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Great Beach during big waves! Short hike down.

BEWARE!! Steel spike sticking up on left side of trail! Literally pointy and sharp!

Trail is a challenge. Beach gets a fraction of sun.

Snorkeling proved to have only fish and the under toe is quite a struggle!

Clean beach. No shells

2 days ago

Closed. Gate up. Don’t bother.

We did this hike today - our 3rd time over the years! Simply beautiful and not overly strenuous even for two mid-60 yr olds. Canyon views are fabulous!! One key piece of advice is to park on the road by Hale Manu road - quite a few spots there - then walk down the 4wd-only road about a half hour to the trailhead. Much, much easier than the steep, rutted spur trail coming from the Pu’u Hinahina Lookout parking lot. About an hour each way plus photo time at the top of the cliffs. We didn’t go the final leg to the falls but really love this trail! Not very wet today.

Amazing views of valley and 2 waterfalls (one from the top). Don’t worry about the mud. As of yesterday the mud trail has dried and solidified into a perfect hiking surface. Had no trouble even with my heavily worn Crocs. The only slippery areas are where it dried out too much resulting in loose dirt, particularly at the slope descending from the vista. Avoid those loose dirt areas and stay on the hardened mud and you will be fine. Just past the vista, take the final loop clockwise as there is a very steep section on the right fork. Can always double back if too steep for you.

Best hike of my entire trip to Kauai! Amazing 360 degree views on this thrilling hike. Not for those with a fear of heights whatsoever! Watched the sunrise and enjoyed every step of the way on this trail. Good views the entire way and not too strenuous of a trail at all, just a little intimidating walking on the edge of such steep cliffs. Overall, 10/10.

Not a hike, like others have mentioned- just a short walk on a paved path. Beautiful views though and a tour of the lighthouse is included in the $10 entry fee.

Finished today. its closed but still accessible. A worth while breathtaking hike.

Closed today due to federal budget impasse. Can see lighthouse from gate ~1/4 mile away.

Super steep to get down to the beach but best snorkeling I’ve found on this side of the island so far. Super clear and not too choppy, saw about 6-7 sea turtles!

12 days ago

Excellent views and swimming hole. Be aware of tides and waves. The first couple hundred feet of the trail is steep, muddy and may be hard for younger or older to make. Trail is short though, I wouldn’t mark as hard, just need to be cautious.

Easy walk. Did it in cheap flip flops. Perfect beach for kids and adults.
UPDATE to my original post. Came out here a few days later and it was a whole other story. Surf was high and the waves were huge. So I guess it depends on the day for the kids

14 days ago

Beautiful beach, path is pretty straight forward just really steep. You’d be able to bring a surf board & other beach items as long as it hasn’t recently rained.

15 days ago

Excellent views of the coast and Waimea valley, by far our favorite hike in Kauai. Trail wasn’t super muddy;however, last .75 miles to lookout are fairly technical. Our walking sticks helped quite a bit, plus good trail running shoes. Took us about 4 hrs with breaks for pics and snacks. IMO way better views than Awapuhi trail and less foot traffic. Go early in the day and you’ll have the trail to yourself.

TRAILHEAD: Alright, go to the lookout, and to the LEFT of the green fence, there is another fence saying this trail is closed, dangerous, etc. So that's the trailhead, it's nice of them to indicate it - just jump the fence. And be careful.

Probably the best hike around there - great view all along the way! Can get muddy, so don't be that stupid person getting stuck and needing rescue. Not a hard trail at all, but don't go when it rains (anyway, you wouldn't get a good view). Assume that it will be slick/slippery/muddy and prepare accordingly. Now, with that being said, be careful and all, but it's by no mean an "extreme" hike. People here saying it's the worse they have ever done really need to calm down (or go hike some real hard ones).. Also, the worse spots were ALWAYS where slipping wouldn't be such a big deal (aka not on those narrow ridges). Finally, despite being "closed", the trail is clearly maintained. Still, just don't be that person falling off the cliff...cause you'd have a bad day.

16 days ago

Great hike, one of the best around! Do yourself a favor and do it as a loop along with Awa'awapuhi. Careful, can get muddy. Do when sunny or only partly cloudy to have the best view!

16 days ago

It's about 2 hours down to the river, and 2 hours back up. The trail is fairly easy up to that point...but then. I don't know if it's because it had rained a lot, but following the river wasn't that easy, and involved A LOT of river crossing where hopping from one rock to the other isn't possible - got to have river crossing shoes. The views along the way were nice, but maybe not worth that effort.

This trail was very muddy and slippery. I would recommend hiking shoes as the trail was very slick in trainers. We hiked all the way to the falls. The pool is tiny and mud is ankle deep around the pool so it is hard to swim or even wade. Canyon trail lookout is good but the real reward is the canyon view on the black pipe trail. It is very worth it to hike the extra distance. Not sure the additional hike to the falls is worth it. We started the hike at 8 am and by the time we were hiking out the path was extremely crowded. We had three kids 8 and older with us and I agree with the rating of moderate.

This is an unauthorized trail. there is a fence and warning signs. -1 star. Not a long trail but has very steep parts along a cliff that could be bad if rainy or if there was a crowd or if you are a beginner or have bad knees. If you have hiking skills and the weather is reasonable and you are willing to ignore signs and hop a fence, this is an amazing trail. Amazing on top of the world views. I saw a Billy goat family wundering what I was doing on their trail.

Beautiful view, but gate was closed, so we were unable to go walk up to the lighthouse.

Beautiful hike. There are parts that feel sketchy but be super careful and you'll be fine. Best views of the canyon and cost (especially with a portion of the island closed off from flooding). Highly recommend.

A wonderful hike! Walking poles most useful.

The highlight at the end was spectacular to say the least. The canyon view overshadowed the top of the falls which you can climb to (down). Interesting how a seemingly small stream can produce a beautiful falls!!

Wouldn't really call it a hike but it's all downhill and since it always rains in the north it will be slippery. Go slow and you will be all right. Go early too as there isn't a lot of parking. Beach is gorgeous.

Beautiful scenery. Areas of the trail had many options and were not well marked. Recommend using the app to stay on track.

20 days ago

This trail is actually 7.5 based on trail markers. Ignore what AllTrails is saying of 6.9.

Amazing views - of the canyon, the ocean, and the valley with the river running through with a waterfall. What more could you ask for? I only hike for a view - and this was definitely the best.

Warning: this is a reverse hike - you hike DOWN to the view and back UP to finish. So save your water for your second half. I always prefer hikes where I can hike back down - but the views were too beautiful to pass up.

Expect it to be muddy! There was a lot of slipping and sliding even with some pretty sturdy worn in hiking boots. We did this without poles, gaiters, or micro spikes - but I imagine they might be quite helpful. My boyfriend and I are pretty avid hikers and are reasonably fit. We completed trail in 4-5 hours - but took a nice long break at top for lunch and pictures. It definitely would’ve been faster if it wasn’t so muddy. Not ideal for trail running IMO.

There is trail parking - but I also imagine you can park at Koke’e Lodge and walk over (use bathrooms there too).

Trail closed most likely due to people not understanding the dangers of the area. Wave height is not the same thing as tide. People are so misinformed judging by the reviews. Knowing how to accurately read the surf report is so critical to enjoying this spot safely. Being here on an incoming large swell is the absolute sketchiest time. If you don’t understand that, you have no business visiting Queens Bath.

22 days ago

This was minutes from where are staying, so it was a must see. After speaking to a local neighbor, saying it was closed but most people just go around the fence we decided to take the chance. We hiked down the muddy trail, it was moderate in my opinion. It was NOT high tide when we went in the morning. We stayed away from the edges and paid attention to the waves. It was definitely a site to see but we would much rather see it in the summer when it’s calm and an actual “bath”. I highly recommended checking the weather and surf conditions along with using caution and common sense here. Happy hiking!

The best hike we’ve been on so far! A little sketchy in some spots, definitely in the difficult range...well at least for us (newbies). Views like no other and definitely worth it. It was overcast skies and drizzled most of the hike. Conditions were wet and very muddy, slippery in some spots.

Amazing trail with beautiful scenery of Waimea Canyon. Don't go on the hike for the views of the waterfalls which are nice but incomparable to the stunning views of inside the canyon. Start at the Puu Hinahina lookout. Not as muddy as some of the other trails we completed in Kauai.

Trail closed - cops writing trespassing tickets when we came!

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