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1 day ago

Disclaimer: I do not suggest attempting this in the rain or in any sort of inclement weather. The trail becomes VERY slippery and when I went down the visibility was very low so I didn’t actually see any views of the canyon. Still one of the most beautiful and fun hikes I’ve ever done, but I am a regular hiker and I had good boots and used two sticks I found along the way as poles and it was pretty tough to keep from slipping. And a fall in rainy conditions could be dangerous. I am not from Kauai and was warned to be careful if I went at all, which was not recommended by locals, as at least three people were seriously injured (broken bones, airlifted out, etc) on trails in the canyon that week.

That being said, I am young and dumb and may never have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place ever again so down I went.

Took me about an hour and a half to get about 2-2.5 miles in. I could hear rushing water on either side of me but saw nothing but white. Heard some goats too! But like I said, I would have preferred to do this in better weather and if I’m ever able to return I will.

Moral of the story is- this hike is gorgeous even when you can’t see the views. But DO NOT attempt hikes like this on Kauai if it’s been raining and especially if local people advise against it. They know the place much better than you do and it’s not worth the risk. I was with a group of people on Waimea river who wanted to try and hike after heavy rains and we were told it wasn’t a good idea and wouldn’t even be fun, but they didn’t seem to believe it. TRUST ME, I like busting my butt down and up a muddy mountainside in the rain just as much as anyone else but don’t assume you know better than folks who live in the area.


Muddy the first mile. Incredible views at the end. Wait a few minutes if it’s cloudy.

2 days ago

This was a really fun trail. Slippery in spots and rope climbs are a bit dicey but as long as you’re in shape you’ll be fine. Don’t stop at the cell tower, keep going up to the bench for the view. It’s not very difficult until after the bench. If you keep going, there are a few spots where you get great views of Hanalei Bay and the valley behind you. We hiked a little over 2 miles in and turned around, as we were not prepared for a longer hike. However, it would have been about another 1.5 hours to the highest peak. Still, we got great views and a good workout. Definitely wear trail shoes if it’s wet.

We were a mixed crew of experience but Jeramiah our guide coaxed is along and it was spectacular. Our 32 year old son- in - law said it was the hardest hike he’s ever done but worth the 10 hour flight from NYC.

7 days ago

Absolutely incredible trail. It rained before we got to the trail which made for a very muddy adventure, but it was only a concern on the way out while going downhill. One of the most jaw dropping views I’ve seen and well worth the muddy trek. Car to car in about 3 hours including about 30 minutes spent eating lunch at the end of the trail on the ridge. Do this hike, you will not regret it even if you fall down and get a little muddy (:

A beautiful hike! Able to see the coast line, which is one of the best parts of the island. It was a bit muddy when we went in March, but with careful footing it was not too bad. Would recommend this hike.

7 days ago

Beautiful views into the canyon with distant waterfalls along the way. There were mosquitos below the tree line (a little past the halfway point). We stopped at the the river for lunch. Hiking back up was strenuous. Bring at least couple liters of water. Also good hiking shoes and hiking poles are recommended.

Really special hike, we felt all alone!

13 days ago


Awesome trail. It’s short enough you don’t have to take a ton of crap. It can easily be done just carrying a water bottle. We did take some food though and ate it at the end. A perfect place to have lunch. Its not an easy trail but it’s only two miles out and back. I would say the hardest part about it was the long drive to the viewpoint/trailhead. A couple of people we passed were wearing flip flops but it was pretty dry when we went. I’m sure if there has been any moisture at all it would be harder but it could be ten times harder and the views would still be worth it. I’m not great with heights. I wouldn’t go bungee jumping or sky diving or anything but at no point on this trail was I uncomfortable with the drops on either side. Whatever is holding you back, the drive, the heights, the hard rating. Just tough through it for this one. You won’t regret it.

14 days ago

Great trail that is accessible but quite muddy in rainy season. Plan ahead and bring lots of water and wear proper shoes. The diversity of the panoramas is fantastic. Enjoy

14 days ago

This was an extremely muddy and wet trail that led to so-so views. Not sure they were much better than the overlooks. I would spend my time elsewhere in the north shore. That said it's a good calf burner and quick if you only go to the electrical tower and turn back.

We did this about two years ago and loved it. Our 10 and 12 year old sons did it with us, so it’s not too hard. Definitely recommend it.

17 days ago

Beautiful views! Definitely worth the short hike. Go early to beat the clouds. They started rolling in about 9:30 in the morning.

Simply incredible view at the end!

Definietly a couple more of the “if I misstep, I’m gonna die a horrible death” spots on this trail than some of the other trails at the top but had a blast though with some great views. Got on the trail around 8am and while it was foggy/cloudy all the way up the canyon this trail was clear. Trail was a bit wet but wasn’t bad at all.

Loved it!

Completed this today. Was amazing. Trail was much easier on the way in as it is mostly downhill. Coming back is basically all uphill but the end makes it all worth it. Could not recommend his enough. Just bring enough water and watch yourself on slippery roots. We started the hike at about 8am and we’re back at the car by 11:30. We saw a total of 18 people on the trail.


27 days ago

Great hike! Definitely difficult because of the elevation gain/loss but I thought going down was harder than coming back up! I'm from flat Nebraska and liked the challenge. Enjoyed the change of terrain, saw a lot of goats and trekked through the mud at the bottom-adventurous! Our plan was to camp 1 night at Kaluahaulu campsite but we could not find the trail after we crossed the river. We looked and looked. (Anyone else have this problem?! Frustrating.) We ended up coming back to Wiliwili and a nice German couple shared their site with us. Be prepared for sneaky mosquitos at the river, bring plenty of water and snacks. Stars on a clear night are incredible.

28 days ago

Incredible! If you are a EXPERIENCED hiker go down the little ridge at the end and climb to the peak in the middle of the valleys. Insane

1 month ago

This trail is not for the faint of heart. If you take the trail all the way to the ‘summit’ you are in for an incredibly intense, somewhat dangerous but totally rewarding experience.
After hiking a few of the more heavily trafficked trails on the island, I really wanted to find something off the beaten path. There are a couple of nice lookouts but the overwhelming majority of the hike is dense, barely ‘manicured’ jungle. The trail feels more like a deer trail in that it is no more than 1’ wide and completely overgrown at most points.
Once you get to about the 1.75 mark you will start seeing knotted ropes strung on trees to help with ascent/descent. The reason this hike is so difficult is because the last .8ish miles is extremely difficult in comparison. You have to pull yourself up near vertical mud/rock faces using the aforementioned ropes, one after the other. You are literally climbing to the top of the mountain!
Getting down was definitely the most uneasy I’ve ever felt on a hike. Really scary and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think to myself ‘am I going to make it down in one piece?'
Do not attempt the summit if it is raining, if it looks like it might rain, or if it's rained in the last day or two. Also bring way more water than you think you need.

As others have said, this is a mucky trail, mostly forested, but the view at the end is gorgeous.

Amazing hike! Must wear work gloves and good boots. Requires upper body strength for pulling yourself up ropes on steep, slippery slopes. I went in late January after a week or two with no rain and it was still VERY muddy and slippery. Be careful on this one. in the end, the view from the top is absolutely unbeatable and totally worth the strenuous hike.

1 month ago

This would get 5 stars were it not for the saturated ground from 5 days of rain. The first 2 miles are basically jungle decent. In the rain there are some steep downs. I slipped twice. Thank God for the roots on the sides! I would wear better grips shoes and having poles next time. I had to climb on all 4s uphill a few times.

The last 2 miles follows the ridge line through smaller upland trees and brush. Not as wet and some good views start to emerge. There is a slightly technical decent for about 200 feet and then it’s basically all beautiful. The 1 mile views across the canyon are incredible. Totally worth the jungle wetness of the first part. I was first to the trail at 8 and saw no one until the way back then I saw about 8 people.

Great views. We went to the falls with lots of stops, about 3hrs. We had to reschedule a lot of activities due to flash flood warnings. Trail was muddy but for any experienced hiker totally doable in wet weather. although we only had some light rain while on trail. Do not miss the views of deep in Waimea canyon! Wether this hike or another.

1 month ago

Easy trail, but with amazing na pali views.

Crowded but worth it for the amazing views along the coast.

1 month ago

Was very fun. A bit challenging where muddy but helped to have our walking poles with us. We didn’t get to the end due to time constraints and had to turn back shortly after completing 3km (according to my gps).

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