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Beautiful hike and the waterfall. We went with the tour guide and kayaks, highly recommended to use both. Our teenagers and 10yr old loved it

16 hours ago

Awesome views, short hike, not as hard as people say. Did it with my teenagers, we took plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, the trail is well maintained, make sure you make it to the end.

2 days ago

It really is hard trail even though it doesnt seem like it in the beginning, its harder the way back because you go more up. But Its totally worth it, the view at the end is breathtaking!
As amateurs we had shorts and short sleeves on but we survived and it wasnt bad though if you can wear long pants at least do it

Amazing!!!! This is a really hard and strenuous hike but the views are so beautiful. We hiked to the river and there is a nice swimming hole. So beautiful

2 days ago

Great hike!! Second time ....first time rain and solid mud, today beautiful hike little mud and gorgeous view at the end!!

3 days ago

One of my all time favorites. Did this as part of the loop with a few other trails. A little sketchy in places, so be careful.

AWESOME VIEWS! One of our best hikes ever. You get a good view of the canyon and then hike to a waterfall.

If you have 4WD, you can actually drive your car a good distance and cut the walking distance almost in half. If not you can park at the highway and walk the whole way.

Bring lots of water!!! Luckily the trail is mostly shaded but it still was pretty hot, especially since the way back is basically all uphill. I would give yourself a couple hours to do this trail, depending on how long you want to stay at the waterfall and how well you traverse a steep incline.

Again, we loved it! The views were breathtaking. Definitely recommend.

A little steep to go down because of the mud, but it is a really nice beach. There is not a lot of people!

It’s not an hike, but the view is amazing!

This trail was awsome! If you have fear of heights, it is pretty steep! The view is amazing all the way down! I suggest to wear hiking shoes! Go to the end, it’s really beautiful! You have to go to the end, it is rewarding!

I don’t think much of Hawaii’s idea of a “trail”. They scrape the vegetation off and let nature take its course; unchecked erosion results in gullies, steep sections and deep holes, all super slick with ankle deep mud bogs thrown in. Upside, I loved the various terrain and the swamp was beautiful. Some sections of boardwalk are being replaced, thank you YCC! I found this trail to be difficult because of the slick, steep sections and would not do it again. The views are amazing, glad I did it once.

6 days ago

Spectacular views worth the steep climbs!

Great day paddle/hike into the island on the East side of Kauai. This area isn't as rainy as the Northern side around the Na'Pali Coast area but its still pretty wet. Rainy season is December so plan accordingly. It is very highly trafficked so expect to see a good amount of people en route to the waterfall and back. The top of the hike at the waterfall can get crowded as well but if you're patient the large groups will leave together and you can spend some time at the waterfall, swim, get photos, etc...

Kauai gets hit with an average of 460 inches of rain every year so be prepared for damp if not wet and muddy conditions when hiking. Plan and bring old clothes/shoes that can get dirty and enjoy the experience! We hiked this in July and had mostly dry conditions on the trail with some muddy parts towards the end and around the waterfall. There is one large river crossing that has a fairly strong current and is about 2.5 ft deep at the deepest. There is a rope to hold on too but it can still be difficult as there are usually multiple people on the rope at one time.

We chose to go unguided with paddle boards as they were more readily available last-minute than the rental kayaks. We didn't have any issues finding our way as the guided tours are all over and you can just follow them. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes paddling in and 60-90 minutes paddling out as the wind becomes a factor. There is no current on the river. For those of you wanting a list of what to bring/wear I recommend shoes or water-shoes, not flip-flops (Keen, Teva, etc...) for both paddling and hiking, a hat, wear swimwear and bring a pair of dry clothes to leave in the car. Finally bring some snacks and a camelback with water otherwise various members of your party will probably end up hangry and thirsty on the way back.

As always take necessary precautions when hiking anywhere new - do your research before hiking. Flash flooding seems to be the biggest danger on these trails aside from the typical hiking perils so just be cautions and have fun!

Great hike! One of my lifetime favorites! Beautiful, tropical scenery, clifftop views, gorgeous beach, big waterfall with a swimming hole - amazing! We did the 8 mile round trip hike to the falls and back, and it's tough, especially because the last two miles are two of the hardest, all up and down instead of just down, like most trails on the last two miles. (funny, though, they didn't seem so hard on the way in, when I was fresh!)

7 days ago

An amazing hike overall. The trip in is all downhill and pretty easy. We got there at 7:30 am and were the first in the lot. We went on a sunny day so had no mud. You can find walking sticks at the trailhead which are definitely helpful on the hike back. It’s about 3.1 Miles in. The hike in is great because you see so many “climates” (rain forest with a high canopy, grassland, desert rocks, and of course chickens). The views at the end are probably some of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen. We walked out past the gate to the end where the drops are a thousand feet on either side. SO STUNNING! The hike back was long as it is all uphill fortunately we got there early and were done prior to it getting too hot. Make sure to bring enough water for the trip back because it is why this hike is marked as moderate.

Any update on the trail opening? Is there another way to access the trail (kayak or another trail head?) Are there other long hikes on the island that you all like? My gf and I like to hike and booked a trip in August, but it looks like our luck has run thin...

Didn’t resort to crawling but absolutely pegged my adrenaline meter when I hiked this back in 1977

I chose this trail because I had time for only one hike and I read at some places that if I had time for just one, this is THE one. I honestly was a tad disappointed. But then again that may be because of factors (Like past experiences and expectations) personal to me - One - I did not like the fact that the entire hike back and forth was through a thick canopy of forest without any views at all - I might as well have been hiking in North Carolina (my home state). The view at the end was indeed spectacular but too less for so much of walking - Additionally it did not match up to the views we had the day before from the sea side (we had taken a boat to the coast).

So if you are happy with hiking 6 miles for just one view (which could depend on visibility based on weather), this might be the one for you.

Great trail. Probably not the absolute best view of the canyon, but still has some great sites. Waterfall was worth the trip. We hiked this after hiking a ridge trail in koke'e park and it was very manageable. It does get a bit dicey in some parts so I would suggest good shoes. We wore trail runners and were fine, but there was some loose gravel/dirt close to some steep drop offs. There was a fair amount of people and you will most likely greet a few groups of people along the way. Overall it was a solid trail and I would agree with the moderate rating.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail with great views the whole way. My husband and I were slightly unsure about the steep drop offs but it is easy to avoid getting too close to them. The trip down was fairly easy but you do need to crouch and use your hands at certain points. The end of the trail was absolutely breathtaking! The trip back was much more of a workout with the steep inclines. Again, well worth it! If you are in shape and ready for amazing views, do not hesitate. I would say to wear proper footwear. We both wore trail running shoes and were fine. We did see a couple people walking barefoot and I'm not so sure how that went for them, as there was a lot of loose dirt and it's easy to lose some footing. The trailhead was unmarked, but easy to find with the directions after you locate the gate.

10 days ago

Beautiful views but intense. It was 2.5 miles straight down and then 2.5 up up and then up some more. We saw several goats and lots of birds, waterfall from afar. If I did this again I would hike down a mile or mile and a half then turn back. I work out 5 days a week and am in good shape, this was challenging for me.

10 days ago

We live in Oahu and this was our first hike on Kauai. The last mile or so is breathtaking and worth the almost two miles of slogging through mud and brambles in the forest you have to do to get there. I find it hard to imagine getting better views of the Napoli coast from above anywhere else. If you go to the end (we stopped just short of the end) this is 6 miles round trip. The end marked on AllTrails is not the end.

11 days ago

This hike really isn't that bad. Jump the stone wall where it connects to the fence to the right when looking at the falls. Walk along the fence and pass by another fence until you reach the trail head where you will see a rope to know that you are on the right trail. Parts of the trail were slippery and steep, but plenty of roots to rely on! This hike is definitely worth the view of the falls! Take it at whatever pace you need to get down and you'll be fine! Going back up was a breeze. Don't miss out on this!

Fun hike with great scenic views with a waterfall to swim in at the end

13 days ago

This trail was fantastic! The entire way to the overlook is downhill, not too challenging but a bit muddy and slippery. The way back is entirely uphill and challenging, so make sure to stash more than half of water for the hike back to the car. The views are breathtaking at the end, and an amazing spot for some lunch. Make sure to start early so it’s not too muddy and before it gets too hot, especially for the hike back from the lookout.

13 days ago

Not as hard and scary as I was expecting. I am by no means an experienced hiker. My wife and I weren’t sure if we were going to do it but we at least wanted to see the falls so we drove over there and parked. To get to the trail head, jump the rock guard rail/wall at the far right and then go 5 more yards to the right, you’ll see the opening. We decided to do it when we saw a couple kids come up wearing sandals and they said it wasn’t all that bad. It’s very wet, muddy, and slippery. If it were completely dry this would be a piece of cake. Just be prepared to slip, use the rope as a guide when available, and take your time placing your feet. If you do that, it won’t be bad at all. Views at the bottom are incredible.

Great hike! Only 0.8 miles to waterfall from actual trailhead. 1.6 from the main road. Drive all the way down to trailhead from main road if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Stunning views of Waimea Canyon. The waterfall and pond was refreshing and picturesque. I would have to say this trail is heavily trafficked as opposed to lightly from what the app suggests. Have a great hike!

This trail was beautiful however parts were very slippery especially near the falls themselves. Watched a woman get airlifted out after falling and breaking her ankle. To be fair it did rain the night before so part of the trail were wet however the section where the lady fell was covered with red silt that was VERY slippery to walk down. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it for kids just because that section was slippery and there are no barriers whatsoever. Everyone is accurate that it is beautiful and definitely worth trying it but just be mindful to tread carefully to avoid any accidents.

16 days ago

I did his trail two days ago with my husband. It has been our favorite trail here (especially with Napali Coast currently closed)!! We got there at 8am and there were a few cars there already. It was a clear day and was already 80 degrees. We wore lots of sunscreen and bug spray - there were muddy sections throughout the whole trail and I swear I could hear the low hum of insects nearly the whole time. We wore hiking shoes over hiking sandals, which we ended up being happy about. Definitely grab a walking stick - there were like 30 at the trailhead.

We got to the beautiful section in an hour as it was all downhill. The views were INCREDIBLE! I even conquered some fears and went out on the narrow ledge to get an even better view. We ate a bit and hung out for a while soaking it all in.

It took us about an hour and a half to get back, but we were trucking, treating it like a workout. It was not very pleasant haha. It will definitely take longer on the way back because it is all uphill and there will probably be lots of muddy sections. We also didn’t do the additional Nu’alolo Trail, so if you do that, you’ll have a longer hike (the split for this trail doesn’t happen until like mile 2.5 down).

Please don’t be the people who show up in flip flops and jeans, without any water at noon. This WILL be painful for you and you will slip and fall.

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