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Awesome hike that I would rate as "Moderate+". The first few miles are some hills, but nothing too bad and it's mixed with flat sections. The last half mile is pretty steep but the Nā Pali coastal view is the best I've seen yet! Wow! Coming back will, of course, be steep but nothing too bad. If muddy,this trail would have been more difficult because it gets slippery. A few parts are a little overgrown, but trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

This was a great hike, easy in , a bit more strenuous on the way out because it was more up hill. We went early to beat the heat.

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1 day ago

AMAZING!!! Very short with stunning views throughout. It was dry when I did it and really not scary at all, though I can see it being very different when wet.

A little muddy but not bad! Worth the beautiful view!

2 days ago

Beautiful beach! The hike is slick and steep, so come prepared to hike down.

2 days ago

Ok... I hate heights! But this hike was amazing. I did it cause it was rated difficult and made me conquer my heights worry. AND... cause my GF wanted to do it. It’s easy really. Mostly down hill out and all uphill back. Awesome views! Keep your wits about you... my GF tried the last little 40-50ft path to look out but turned back. I was very frightened for her. I uploaded a pic. DONT try it! Not worth it.

3 days ago

We did this hike in about 2.5 hours. It is 3.25 miles to the lookout. The hike to the lookout is mostly down hill, so remember to save plenty of water for the hike back.

What a great little hike!

Immediate and huge payout for such a short hike. Not challenging if you’re a frequent hiker- Incredible views the entire way, a few moments of needing to watch footing etc but one of the hands down most beautiful trails we have ever been on.

6 days ago

Great hike with big payout at the end, but you definitely work to get there. trail is a bit overgrown and thick at the start - you’re in trees and more mountainous trail terrain then it opens up to some epic views. Stair master like on the way back up and out of the trail, still worth it if you’re up for the workout.

7 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Amazing view of the cathedrals in the Na Pali Coast and the valley. There was even a rainbow as we hiked this trail. Easy hike for sunset ~30 min down. Don’t go if it has rained- can be very muddy and narrow path (4000 ft high) end also gets narrow and can make you realize you’re afraid of heights

beautiful trail, though very short but the beach at the end is amazing

Beautiful small trail with a gorgeous beach at the bottom.

Easy short hike down .. a bit steep
Too rough to swim. Beautiful beach and scenery

9 days ago

Incredible views!!!

This trial is well maintained and has a very rewarding view at the end. It is not a technical trail but the return is a steady grueling climb. I highly recommend starting this trail early before the heat of the day so you can get as much shade on the return at possible. Pack plenty of water. There are no services at the trailhead so plan ahead. The camp store is a great stop for coffee and sandwiches. Don’t expect to find seclusion, this trail has high traffic.

10 days ago

Start the hike early to beat the crowds and heat. It wasn’t muddy during my hike but I can only imagine how difficult the hike would be with muddy conditions. Be sure to journey past the railing at the end to get the better views.

With the road closed to get there. How are people getting to this trail?

The views at the end of the trail are just breathtaking...

Best hike of my life!!

16 days ago

Super fun hike. Bring lots of water and get ready to face your fear of heights at the end for a walk out the last few hundred feet. Loved it and would do it again!

Partly steep, but easily manageable. Amazing views if the Napali Coast. We hiked 35 minutes. It was not the end, I think we missed it to go to the end of the ridge, because in the end it gets a little more dangerous. Just decided how much you want to risk and how far you want to go! Would definitely recommend it!

This hike had an okay view at the end, but to be honest, the canyon views driving up to the hike we're more impressive. The hike is pretty boring for 90% of it as you are walking through forest with no views. The benefit is that you are in the shade for the majority of the hike. The hike is kinda backwards as you travel downhill to get to the view at the end, but then uphill to get back to the trailhead. Given other hikes available in Kauai, I would choose this hike as a second or third option.

This is a great trail! The views are amazing from both sides of the ridge. The clouds may roll in but they roll out just as quickly. Having a hiking pole was handy but not entirely necessary, Good boots are recommended and be prepared to get muddy if it has rained. It took us a little over 2 hours to complete without rushing. The first 500 meters or so are the worst for climbing but it does level out somewhat after that. If your afraid of heights then this may not be for you. The views at the end make it with it!

17 days ago

This was hands down my favorite trail in Koke’e. The views are mind blowing and there is no crowd. The hike is fairly short and only moderate in difficulty (if you are prepared and are not trying to hike in flip flops and a baby on your hip, which I would not recommend).

The ledges can be scary if you have any kind of fear of heights and possibly dangerous if you are not careful. However, you do not have to go all the way to the end if you feel uncomfortable. The views get better with every step. Hike down and soak in the views and the cool ocean breeze!

17 days ago

This was our 2nd hike of the day and it kicked our butt coming back. It's mostly downhill to the end so a lot of uphill back. I suggest light pants as there are a few areas very overgrown for decent lengths (multiple areas). It's at least half shady and we thought we wouldn't get a view with all the cloud coverage, but you absolutely do. actually yields pretty cool photos with the clouds. We went nearly to the end to where you can see the water from right to left. don't let the step dirt path towards around 2 miles deter you.

there's not a waterfall that we saw.

18 days ago

this was my first hike in kauai....defintely hard. slippery and muddy. dont wear any runners or slippers, must wear hiking shoes or just go bare foot to get better control. I was wearing my hiking shoes, was so tiref after but definitely worth it.

Very slick trail today. Saw a few muddy knees and butts from the slides down the trail. Trail not good, but not long and the beach is more than worth it. Rough ocean. Only for experienced swimmers and surfers today.

18 days ago

Left the south shore @6am. We reached Awaʻawapuhi Trail @ 8:30AM. Going towards the vista it’s all down hill w/ flats here and there. About 75% or more of the trail is shaded. I honestly don’t care about having a view through majority of the trek because it would’ve been super hot. The trail was very muddy. Some parts of the trail your walking along a one person path that’s super muddy, but we made it to the gorgeous view. My partner and I are novice hikers and this hike seemed more difficult for people like us. I dreaded the climb back but we made it out! It was very rewarding.

Easy to navigate with some good climbs. The most amazing views of the coast. Perfect spot for lunch at the overlook.

on Nu'alolo Trail

20 days ago

what an epic trail. Unfortunately, we couldn't see anything the last 2 miles out because of the clouds and rain. a very tough trail when wet. one of the hardest trails I have done but happy to have finished. if we had the views at the end, it would have made it a million times better... positive point is, it was my first time in the middle of a cloud on kauai

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