ve done in awhile. Though short, impressive and beautiful views throughout the hike, so much to see. I saw the warnings about using this trail at the information center about not risking it and somebody had fallen and had to be rescued as previous reviewer said. The trail is completely manageable, first 15 minutes is steepish, use caution especially when muddy and wet, can get slippery going downhill. wear hiking boots and you’re fine. Like others said on here trust and use your judgement and you’ll be fine. It’s a good sweat at times, Never felt like I was in danger, this trail may fry a few nerves for those who don’t hike often.

My wife and me climbed this hike today and it was so worth it. It rained early in the morning so it was quite slippery but that added to the adventure. We had hiking poles, which really helped and I would highly recommend them or a walking stick to help you stay upright! Make sure you hike past the picnic tables up top, the best vista is beyond them.

18 days ago

Not a trail at all. But it’s worthy to spend 5 mins for this breathtaking view!!!

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