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Deserved a repeat. Pretty sure we could happily do it again.

Doesn’t get any better.

Beautiful views and very enjoyable.

This trail was rather rocky and a great climb, definitely felt like I got a cardio workout for sure. I prefer Sleeping Giant West but this was fun too.

Loved it. Super muddy and slick. definitely need a walking stick for balance. The view at the top was incredible!

Dec.8th 2018
When down to see the waterfalls from the Do not pass sign. It is slippery just need to be careful and stay low and go slow :) but you do need to able to hold yourself up with the ropes and trees and able to balance yourself.
Nature is very generous there are tons of trees, veins, roots to hold on to. I managed to go down and up without getting muddy. I didn’t even get mud on my hand.

Seeing this Water falls close by is amazing! It’s so worth the little slipperiness:)

*But it will be very hard to do if you are wearing slippers or sandals.

Dec.1st 2018
This hike was just perfect level : Nice, Easy, Safe and beautiful view at top type of hike.
I would definitely go back there and do the trail run up and down for work out!

Visited today (12/8) and several “do not pass” signs and a tall fence line the road. Did not attempt but could see several others that had managed to climb down.

This was a great sunrise hike, especially for those who fatigue easily in the sun. I loved the many beautiful vistas looking out over the ocean. You can take paths closer to the cliffs or more inward paths shaded by trees.

We could not get to it. It has signs on Ohiki road saying “local traffic only” this means it is not open for tourists. I’m not sure if everyone else just ignored the signs or it wasn’t there before but we decided to respect that and turned around.

10 days ago

Good workout. Didn’t make it all the way up, because of time. There’s a scenic lookout about 1.75mi into the trail, which gives you a good overview across the bay. First portion of the trail is muddy but it gets better the further you’re in. I recommend it for some good sport activity, but I’m sure there are better scenic hikes.

Got up early and headed off about 5:30am. Trail was dry for the most part. Surprised by a wild pig snorting at us in the dark. What a wonderful place to watch the sunrise! I would highly recommend the hike if you have the time.

Did this trail this morning. nice and dry. great views from the top

Today was a great change of pace since it wash much drier and clearer than yesterday’s run of the Sleeping Giant (West Trail)! Actually got some good views!

This trail is much longer but more gradual than the west approach. Both are great though, just depends if you’re looking for a short yet intense hike up, or longer / more gradual incline.

Ran this trail Car-to-Car (to the very top) in 50 minutes exactly

A really great, quick outing! It was raining hard while I did it so it was slippery as hell, but still worth it with those views at the end! Ran it car to car in under 35 mins total. Don’t be scared to take it all the way to the top (beyond the awning) based off other comments, it’s really not too bad of a scramble and only tacks on 5 mins or so each way... totally worth it!

Nice and easy walk with kids, beautiful sights.

I have done this trail with my 8,7,5 year old . My friend took his 1 year old .

Not an easy trail to do with kids , a bit dangerous at the beginning it is very steep for about 100 feet.
Then it’s not that bad

April 2018- Unreal beauty. We saw monk seals at sunrise. No dicey/ unsafe sections. Expect lots of webs (but ample parking) first thing in the morning. Loved the turtle enclosure. It could be marked a little better in the beginning. Overall, a can’t miss in Kauai in our opinion! Took us about 4 hours.

Hiked this with my husband while it was raining on and off today-I had hiking boots and he was in Hokas. There is one section at the end (passed the picnic tables) that gets a little tricky-tough to get down not so much going up-otherwise it’s muddy, very slippery and so much fun! If you don’t mind getting dirty then definitely worth it!

Great hike with kids . Just completed it with an 8,7and 5 years old .
There is a big rock towards the end that needs to be climbed . It wasn’t that easy with the kids but still managed to get passed it . It is as really worth it the view it just amazing .

We started the hike right after it rained . Make sure you pick up one of the many hiking stick at the left hand side entering the trail. It’s get VERY slippery in some places .

We loved the reward of this hike! Went there early in the morning so we were the only two people there. Seriously beautiful views of the waterfall from the bottom of it and the mandatory rainbow was there too. Be carefull on your way down though and stick to the trail where there’s ropes to help you descent. The trail start after the green fence on your left handside going away from the parking lot. Dont climb any fences, people get hurt and they might close off the whole thing then.

EXCELLENT hike—definitely not for the faint of heart. Trail gets pretty muddy the last half mile, but the views are 100% worth it. Go left at the fork, HIKE PAST THE PICNIC BENCH, and make your way to the peak. It does not disappoint.

I hiked in chacos, if I went again I would wear my hiking boots. I wouldn’t go in anything that doesn’t have grip/isn’t meant for hiking. The trail can be slippery at times. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen.

Beautiful. Pretty muddy though, bring good shoes. The last part is sketchy like people say, but definitely doable if it's not raining. If it had been raining, I wouldn't have done it.

Gorgeous view! Trail was steep in spots but not too difficult. Mud on the trail but we were able to avoid it mostly and led our shoes clean.

I took the West side in (back side) I recommend grabbing a walking stick on the way in. It's very muddy on and off for the first mile. but when it is muddy its deep and sticky. I also did the East side and I like this way in way more. it's longer but definitely prettier. once you get past the crossroads of the two it can get very steep. I was definitely climbing some parts to get to the top. Once you get to the little hut at the top there is a small hike to go further up. I would say its worth it to take it. It is a harder climb to get up and quite a narrow path but take your time and it's worth the view up there!

nature trips
22 days ago

Absolutely stunning view worth the long drive. Make sure to see the Red Dirt Waterfall near it too.

Great views, can be very muddy. Recommend taking plenty of water as parts of the trail are not shaded from the sun.

My wife and me climbed this hike today and it was so worth it. It rained early in the morning so it was quite slippery but that added to the adventure. We had hiking poles, which really helped and I would highly recommend them or a walking stick to help you stay upright! Make sure you hike past the picnic tables up top, the best vista is beyond them.

25 days ago

Not a trail at all. But it’s worthy to spend 5 mins for this breathtaking view!!!

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