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22 hours ago

Did this trail 2 years ago. Well worth. View at the end is amazing. Strenuous to walk up again. One should wear hiking boots and poles for sure. We also experienced the trail muddy and slippery. I would recommend it only to good hikers. Compared to the canyon trail which is also rated moderate, this trail is really moderate to hard.

Did the hike today. Moderate Trail. Can be slippery and muddy. View into the canyon is great, standing on top of the waterfalls also. Trail is very highly trafficked. We started at the lookout. Trail was disappointing compared to other trails on the island.

Spectacular hike although it was a little muddy in sections. Trekking poles would have been nice. The views at the terminus were amazing. Great alternative to the Kalalau lookout trail. I would highly recommend it!

Simply the best views imaginable. most people we saw going down had flip flops on, would recommend proper shoes. the trail is right on the ridge in many places so if you aren't a sure-footed hiker maybe just stay at the lookout where the trail begins.

Pretty good hike but the view at the end was money!!!!

Well worth it!

Great short hike, it is listed as easy but I went after a rain which I think it makes it more moderate of a hike, don’t be afraid of getting muddy.

It's muddy and steep some spots you are climbing down the cliff. But it is not extremely dangerous. I took my 6 yrs old daughter and she did it with a little bit of help. It's worth the hike. I wouldn't recomend it for younger kids. FYI you can not swim in it so don't bother bringing swimming suits. Go at your own risk, since there's plenty of signs saying so and you are literally jumping a fence.

4 days ago

Awesome hike!

5 days ago

This is an advanced 'hike' for experienced adventurer's only. Do not attempt this hike solo unless practicing extreme caution (make sure to check in with a friend). I recommend you read the majority of reviews so you know what you're getting yourself into. This is one of the most difficult to navigate 'trails' I've done, probably ever. I was definitely off the trail for 15-20% of the hike, if not more. Hiking up the stream is a bit easier than through the woods, but be cautious. Ideally this hike should be done with someone that's done it at least once. Or not. I did it alone, plus four or five decently long 'side-hikes' that branch off from the main path. Incredible pictures. Incredibly sketchy (at times). This is the first time I've ever felt the need to blow my hiker's safety whistle (built into my backpack) on my way back down. The whistle was only ever answered by the native birds but, I felt I had a tool if needed. From my POV, as long as I hiked downwards and not far from the stream I'd be close by. This turned out to be mostly correct. Thankfully I had trekking poles. Pants recommend. Full charge battery recommended. I left covered head to toe in mud and water. One of the most difficult sets of hikes I've done. Didn't see a single trail marker. I mostly followed muddy boot prints and broken vegetation. The views were beautiful but you should really only attempt this if you're feeling masochistic (or have some hiking friends on the island) :) Happy 420!

6 days ago

One of the best views of Na Pali coast. Trail is decent. Even heard the wild goats in the valley

6 days ago

We went during a really rainy stretch (mid-April 2018) and the hike down was extra muddy and the falls kind of merged into one giant wall of water. To get down we hopped the stone wall at the spot where it met the chain link fence (away from the parking lot). Followed the right path next to the chain link fence a few feet and started our descent into the cold mud-slicked canopy. Lots of tree roots and the occasional rope to help. Watershoes were great for getting us down there. The pool was too frigid to swim in and the current strong. Absolutely beautiful and would like to do it again in different weather.

7 days ago

10/4/17 — This will end up a top five hike in my lifetime. It's short (in distance, not time), but the views are some of the best in the world. If you're scared of heights, this probably isn't the best idea. At times you are walking on the edge of the world. If the weather starts to turn a bit during the hike, think about waiting it out. We experiences sunshine, rain, more sunshine, mist, and everything in between. You don't need poles or proper hiking boots as the terrain isn't technical. Athletic shoes will work.

8 days ago

Stunning!!! And rather brutal and muddy.
It’s “only” five miles but the mud and rough trail make it take a while. The views about halfway down are stunning, though, and the forest is filled with frogs and goats and is also quite pretty. Also pack water and good shoes it is quite slick.

Absolutely wonderful views at the end.

10 days ago

We stopped so many times to stand and admire the view that just kept getting better and better. It was a sunny day in June.

Beautiful! Sketchy areas forsure and would not recommend if you haven’t hiked before. The views are amazing.

Very nice hike. Did this with two kids and the in-laws. The canyon view was amazing! The falls were just ok, but we’re from Washington where waterfalls are amazing. We all had a great time though. The day was dry so the trail was fine. On a rainy day I could see how this could be a slippery hike.

We started it at the Kalalua lookout...which was probably why it was so treacherous so quicklu

Terrifying. Only do if you want to risk your life. I ended up turning back after ten minutes. Extremely dangerous. You have been warned...

Great trail. Great views at the end. Most of the trail is in dense forest but views at the falls are amazing. The trail is very well used and busy. If one drove down Halemanu Road the hike is only 2 miles round trip.

This was the most payoff for the least effort I have ever experienced on a hike. I had debated driving all the way back for this hike after experiencing a lengthy whiteout the day before - I'm so glad I followed my gut. Like others have stated, go early. I began at 8:30am and got a spectacular show of rising clouds around 10am. When you reach the firepits and it looks steep to reach the last hill, don't hesitate. The view from the last ridge, overlooking the beach, is worth the extra bit of climbing.

I would not recommend doing this hike in the rain, however if you are an intermediate to experienced hiker, you'll have no issue on this hike. Have shoes with traction for the mud, watch where you step, and use three-point-touch (as per usual). There is nothing scary about this trail, just gasps of amazement.

Enjoyable, moderate hike with variety - wooded, open cliff, and the top of a waterfall. Make sure your shoes have good traction, as the trail is muddy and steep in some spots.

Was super muddy & slippery when we tried it, and couldn’t see a thing. Go early and check weather if you want to do this one.

I generally never believe that a trail will actually be “hard” but this one definitely is though thoroughly enjoyable. Plan to get very dirty and be very sore the next day. We found ourselves climbing up the stream boulders for a good portion because we lost the trail and eventually made it to the waterfall. Not for beginners, bumped my head, scraped everywhere and broke a knuckle slipping off a rock. It was all worth it for the story and reaching the waterfall at the end.

19 days ago

Views were amazing- totally worth the effort! Trail crazy muddy and slick! Other reviewers weren't kidding about long sleeves and pants. While there is a narrow trail, the brush is thick!!

19 days ago

Did the trail on a sunny day after weeks of rain before. It was still very wet especially in the morning. As others have mentioned it is very slippery and the descent is steep. Fell once and had many close calls in first 2 miles that are in the in jungle. It took us significantly longer to go down than come back up because of how slick it was. The last mile or so towards the lookout opens up and is dryer but still steep. The views are incredible and saw a total of 10 people, we were the 2nd car in the lot, arriving just after 8am. I would suggest waiting for the trail to dry out to avoid mud and slippery slopes.

Go ahead and hike to the bottom. It’s worth it.

Enjoyed this trail, was muddy in spots and to be expected on this island. The views were worth it.

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