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It’s a short hike but with all that mud and roots, feels like much more! Fun challenge, even when unprepared. The bath at the bottom is worth the struggle of getting there. DEFINITELY recommend grabbing a walking stick. Little known secret, there is a spot adjacent to the entrance of the trail up top that has ropes tied to trees that you can rappel down the side of the mountain in about half the time. There is a sign saying not to use that route but... that’s up to you. Overall a fun adventure- just be prepared to get dirty!

8 days ago

We did this hike with a toddler in tow (in a backpack). We managed to get our rental car part way along the gravel, muddy road. We walked the rest of the road to a little beach. (A great spot for a snack and to play in the water - which we did on the way back).

The road was very wet and muddy. Be prepared to get your shoes wet!

We continued from the beach to the rock quarry and to Mokolea point.

There were lots of really cool things for the baby to see along the way. It did get a little sketchy out along the rocks but worth it. I’m not too sure how far out we hiked ... but we were not disappointed.

This was a great “go exploring” trail right beside the bird refuge.

We drove a mini van right up to the beach. Great place to walk along the ocean and was a awesome sunset.

11 days ago

USE A WALKING STICK! I don’t know how people did it without one. Super muddy. Super slick. But WORTH IT IN THE END!!

Awesome site to come play in.

Loved the views and the hike. Great hike !

Go to the second falls and recreate some Jurassic Park photos. The people saying it is not worth it are chumps and probably only saw the first falls. The second falls are further downstream. Go to the first falls and continue on down the trail. There will be 2 sections of spider like trees you have to duck under and crawl over. You will then hear the falls on your left. Go just a little further on the trail and down the muddy slope on your left so you can go to the base of the falls and swim.

Very slippery, prepare to get muddy!

Beautiful and fun hike! Did this early in the morning and it poured down rain. Slippery trail. Lots of gnats because of the fruit on the trail, mosquitoes too. Crossed the river a few times which was a bit tricky. Nice stop at the beach along the way.

A “Must” on anyone’s bucket list if hikes. Take plenty of water and snacks as the afternoon gets very hot and you are exposed to the sun.

cool short trail down muddy, slippery root filled trail. maybe challenging for those concerned about trips n falls or uncomfortable with unsure footing. found it easier to walk in pot hole puddles on way down, although some are almost knee deep. way up was able to rock n root hop pretty easily. coast n breaking waves very scenic and easy to scramble left at bottom a short ways to queens bath, but too high surf to swim. although I'm tourist, several tourists made me nervous for them as they wandered out to edge of breaking waves for a picture. several waves breaking could easily have swept them out had they watched the spot they were posing for a few minutes.

Did not hike so I cant speak about the hike.
$16.85 to hike.
perhaps we missed access point for trail hike?

Very muddy, but definitely worth the view of Hanalei.

This trail is completely overgrown 1.5 miles in. Usually use the app for trail running, but past a certain point the grass was upwards of 6’ tall and footing not so clear. Trail was interwoven with pig or hunter trails. Yes, saw lots of dog tracks at the beginning which tends to indicate hunters...not something I want to be walking around in 6’ tall grass knowing hunters could be nearby. Trail was basically an access road to the point it got overgrown. Oh well, was hoping to put in a solid 10 -14 miler given its connection to the other side of powerline. Got in 2 miles before I turned around. Couldn’t run past 1.5 miles or so

nature trips
23 days ago

It was a nice secluded beach with small waterfalls and tide pools; but the waves were bigger and breaking on the shoreline, so it was hard to play in the water with the kids.

nature trips
23 days ago

Great hike with my 12 and 9 year olds.

Nice payoff at the end! Wish we could have gone swimming but with two little kiddos it didn’t seem prudent. Beautiful though and we saw sea turtles.

Trail is definitely slick and messy! My 7 and 5 year olds are experienced hikers but it was challenging at points for them.

Snapped this pic of a fellow hiker (bearded brunette with red pack) and forgot to tell
Him! Will post here!

Very muddy but the pools are amazing

Not recommended since it's in a residential area surrounded by private property and the trail is not clearly marked what is private and what is public property. We walked over from our rental house and went down the trail a bit but turned around shortly after. If you decide to do it please be respectful of the residents and try to make sure you are staying on public land.

Nice quick path down to a beautiful beach where you can watch surfers.

Can’t wait to get back when there are lower tides. The trail can be slick but just be careful

1 month ago

Muddy but worth it !

1 month ago

Decided to check out the waterfall today, it was a nice walk through the forest, took about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall and went for a dip.
The water was crispy cold but it’s something you should definitely do!!

cash grab. free parking to the beach if you do not mind the walk.

1 month ago

This is not a strenuous trail. Little children go up and down it in flip- flops. When muddy, the first portion can be slick, but it is brief. Once at the bottom, just follow the rust- colored trail on the black stones to the bath. The pool is about 10 feet deep under the jumping rock that is about 6 feet high. If the surf is up, be smart and stay away, otherwise, enjoy a dip in the protected water.

Enjoyable hike. Last 1/4 of trail is tough, especially if wet and especially on the return. If you don't want to get muddy, this trail isn't for you. Hiking to the power line tower or to the benches at the half way point is moderate hiking level. After that, there is some harder hiking in store. Hope to do it again when it isn't wet. Not sure when that would be

It is not necessarily a hike - but it's beautiful!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, parts were a bit muddy in October but as long as you don’t mind a little mud it’s fantastic. Mostly sunny, downhill out and uphill in the way back. Well worth it for the view at the end.

1 month ago

Absolutely breathtaking views, and the pool at the end makes the very difficult trek worth it. The first half is extremely muddy and slick. It’s not maintained and while lots of people of all ages and ability make the trek, its not for those just looking for a simple nature hike. But once you get half way, the trail opens up to the coast and things become much easier.

Pay attention to the surf report, and take the first half slowly and you’ll be well rewarded.

Easy trail but slippery! The waves were big so we didn't get in the water, just walked along the beach.

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