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A little muddy but not bad! Worth the beautiful view!

1 day ago

Beautiful beach! The hike is slick and steep, so come prepared to hike down.

scenic driving
2 days ago

Great spot for looking at the Canyon. If it has rained recently there are a few waterfalls too. If your lucky there will be a Hawaiian Warrior talking about Hawaiian culture at the top of the lookout.

2 days ago

We did this hike in about 2.5 hours. It is 3.25 miles to the lookout. The hike to the lookout is mostly down hill, so remember to save plenty of water for the hike back.

Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

hike takes you to top of waterfall, beautiful views along the way

This hike has amazing views of the canyon at the end of the trail. Definitely recommend it. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the waterfall and back, but we stayed a little bit to enjoy the views. They are AMAZING! This trail takes you to the tip of the waterfall, not the bottom. With all the greenery it’s a little hard to actually see too much of the falls going down but still worth the hike. I’m just going to reiterate how steep it is coming out. Definitely needed to take multiple breaks on the way back.

beautiful trail, though very short but the beach at the end is amazing

Beautiful small trail with a gorgeous beach at the bottom.

Easy short hike down .. a bit steep
Too rough to swim. Beautiful beach and scenery

8 days ago

Incredible views!!!

This trial is well maintained and has a very rewarding view at the end. It is not a technical trail but the return is a steady grueling climb. I highly recommend starting this trail early before the heat of the day so you can get as much shade on the return at possible. Pack plenty of water. There are no services at the trailhead so plan ahead. The camp store is a great stop for coffee and sandwiches. Don’t expect to find seclusion, this trail has high traffic.

9 days ago

Start the hike early to beat the crowds and heat. It wasn’t muddy during my hike but I can only imagine how difficult the hike would be with muddy conditions. Be sure to journey past the railing at the end to get the better views.

Not really a hike, but a nice beach. Took us 7 minutes down to the beach. There are short steep parts, but there are ropes to help you go down. Snorkelled two times and saw a seaturtle each time!

With the road closed to get there. How are people getting to this trail?

14 days ago

Super fun hike. Bring lots of water and get ready to face your fear of heights at the end for a walk out the last few hundred feet. Loved it and would do it again!

This hike had an okay view at the end, but to be honest, the canyon views driving up to the hike we're more impressive. The hike is pretty boring for 90% of it as you are walking through forest with no views. The benefit is that you are in the shade for the majority of the hike. The hike is kinda backwards as you travel downhill to get to the view at the end, but then uphill to get back to the trailhead. Given other hikes available in Kauai, I would choose this hike as a second or third option.

15 days ago

Did this trail after the rain, there are two paths to go down, just make sure you do the one thats a bit safer. it was very difficult going down because it was steep and slippery, but going up was a breeze because you have better balance in general. there was a rope that you can hang onto to go down, but still slippery as hell. but after all that, it was definitely worth the hike!( or like a slide down)

Beautiful place! Swamp on the top of a mountain! We hiked the trail on 8/31 about 5 days after the tropical storm Lane rains came through. It was a lovely sunny day with periods of rain. We started off in the rain looking down the amazing valley and loving the interesting wide open trail. I local park employee who was wearing head to toe goretex and rubber boots told us that we looked well dressed in or hiking pants (synthetic pants turned out to be perfect) and water proof hiking boots and goretex rain jackets, so that put us at ease as far as equipment. The mud was here and there and we navigated around it making the going slow but OK. Some rooty climbs and large scrambling steps along the Pahie section. The stairs and boardwalks are in decent shape, with some new sections in the really swampy areas that keep you mostly out of the water. A few big steps and jumps across big puddles and only one of my waterproof hikers was wet inside after 6 hours of walking and taking pictures every few minutes. The lookout at the end was clouded up when we got there but I wish I had waited for a clearing since the pictures of the north shore and Hanalei Bay look awesome. The creek crossing was OK, jumping from rock to rock, but it would be tougher if it was raining harder, there is a rope across the creek in case you have to go fully into the current. I would do it again, don’t take little kids unless there are hardcore. Wait at the lookout for the view.

Good, moderate-level hike with good views of Waimea Canyon and the waterfalls at the end. I would echo others’ comments about the steepness as well. But even though it’s 1.4mi or so to the falls on sometimes slippery, muddy trails, some folks were even hiking in flip flops. I would say that’s not a problem only if you’re not in a hurry. The trail is popular so even with good shoes, the traffic still might slow you down.

Very slick trail today. Saw a few muddy knees and butts from the slides down the trail. Trail not good, but not long and the beach is more than worth it. Rough ocean. Only for experienced swimmers and surfers today.

17 days ago

Left the south shore @6am. We reached Awaʻawapuhi Trail @ 8:30AM. Going towards the vista it’s all down hill w/ flats here and there. About 75% or more of the trail is shaded. I honestly don’t care about having a view through majority of the trek because it would’ve been super hot. The trail was very muddy. Some parts of the trail your walking along a one person path that’s super muddy, but we made it to the gorgeous view. My partner and I are novice hikers and this hike seemed more difficult for people like us. I dreaded the climb back but we made it out! It was very rewarding.

Easy to navigate with some good climbs. The most amazing views of the coast. Perfect spot for lunch at the overlook.

Mostly downhill as you hike to the viewpoint, then mostly uphill on the way back. Not much to see while you are hiking, but completely breathtaking view when you get to the vista. Took about 3 hrs with many small breaks. So worth it!!

The trail took my husband and I about 4 hours on 8/27. We stopped for lots of photos on the way out and about a mile from our return the skies really opened up and the trail turned into a bit of a river. We still had a great time just slowed down a lot on the return as we had to carefully make our way back.

24 days ago

The trail was surprisingly not muddy like others in Kauai and was easy going until you hit the end where the view is breathtaking. Do wait until the clouds disperse so you can see the lush sea cliffs and clear blue sea. You will get some helicopters flying over that can get a bit annoying. I walked down to the furthest tip, where you do have to be cautious, and use your hands to help as it's very narrow and with a drop, but totally do-able. The return journey is a steady ascent. Took around 3 hours to complete.

Wild, expansive, and beautiful.

Hardest hike I ever did, but worth it. Had to cross the river three times and climb over four foot rocks along the way.

Amazing view at the end! All downhill to get there so you actually have to do your work out after the reward ;)

1 month ago

This trail was super fun. Be careful as there are two ways to get down to the waterfall (one of which is substantially harder- make sure you go to the entrance that is further from the waterfall). There are ropes set up to help you down, as well as many tree roots. Can be slippery and muddy, especially if it has just rained. The view at the bottom is completely worth all the effort getting down!

Bring your snorkel stuff!! A little treacherous going down but easier going up. A definite must see. We spent 2 hours here and thAt was enough.

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