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beautiful half day hike.

Great views of Waimea canyon! The waterfall is a little bit small but overall, great hike!

We could not get to it. It has signs on Ohiki road saying “local traffic only” this means it is not open for tourists. I’m not sure if everyone else just ignored the signs or it wasn’t there before but we decided to respect that and turned around.

Nice views across the canyon. Waterfall plateau is small, but definitely worth it. All in all a very nice and well maintained trail!

2 days ago

I brought 2 of my sisters to this hike- there are sections of the trail that were muddy and very slippery. The views of the canyon are the most beautiful. The waterfalls are nice but not as dramatic. All in all, a good day hike.

2 days ago

Good workout. Didn’t make it all the way up, because of time. There’s a scenic lookout about 1.75mi into the trail, which gives you a good overview across the bay. First portion of the trail is muddy but it gets better the further you’re in. I recommend it for some good sport activity, but I’m sure there are better scenic hikes.

Pretty muddy for first two miles. I was glad I had a trekking pole with me, but I was just wearing cross training shoes and didn't fall on my backside. Trail was relatively easy until you get to Nounou West trail, then it gets harder to the top. The trails were well marked, despite lots of mud/tree debris covering the trail. The views were very nice from the top and during the hike; good variety of trees and plants.

Got up early and headed off about 5:30am. Trail was dry for the most part. Surprised by a wild pig snorting at us in the dark. What a wonderful place to watch the sunrise! I would highly recommend the hike if you have the time.

Did this trail this morning. nice and dry. great views from the top

As a novice hiker, this trail was still very doable. It had rained a lot the day before which made the way down slippery and slow. Would not do this hike in bad weather - would be both difficult and views of the canyon wouldn't be great. As it was, we had spectacular canyon views. Didn't go all the way to the waterfall because of limited time (the hike to the canyon and back took 2 hrs). If you have a fear of heights, drive to the trail head may be tough for you (windy roads overlooking canyon)

Lots of fun with some great views. But beware of this trail can become extremely slippery if it has rained. The trail was muddy and it had not rained in two days.

Super quick and easy hike. Did not take the kids on it but would have been an easy one to take the kids on. Great views. Beware most hikes in Hawaii are slippery if is raining or had the day before.

Today was a great change of pace since it wash much drier and clearer than yesterday’s run of the Sleeping Giant (West Trail)! Actually got some good views!

This trail is much longer but more gradual than the west approach. Both are great though, just depends if you’re looking for a short yet intense hike up, or longer / more gradual incline.

Ran this trail Car-to-Car (to the very top) in 50 minutes exactly

Trail has awesome vieles, the swamp is so beautiful, very unique. Trail is very muddy, put on good shoes.

May 2018- such a unique, otherworldly hike. We started at 730 AM and it took us just under 5.5 hours total. It was pretty muddy in sections. Some of the boardwalk section was damaged so definitely wear good hiking shoes. We saw nothing but fog at the end, but it was still 100% worth it! A must do.

Hiked this with my husband while it was raining on and off today-I had hiking boots and he was in Hokas. There is one section at the end (passed the picnic tables) that gets a little tricky-tough to get down not so much going up-otherwise it’s muddy, very slippery and so much fun! If you don’t mind getting dirty then definitely worth it!

EXCELLENT hike—definitely not for the faint of heart. Trail gets pretty muddy the last half mile, but the views are 100% worth it. Go left at the fork, HIKE PAST THE PICNIC BENCH, and make your way to the peak. It does not disappoint.

I hiked in chacos, if I went again I would wear my hiking boots. I wouldn’t go in anything that doesn’t have grip/isn’t meant for hiking. The trail can be slippery at times. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen.

Weather was nice today and the trail is in good shape for the most part. I noticed that some people used short cuts and did not stay on the trail. The trail is mostly in the shade. Wow what a view of the canyon. We stayed there and enjoyed the view for a long time. Nature was constantly disrupted by the helicopters flying around. Then went to check out the waterfall, which was okay. We liked the canyon view much better.

this was a muddy mess sat first but I sort of owned it as a badge of honor after awhile. my hiking poles were essential for this as they kept me from falling several times... especially on the way back. the top was priceless. the 360 views are unexplainable and literally just have to be experienced. I was in awe as I crossed the Giants face. 5 mi RT but mud had to make it worth more⛰️

Beautiful. Pretty muddy though, bring good shoes. The last part is sketchy like people say, but definitely doable if it's not raining. If it had been raining, I wouldn't have done it.


Amazing hike. Put on good shoes and go early. We had a view at the end and were lucky because it is often cloudy. Even the swamp part is beautiful !

trail running
15 days ago

Amazing views at the end but it was INCREDIBLY muddy and wet for a large portion of it—the the point that you would go mid shin deep in mud . Went out hoping to trail run and it was too slippery and muddy for that so did run/hiking.

My wife and me climbed this hike today and it was so worth it. It rained early in the morning so it was quite slippery but that added to the adventure. We had hiking poles, which really helped and I would highly recommend them or a walking stick to help you stay upright! Make sure you hike past the picnic tables up top, the best vista is beyond them.

Great Hike. You need to start early or the clouds move in and block the view at the end. There are no bugs and it is just a unique experience that I haven’t had anywhere else.

Amazing view at the top

Scenic but not worth the hike if you’re searching for waterfalls

23 days ago

Did the trail 4 days ago. Great views along the trail. muddy in some areas. Avoid after the rain- looks like it wold be very slippery and dangerous. Trekking poles or a walking stick would be a great idea for navigating the muddy areas. We stopped at the picnic tables.

Such a fun hike. Challenging, but not so much that you’re dead after. Definitely wear shoes with good traction- teva’s style or actual boots. Best if followed up with happy hour at Lava Lava Beach Club!

Was on the easy side of moderate rained about 1/2 of the hike can be slippery in spots so be prepared to get muddy

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