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Really liked this hike we did the hike from the paved road & did black
Pipe loop first then down to waterfalls & back up. Prob around 5 miles. Loved it!!

22 hours ago

Great starter hike for our first day on Kauai. Cool trees for shade & critters on the side of the trail. Maybe they are salamanders???

22 hours ago

I enjoyed this trail. All the diverse trees & foliage was so interesting to me. The beginning road part was hot....no breeze, but very doable!!

Great little hike to the falls with lots of great vegetation to look at. The trail is not maintained so be prepared for some ducking under fallen branches and some steep muddy terrain. Wear swim suits if you want to enjoy a dip at the end!

waterfall a bit overrated. not worth paying almost 16 bucks.lol. nice family walk

Wonderful hike! Breathtaking views even if you don’t make it all the way to the top. There are a few spots where you have to climb up boulders, but I do it with my 1.5 year old on my back so it’s not too bad. They look scarier than they are. If it’s been super rainy within a few days it may be muddy but last couple weeks has been perfect trail conditions. Happy hiking!

An amazing trail surrounded by beautiful canopies. We felt like we were in Eden! The end of the hike is not the highlight - it's the full journey! Take your time, admire the trees and flowers, and breathe it all in...

washed out
4 days ago

It’s a tough one! First off, the map is not accurate to how the trail goes. Due to mud, trees down and blocking the way one is forced to zigzag back and forth across the river. There are no trail markers to help you pick your path. Crossing the river in mud caked shoes is no picnic either. If like playing Twister or The Limbo with Vaseline on your feet....this is the trail for you!

The views from the top of sleeping giant are fantastic. This route is very muddy & closed in!

We had great weather! It lightly rained the day before but the trail was barely muddy. Go early... the more traffic the muddier it gets. We were the first to arrive at the falls for the day which made it amazing and peaceful. I honk the 14 mil description is mistaken. It’s more like 2 mile paddle and 2.5 mile hike in? Not real difficult but I can see how it would be if it were muddy. I would definitely do this trail again! Awesome laid back adventure!

Very muddy! Lovely variety of trees and plants along the way. Great views from many spots.

I can see where this trail would be spectacular when it has been dry. As it rained today the hike down was challenging and very, very muddy. The views are amazing but I would recommend this hike when it is not raining as the trail is very eroded.

Great trail! Good workout with super Mountain View’s!

Beautiful views! Worth the stop

We lucked out with dry ground! It hadn’t rained for at least 4 days......maybe longer. That made for an easy day. The falls were gorgeous. Well worth the time. Follow the upper trail rather than the river to get to the second falls! Beautiful the whole way. Loved all of the plants too!

This was an easy trail. Got there about noon so it had less traffic. I can see if there was recent rains it could be a tougher trail. It seemed challenging for people who aren’t out walking nice inclines often though. Great for families. The views were spectacular! Especially past the picnic area. I’m a plant person and a fan of the forest so I loved every minute of the larger plants past that point! I highly recommend this trail. In and out took about 2.5 hours. That includes tons of plant ID time and pics.

Great trail to hike. Nice gradual incline.

CRAZY MUDDY too slippery to continue had to turn around

Very muddy. I would say it is even unsafe. But on the way back we found shortcut way, we went just uphill through the forest and got to the backyard of one house. It was just next to the main road. I couldn't imagine to go back by this slippery mud. Be careful!

Straight up and straight down, lots of huffing and puffing, but SO WORTH IT! Luckily wasn’t muddy when I went, but can definitely see how it would make it pretty difficult. The view is insane! When you reach the picnic tables, cross the path and go to the one that is going down to the left. That’s the one that takes you down then up to the 360 view, on the left. Be on the look out for strawberry guavas!

on Makaleha Hike

8 days ago

Knocked out this hike today and the conditions were great. It took us about an hour and 35 minutes going all the way back to the hidden falls and about an hour and 10 minutes out. I turned on my Strava app and it logged 3.2 miles in and 2.2 out. I think most of the extra mileage can be attributed to me walking all over the place instead of strictly staying on the “path.” As others have said, there is more than one path at many points, but as long as you stay near the water and follow the occasional cairns and you’ll be fine.

I’d say plan for 3 hours of hiking and about 4-5 miles depending on if you have to backtrack (or zig-zag a lot like we did).

A favorite! Gorgeous views and not busy. Only a couple muddy sections today. We like to go as far as the picnic tables. Easy enough for everyone but amazing views!!

Awesome hike. Beautiful views of the south shore, Surrounding mountains and local whales and turtles.
Volcanic rock, packed soil and sand along this trail.

9 days ago

Amazing. Did it with our 1.5 year old in tow so it was a bit harder to maneuver over and under the trees but soooo worth it. Trail is all over the place but just stay by the river and you will see it show up on one side of the other. We hiked in the river a lot of the time. Happy hiking!

road biking
9 days ago

Great views the entire trail. Biked this trail during sunrise and it was not too crowded but towards the end more people were on the trail and it got a little packed. Very peaceful and super easy, flat path.

9 days ago

We used stand up paddle boards to get to this hike which was a lot of fun. If you want to avoid the crowds, Sunday is the best day because the commercial kayak centers do not run tours that day. There were maybe 10 people at Secret Falls when we made it there. Finding the trail head off of the water was obvious.

Due to the lack of rain recently, when we did this hike (1/13/19) the trail was not that muddy. I think we would have made it in flip flops, but closed-toe shoes would be best.

We utilized Kaua’i SUP for the boards and they even had a few pairs of shoes left behind that we could borrow for the hike.

scenic driving
9 days ago

Not a hike, just a lookout. Regardless, still worth a stop! Great views, very peaceful if you go early in the morning to beat crowds.

Gorgeous 360 degree views! Can be a slippery mud slide of a trail if it’s rained at all but if you take your time and go slowly it’s 100% worth it. A bit of rock scrambling at the top just before the last and best viewpoint but there are some sneakpeaks of the view on the way up if you choose not to go to the tippy top!

The trail was not muddy when I went. However I would not be comfortable doing this hike if it was slippery. Saying that it was an absolutely stunningly beautiful hike and vistas! Well worth it. Provided 360°views of the island at the top!

Only muddy for the last 1/2 mile. We were fine in sneakers, but hiking boots would have been better. Nice views along the way, and close to town. A super quick activity on the way between other things. If you only have time for one hike, definitely skip this and head to Waimea canyon!

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