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This hike is spectacular! As middle-aged, active people, this hike wasn’t ‘difficult ‘ ; however, we went on a dry day. If it is raining or has recently rained, it can be challenging. We went past the railing at the end of the trail; had it been wet, we wouldn’t risk it. We’re constantly overcoming our fear of heights, so venturing down to the plateau was a big step. There is an even more precarious end and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GOING OUT THERE! The view of the valley, the coastline, the ocean will be imprinted in your minds and hearts forever. Casually walking and an hour stop at the end made our trip total, 4.5 hours.

Amazing views of valley and 2 waterfalls (one from the top). Don’t worry about the mud. As of yesterday the mud trail has dried and solidified into a perfect hiking surface. Had no trouble even with my heavily worn Crocs. The only slippery areas are where it dried out too much resulting in loose dirt, particularly at the slope descending from the vista. Avoid those loose dirt areas and stay on the hardened mud and you will be fine. Just past the vista, take the final loop clockwise as there is a very steep section on the right fork. Can always double back if too steep for you.

16 hours ago

Unexciting path leading to stunning vista!

Straight up and straight down, lots of huffing and puffing, but SO WORTH IT! Luckily wasn’t muddy when I went, but can definitely see how it would make it pretty difficult. The view is insane! When you reach the picnic tables, cross the path and go to the one that is going down to the left. That’s the one that takes you down then up to the 360 view, on the left. Be on the look out for strawberry guavas!

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1 day ago

Great views the entire trail. Biked this trail during sunrise and it was not too crowded but towards the end more people were on the trail and it got a little packed. Very peaceful and super easy, flat path.

scenic driving
1 day ago

Not a hike, just a lookout. Regardless, still worth a stop! Great views, very peaceful if you go early in the morning to beat crowds.

Best hike of my entire trip to Kauai! Amazing 360 degree views on this thrilling hike. Not for those with a fear of heights whatsoever! Watched the sunrise and enjoyed every step of the way on this trail. Good views the entire way and not too strenuous of a trail at all, just a little intimidating walking on the edge of such steep cliffs. Overall, 10/10.

Fantastic hike!
Although SO MUCH downhill hard on the knees. The views and the falls made it worth it to me. Jumped into the very cold water and swam out to the falls
Wish I’d had a towel :)

Gorgeous 360 degree views! Can be a slippery mud slide of a trail if it’s rained at all but if you take your time and go slowly it’s 100% worth it. A bit of rock scrambling at the top just before the last and best viewpoint but there are some sneakpeaks of the view on the way up if you choose not to go to the tippy top!

The trail was not muddy when I went. However I would not be comfortable doing this hike if it was slippery. Saying that it was an absolutely stunningly beautiful hike and vistas! Well worth it. Provided 360°views of the island at the top!

2 days ago

Great trail, some hard slippery mud makes going down harder than going back up. Took us about 3 hours, not including time spent at the vistas at the bottom. Shaded and forested the entire way, no great views until you get to the end, but when you do they are spectacular. Really cool exposed ridge line at the end to get great photos and your heart pumping. GF wore chacos and got some blisters, so maybe wear shoes or boots to tie down your feet with some of the slipping.

Leave early in the morning to get the best views, avoid clouds, and avoid crowds. We were first on the trail and it was well worth it.

On weekends hunters are in the area. A sign recommends wearing bright clothing but we didn’t get hunted so maybe not a big deal.

Not too muddy compared to other area hikes. The payoff is enormous for a relatively short hike. Definitely worth it!

Finished today. its closed but still accessible. A worth while breathtaking hike.

This was a nice hike and had pretty spectacular views from the top. It was very muddy and there were some spots that were very difficult to maneuver, in fact there were some people who couldn’t make it because it was so steep and slippery (just one spot). Must have sneakers at a minimum (flip flops, toms or speedy won’t work) if it’s been raining. Worth the time.

great hike. 2.5 hrs in and out. went to the head. all the warnings seem overplayed... trail in good shape. just don't rush, stay on the designated path, and its fine. views are awesome.

6 days ago

A relatively unassuming first few miles gives way to a truly spectacular and one of a kind view on the spine. This is about as dramatic a trail as any out there in the last half mile. I’d compare it to Angels Landing in Zion, without a hundred other people jockeying for position (we saw 3-4 people in 3 hours out on the trail). Your legs will be cursing you on the way back up, but your mind will still be busy thinking about the view you just witnessed, so it won’t matter. It can get VERY muddy, so be prepared with good hiking boots, and if you enjoy your cartilage, poles. Would have loved to take the Nualolo Cliff Trail on the way back, as I think that would have enhanced the hike as a whole, but unfortunately we did this hike while that trail was still closed in 2016. Would definitely do this trail again, if only for the chance to sit on the edge of the world for 20 more minutes!

best rewarding view so far among all our hikes! all downhill and then the harder part is coming back up. muddy in a few patches and hiking shoes needed to avoid slips

7 days ago

Officially a Must Do hike!!! The views at the end are unreal, so MAKE SURE you go on a clear day. There isn't much to look at on the way so the payoff at the end is vital. Go as far as you're comfortable going down the ridge at the end, the views get better and better (Obligatory "Be careful", don't die). Solid cardio on the way back up for sure (2 hrs constantly going uphill), but the hike itself wasn't too difficult.

Super steep to get down to the beach but best snorkeling I’ve found on this side of the island so far. Super clear and not too choppy, saw about 6-7 sea turtles!

8 days ago

Excellent views and swimming hole. Be aware of tides and waves. The first couple hundred feet of the trail is steep, muddy and may be hard for younger or older to make. Trail is short though, I wouldn’t mark as hard, just need to be cautious.

Great out and back hike. If you’re looking for something with views the whole way, this one isn’t it, but if you’re good hiking in some tree cover until the end, the views are 100% worth it. Views get even better if you get out onto the ridge cliffs. Could see how it would be difficult when it has recently rained, but with good conditions we did out and back in about 2 hours 15, not including the photo taking at the cliffs.

Gave it a 5 star because it was a really nice hike with great views at the top. You start by driving up into a neighborhood where locals usually do a morning hike up and back down. Its nice if you have other things planned around noon. My brother and I made it up in about an hour and spent an hour on top exploring little trails that lead to the edges of the mountain to take some photos. Then we came back down and it took us about 40-50min. It hasn't rained in a few days so the terrain wasn't as slick as everyone makes it out to be... If it rained I can kinda see how it could be slippery.. But it's definitely doable even in the rain.
It's worth the view on top (:

Amazing hike. Slippery in some spots so wear appropriate hiking shoes. Great workout, little more then 10k and worth every step. View at the end is incredible. Enjoy!

TRAILHEAD: Alright, go to the lookout, and to the LEFT of the green fence, there is another fence saying this trail is closed, dangerous, etc. So that's the trailhead, it's nice of them to indicate it - just jump the fence. And be careful.

Probably the best hike around there - great view all along the way! Can get muddy, so don't be that stupid person getting stuck and needing rescue. Not a hard trail at all, but don't go when it rains (anyway, you wouldn't get a good view). Assume that it will be slick/slippery/muddy and prepare accordingly. Now, with that being said, be careful and all, but it's by no mean an "extreme" hike. People here saying it's the worse they have ever done really need to calm down (or go hike some real hard ones).. Also, the worse spots were ALWAYS where slipping wouldn't be such a big deal (aka not on those narrow ridges). Finally, despite being "closed", the trail is clearly maintained. Still, just don't be that person falling off the cliff...cause you'd have a bad day.

11 days ago

Great hike, but do yourself a favor and do the loop along with Nu'alolo . To be done on a clear day for the best view

11 days ago

Did this camping near the river at the end. It takes about 2 hours to reach, and 2 hours out. The trail wasn't so hard, but I suppose it can get muddy if there was a lot of rain. The views are nice along the way, and the campground seems to be often empty, which is nice. But a lot of mosquitoes.
Parking wasn't clear - you park by the side of the road.

Also, camped down there to do the two extra trails on the river (north and south), I'd say skip that and make it just a day hike to the river and back (see reviews why). And if you want more, go south!

Not really a hike - it's a lookout. But it's gorgeous, definetly worth the stop!

Considering all the Na Pali trails were closed we opted for this one. Super muddy and slippery but decent views at the top. We had hiking boots on with hiking sticks. Saw a bunch of kids on the trail, runners, and also people with no shoes.

This trail was very muddy and slippery. I would recommend hiking shoes as the trail was very slick in trainers. We hiked all the way to the falls. The pool is tiny and mud is ankle deep around the pool so it is hard to swim or even wade. Canyon trail lookout is good but the real reward is the canyon view on the black pipe trail. It is very worth it to hike the extra distance. Not sure the additional hike to the falls is worth it. We started the hike at 8 am and by the time we were hiking out the path was extremely crowded. We had three kids 8 and older with us and I agree with the rating of moderate.

This is an unauthorized trail. there is a fence and warning signs. -1 star. Not a long trail but has very steep parts along a cliff that could be bad if rainy or if there was a crowd or if you are a beginner or have bad knees. If you have hiking skills and the weather is reasonable and you are willing to ignore signs and hop a fence, this is an amazing trail. Amazing on top of the world views. I saw a Billy goat family wundering what I was doing on their trail.

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