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Beautiful trail with two sets of waterfalls to look forward to and swim in. Very easy to hike, many people were also there with small children. The trail goes on after the second waterfall but there isn’t a lot past it, and you’ll have to come back the way you came in. Overall gorgeous little nature walk.

Past the bay trying to ascend to ridge looking over kipu kai. Keawe and lantana thorns everywhere. And the cairns of 10 years ago all gone. Hand over food scramble to top. Easy to get lost. Not a true trail. Difficult.

Bring your snorkel stuff!! A little treacherous going down but easier going up. A definite must see. We spent 2 hours here and thAt was enough.

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Short and enjoyable. the highlight is the jungle greenery, which is as good as we've seen it anywhere on the island in the last 3 weeks. two very nice waterfalls, although they won't blow your mind. gorgeous flowers, vines, and vast soaring trees, though. slightly muddy but nothing to worry about.

My girlfriend and I are in our early 50s. 1.5 hours in and about the same out. Totally worth it once you get to the end.

Vue exceptionnelle à l’arrivée cela vaut le détour!!! La descente à l’aller est très facile, le retour en montée l’est beaucoup moins... très cardio ! Prenez beaucoup d’eau pour le retour ou allez y tôt pour ne pas être étouffé par la chaleur. Attention si vous y aller les jours de pluie le chemin risque d’être boueux et glissant

trail running
5 days ago

Decent view at the end but the walk down has no views. Do yourself a favour and walk Nu’alolo Trail instead.

Incredible views at the end of the trail. You must visit this trail if you enjoy the Napali coastline and all that it has to offer.

Great hike! Challenging with the elevation drops and gains however worth the reward at the end!

8 days ago

This hike was exactly as advertised. Downhill on the way out through jungle-type setting that eventually opens up and finishes with jaw-dropping views. Wouldn't have minded some additional views along the way, but the end result will make you forget any complaints.

13 days ago

Not worth going for the hike (short distance very slippery walk down and back up), but definitely worth going for the beach. Small beach with beautiful views and great snorkelling. Will go back if in north Kauai again!

Easy Hike along the coast with scenic views. We hiked all the way to Gillin’s Beach and were lucky to see a Monk Seal on the beach there.

Mostly downhill on the way there, so a tougher uphill trek back up. Muddy in the beginning. Took us (mid-20’s, females) 1.5 hrs on the way there and 1 hr on the way back. VIEWS ARE SO WORTH IT THOUGH!! Make sure you go all the way to the end of the trail to the rocky look out.

Earned the views

16 days ago

Great view at the end that you will work for!!

20 days ago

Very steep and slippery when muddy. Worth the short trek down, small beach but quaint.

22 days ago

Absolutely awesome! Fantastic views. Easy hike in and moderate incline coming out (the entire way). Go the extra 30 yards across the narrow rock path at the end. Well worth it.

22 days ago

La randonnée est plutôt facile, les paysages à fin sont magnifiques. Attention aux moustiques

Good spot to snorkel- we saw turtles 2/3 times we snorkelled!. The beach was a wee bit crowded! Reasonably easy path down with ropes in the steep areas.
Edit: We returned just the next day and after rain the trail became veeery difficult and slippery! Lucky there are roses to haul yourself up and down

23 days ago

The trek down is a little steep but there is a rail/rope most of the way down. Again, trekking poles make it a breeze. The beach is secluded and the surf gentle. Its a great spot for a nice sunset.

I agree with previous comments, it's not a real trail just a way to a magnificent beach. Snorkeling was very good there.

epic view at the end

26 days ago

To the end, which was not the bench with view but the small ridge after mud swimming it took us around 90 minutes. The views were really nice sometimes but the mud was really everywhere and you could just go barefoot cause my shoes just turned brown. I was expecting this since it was sparkling since morning though maybe if you go after 2 days of not raining itll be ok. Its chill trail, okay for even kids, and yea theres a big eucalyptus tree blocking the road in the beginning so its funny to go over it.

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi cette randonnée est considérée comme modérée. Très touristique sûrement mais très facile. Une belle petite plage sans plus.

on Awa'awapuhi Trail

28 days ago

Amazing view at the end! Like others are saying, not a ton to see for the 3 miles out and back, however, I’d say it’s worth it ! It was very foggy and muddy and drizzling . Took us about 2 hours to get there because we were going slow as to not slip and fall . Way back took us basically half of that because we trekked up pretty quickly (was a good workout!) hiking poles are basically necessary because it was so slick !

I would not consider this a hike, it is a path down to one of the best Beaches on the Island. The path can be quite tricky and is steep in parts so you need to watch your step. If you stay at kauaidreamer.com you will be located directly above Hideaways beach.

This hike had the best view of almost any hike I have done. It is my favorite and the one I recommend to most People.the hike itself is nothing special. The view at the end is just ridiculously amazing!

Not sure what the excitement is about this trail. The water was muddy and I've seen better waterfalls and found this disappointing--along with the other 6 of us who were very hopeful. Definitely take the bug repellant and you can skip the swimming/rope into the water--too fast of water, not to mention it's not anywhere near clear, thus not safe to jump in since you wouldn't see what you are landing on. Take an extra pair of shoes for the return drive as you will get muddy.

1 month ago

Great hike!! Second time ....first time rain and solid mud, today beautiful hike little mud and gorgeous view at the end!!

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