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Great hike with beautiful views! Just a bit crowded.

1 day ago

Between moderate and hard, it’s a reverse trail so way back is uphill. There are some challenging points but I actually had more trouble on the decline with the mud than on the way up. Boots or hiking shoes are a must.

Views are spectacular of the na’apali coast line.

Got there at 8:30 and was done by 12:30 pm.

To hike all the way to the farthest lookout you go through a grassy tree portion of the peak which is the only portion where the trail wasn’t completely clear. 5 stars! Have fun :)

I can see where this trail would be spectacular when it has been dry. As it rained today the hike down was challenging and very, very muddy. The views are amazing but I would recommend this hike when it is not raining as the trail is very eroded.

Great trail! Good workout with super Mountain View’s!

4 days ago

This trail is a beast! We lucked out with dry ground. I can’t see how it can be done safely with mud. The views are amazing! I disagree with other reviews on the forest. I feel it’s worth every second to be in the stone still forest. It was amazing... probably my favorite part actually. Pack plenty of water, a camel pack would be ideal. Wear shoes with good traction, red mountain is slick with loose dirt. I’m strong, I hike seasonally, not super fit (gym 3 times a week) but I made it with minimal soreness. I totally thought it would be worse lol. Total time in was 2.5 hrs and out in 1.75. The way back was all business pacing up the inclines. I too was grateful I didn’t have to be rescued! You leave this trail feeling like a total badass.

We did this hike today - our 3rd time over the years! Simply beautiful and not overly strenuous even for two mid-60 yr olds. Canyon views are fabulous!! One key piece of advice is to park on the road by Hale Manu road - quite a few spots there - then walk down the 4wd-only road about a half hour to the trailhead. Much, much easier than the steep, rutted spur trail coming from the Pu’u Hinahina Lookout parking lot. About an hour each way plus photo time at the top of the cliffs. We didn’t go the final leg to the falls but really love this trail! Not very wet today.

5 days ago

Damp, a little slick even after no rain for 5 days. A few nice views of hanalei bay, but mostly you’re trekking through jungle without a view. Saw a few little mice and could hear pretty birds. Nice workout, gets your heart rate up. We went up 1.9 miles before turning back, were told we wouldn’t see much more than we already had. To where we went, we had 3 rope assists.

Great trail to hike. Nice gradual incline.

Amazing views of valley and 2 waterfalls (one from the top). Don’t worry about the mud. As of yesterday the mud trail has dried and solidified into a perfect hiking surface. Had no trouble even with my heavily worn Crocs. The only slippery areas are where it dried out too much resulting in loose dirt, particularly at the slope descending from the vista. Avoid those loose dirt areas and stay on the hardened mud and you will be fine. Just past the vista, take the final loop clockwise as there is a very steep section on the right fork. Can always double back if too steep for you.

Beautiful, challenging, slippery, and a grind. Did it one year ago. I am in my 60s and trained. It was an excellent challenge, every step requires focus. You will be present or else.....

Straight up and straight down, lots of huffing and puffing, but SO WORTH IT! Luckily wasn’t muddy when I went, but can definitely see how it would make it pretty difficult. The view is insane! When you reach the picnic tables, cross the path and go to the one that is going down to the left. That’s the one that takes you down then up to the 360 view, on the left. Be on the look out for strawberry guavas!

Awesome hike. Beautiful views of the south shore, Surrounding mountains and local whales and turtles.
Volcanic rock, packed soil and sand along this trail.

7 days ago

Incredible views of the Napali coast along the beginning, and at the end of the hike, where you can actually see Hanalei Bay & Princeville. Very technical in areas, but most of it is on boards, many of which were recently replaced. Very long hike (Took us 7 hours RT with lots of stops and a long lunch), but a big payoff at the end. Fortunately, it hasn't rained in Wimea for many days, so the trail is probably about as dry as it has ever been. No problem for my well worn Crocs. Very clear all day.

If you are in Kauai now, you should do this hike ASAP, as the conditions are perfect - especially if you have questionable footwear like me. There were only 2 patches of wet mud which were easily crossable on boards without shoes sinking in.

Beautiful views. Cool swamp. Interesting vegetation. Not too crowded once you get away from the lookout parking lot.

Gorgeous 360 degree views! Can be a slippery mud slide of a trail if it’s rained at all but if you take your time and go slowly it’s 100% worth it. A bit of rock scrambling at the top just before the last and best viewpoint but there are some sneakpeaks of the view on the way up if you choose not to go to the tippy top!

The trail was not muddy when I went. However I would not be comfortable doing this hike if it was slippery. Saying that it was an absolutely stunningly beautiful hike and vistas! Well worth it. Provided 360°views of the island at the top!

Nice. Great views. Not strenuous hike. Would have liked more history on heiau along trail. Did see whales spouting / a few turtles. We went farther to spend a relaxing hour or more on beach.

We were planning on going to this hike again this year, January 2019, but the road just past Hanalei town is closed to through traffic. We parked and walked for about 1/2 a mile to get a look at the construction/work going on. Only trucks and heavy machinery, hauling lots of dirt, moving large rocks etc. heard it is closed until Summer of 2019. I believe some people will still get there by sea, but once open, that trail is going to be a bit more tough as the foot traffic will be about 95-98% less than normal for roughly a year.

10 days ago

Tucked away a little and stumbled onto this one, but this isn’t a ‘hidden’ trail as we found lots of hikers along the way. Trekking stick and shoes (hiking type if you have them) are suggested. Bring some water too. The view of Hanalei bay at several points is wonderful.

This was a nice hike and had pretty spectacular views from the top. It was very muddy and there were some spots that were very difficult to maneuver, in fact there were some people who couldn’t make it because it was so steep and slippery (just one spot). Must have sneakers at a minimum (flip flops, toms or speedy won’t work) if it’s been raining. Worth the time.

great hike. 2.5 hrs in and out. went to the head. all the warnings seem overplayed... trail in good shape. just don't rush, stay on the designated path, and its fine. views are awesome.

Extremely hot, quite average views compared to other hikes in the mountain.

Did it and all the way up to Hihimanu Trail. To the first view point at the bench it took around 30 minutes. All the way up took me 3h30 and 2h30 to go down. Make sure to bring a lot of water. It's kinda hard for the last part uphill there is 38 sections of ropes to go to the top. Be sure to bit in good shape if you want to go because it sketchy and you don't want to fall on the ridge !! Wear pants, it's full of growing plants. Have fun and take care :) view totally worth the hike !!!

15 days ago

The road you turn onto by the taro fields says locals only but there is a small dirt parking area by the trailhead. We happen to catch this trail on a dry day and decided to keep going after the 1.75 mile marker to mt.Puuki (elevation 1,275) which was an extra 0.66 miles. The trail gets a little narrow at times and is not as heavily trafficked so I would suggest pants for this trip. There are several ropes needed to get up and down at times. The views are definitely worth it.

Gave it a 5 star because it was a really nice hike with great views at the top. You start by driving up into a neighborhood where locals usually do a morning hike up and back down. Its nice if you have other things planned around noon. My brother and I made it up in about an hour and spent an hour on top exploring little trails that lead to the edges of the mountain to take some photos. Then we came back down and it took us about 40-50min. It hasn't rained in a few days so the terrain wasn't as slick as everyone makes it out to be... If it rained I can kinda see how it could be slippery.. But it's definitely doable even in the rain.
It's worth the view on top (:

17 days ago

Excellent views of the coast and Waimea valley, by far our favorite hike in Kauai. Trail wasn’t super muddy;however, last .75 miles to lookout are fairly technical. Our walking sticks helped quite a bit, plus good trail running shoes. Took us about 4 hrs with breaks for pics and snacks. IMO way better views than Awapuhi trail and less foot traffic. Go early in the day and you’ll have the trail to yourself.

18 days ago

Great hike, one of the best around! Do yourself a favor and do it as a loop along with Awa'awapuhi. Careful, can get muddy. Do when sunny or only partly cloudy to have the best view!

18 days ago

Did this camping near the river at the end. It takes about 2 hours to reach, and 2 hours out. The trail wasn't so hard, but I suppose it can get muddy if there was a lot of rain. The views are nice along the way, and the campground seems to be often empty, which is nice. But a lot of mosquitoes.
Parking wasn't clear - you park by the side of the road.

Also, camped down there to do the two extra trails on the river (north and south), I'd say skip that and make it just a day hike to the river and back (see reviews why). And if you want more, go south!

Considering all the Na Pali trails were closed we opted for this one. Super muddy and slippery but decent views at the top. We had hiking boots on with hiking sticks. Saw a bunch of kids on the trail, runners, and also people with no shoes.

This trail was very muddy and slippery. I would recommend hiking shoes as the trail was very slick in trainers. We hiked all the way to the falls. The pool is tiny and mud is ankle deep around the pool so it is hard to swim or even wade. Canyon trail lookout is good but the real reward is the canyon view on the black pipe trail. It is very worth it to hike the extra distance. Not sure the additional hike to the falls is worth it. We started the hike at 8 am and by the time we were hiking out the path was extremely crowded. We had three kids 8 and older with us and I agree with the rating of moderate.

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