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This hike was really enjoyable. The first part of the hike is not all that spectacular but the second parts gets really interesting and the view at the end is simply breathtaking. We did a very interesting option which is to take the 2 mile connection trail to the Awa'awapuhi trail. Dont be surprised if the trail is unmaintaned at the beginning. Taking both trails allows you to make a 11 mile loop trail which takes about 6 hours.The views at Nu'alolo cliff trail are more impressive but Awa'awapuhi should still not be missed. Either you can park two cars at both trail heads or walk along the road back to the original car park.

Good workout, pretty view

Grueling hike to the top but the photos from the top make it totally worth it. IG: @0utd00rwan3r3r

1 day ago

Awesome hike. On your way down, up to around mile 3 you start to wonder why this hike is labeled hard, then it kicks up the intensity. Unparalleled views at the end. Recommend hanging out down at the end for an hour or so before you tackle all that elevation on the way back. We went in at 12:30, hung out for an hour past the trail end (don’t stop at the end sign the best views are yet to come) and were back at the trailhead by 5:30. Save water for the hike back. Overall for an ‘Unmaintained’ trail the trail was in great shape. Would recommend pants though as there are some areas of thick brush.

If you are a tourist, don't go out of your way to go to Ho'opi'i Falls. There are many more beautiful waterfalls on Kauai that deserves your cameras time and attention. It probably deserves three stars but the trailhead was across the street from where I used to live, so it was a great reason for my friends to come over, and for that reason it gets four. Kipu Falls was an infinitely better waterfall with a couple rope swings which I would recommend tourists to go to instead, but I guess too many people died there from jumping and landing on rocks, or swinging and hitting branches that had fallen into the pond. I remember one guy climbed up on the branch above the rope swing and it broke and he died. So the trail there is closed.

enjoyable hike, however more so for the forest hike and than the view. it was interesting to see how the hill and soil is being held by the roots of the trees. the views are not that impressive. make sure to continue hiking after the viewpoint with the rope and bench because it is the most interesting part but also very slippery and muddy.

we do not consider that is a hard trail, except that it is muddy.

Every stream valley and every ridge has it's own personality and the more your hike this trail, the better you are getting to know an old friend. Sure you will go through your ups and downs together, but you know that in the end that land will always be there and will always provide you with what you need. Whether that is the abundance of mountain apples at Mile 4, the small campsite surrounded by mango trees after the hot and dry Mile 7, the small stream dotted with elephant ears at Mile 9, or the occasional egg fruit in Kalalau Valley. The 'aina just keeps giving.

This trail is not hard, a big part of the trail in the forest, you can feel a quiet atmosphere, it feels like good, the 360 view on the top looks beautiful, oceans and mountains of Kauai

2 days ago

Beautiful views! Moderate to Difficult due to mud and elevation gain - but worth it!

Took about 2.5 hours but we were booking it due to our friends having to catch a flight.

One of my favorite hikes I did in Kauai.

Excellent views even when a little cloudy. It was muddy when we went so that along with the incline made it difficult but worth it.

The view from the top was not as dramatic due to cloudiness but still breathtaking. High winds made me feel uneasy at the summit so I didn’t get to take it in as much as I had planned.

Go off the beaten path just below the summit to find and open sky cave - that was my favorite part!

Quick hike - took a couple hours. Would highly recommend.

2 days ago

Extremely muddy and slippery - just plan to get muddy and get it over with early on! Only difficult due to the mud and slipping. On a dry day it would be moderate.

Once you reach the main bath go a little further and there is another bath. We had it all to ourselves for about 30 minutes.

Refreshing ending to a difficult (slippery) hike by taking a dip in the bath, enjoying the rugged waves crashing while taking in the view.

Highly recommended.

Very muddy and slippery. The queens bath is worth it though. Take your time you'll be fine.

Awesome hike that I would rate as "Moderate+". The first few miles are some hills, but nothing too bad and it's mixed with flat sections. The last half mile is pretty steep but the Nā Pali coastal view is the best I've seen yet! Wow! Coming back will, of course, be steep but nothing too bad. If muddy,this trail would have been more difficult because it gets slippery. A few parts are a little overgrown, but trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

Absolutely beautiful hike! You get nearly 360 degree views of the Island at the top. We highly recommend this hike! Pay attention when you’re coming back down the mountain as it splits - one direction goes down the east side and one goes down the west side of the mountain. There isn’t a sign when it splits, so just make sure to watch for the split and go the correct direction back to where you parked.

4 days ago

great hike! definitely challenging. it's currently very wet and muddy. a lot of roots and uneven ground. you will need to climb the roots of a tree to get to the overlook. someone was kind enough to tie a rope to help you up and down. a hiking pole would he very helpful! Aloha!

4 days ago

Beautiful beach! The hike is slick and steep, so come prepared to hike down.

Challenging due to the incline. But only a couple of technically difficult parts. My old joints can't do the final part to his nose(?), but I Enjoy the view while John does that part.

scenic driving
6 days ago

Great spot for looking at the Canyon. If it has rained recently there are a few waterfalls too. If your lucky there will be a Hawaiian Warrior talking about Hawaiian culture at the top of the lookout.

Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

Great trail to experience the mountain. Relatively shaded so the sun isnt beating on you. The views from the top were amazing and made the all-uphill climb well worth it.

8 days ago

Great hike with big payout at the end, but you definitely work to get there. trail is a bit overgrown and thick at the start - you’re in trees and more mountainous trail terrain then it opens up to some epic views. Stair master like on the way back up and out of the trail, still worth it if you’re up for the workout.

This was a relatively easy hike - a few tricky moments but as average hikers we were able to do it.

Make sure you wear proper footwear. We ran into a few people who were wearing water shoes or Converse — they were struggling at some of the muddy points.

I will say — some of the views along the way were better than the summit.

It is definitively muddy and slippery...you have to be very cautious, but it is definitively worth it!

beautiful trail, though very short but the beach at the end is amazing

rock climbing
11 days ago

There’s no rocks to climb here... worst “crag” I’d ever been to. Big time disappointment.

Beautiful small trail with a gorgeous beach at the bottom.

Easy short hike down .. a bit steep
Too rough to swim. Beautiful beach and scenery

It was wet and very slippery. But the view was fantastic and there were sea turtles!

amazing and not so hard

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