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2 days ago


2 days ago

We had great weather! It lightly rained the day before but the trail was barely muddy. Go early... the more traffic the muddier it gets. We were the first to arrive at the falls for the day which made it amazing and peaceful. I honk the 14 mil description is mistaken. It’s more like 2 mile paddle and 2.5 mile hike in? Not real difficult but I can see how it would be if it were muddy. I would definitely do this trail again! Awesome laid back adventure!

BEWARE!! Steel spike sticking up on left side of trail! Literally pointy and sharp!

Trail is a challenge. Beach gets a fraction of sun.

Snorkeling proved to have only fish and the under toe is quite a struggle!

Clean beach. No shells

5 days ago

Closed. Gate up. Don’t bother.

Beautiful views! Worth the stop

This was an easy trail. Got there about noon so it had less traffic. I can see if there was recent rains it could be a tougher trail. It seemed challenging for people who aren’t out walking nice inclines often though. Great for families. The views were spectacular! Especially past the picnic area. I’m a plant person and a fan of the forest so I loved every minute of the larger plants past that point! I highly recommend this trail. In and out took about 2.5 hours. That includes tons of plant ID time and pics.

A favorite! Gorgeous views and not busy. Only a couple muddy sections today. We like to go as far as the picnic tables. Easy enough for everyone but amazing views!!

8 days ago

We used stand up paddle boards to get to this hike which was a lot of fun. If you want to avoid the crowds, Sunday is the best day because the commercial kayak centers do not run tours that day. There were maybe 10 people at Secret Falls when we made it there. Finding the trail head off of the water was obvious.

Due to the lack of rain recently, when we did this hike (1/13/19) the trail was not that muddy. I think we would have made it in flip flops, but closed-toe shoes would be best.

We utilized Kaua’i SUP for the boards and they even had a few pairs of shoes left behind that we could borrow for the hike.

scenic driving
8 days ago

Not a hike, just a lookout. Regardless, still worth a stop! Great views, very peaceful if you go early in the morning to beat crowds.

11 days ago

2nd time doing this hike & it’s just as breathtaking every time! Very steep downhill climb then right back up it. Very slippery, lots of mud. Saw double rainbows and enjoyed a pleasant mist from the waterfall at the bottom. Wouldn’t take kids or the faint of heart as this trail is extremely steep at some points, prepare to get muddy.

Loved this trail. It’s what I imagined hiking in Kauai would be like - lush, vistas of rugged mountains, and little to no people. I was a little disappointed with the waterfall (it’s essentially a little stream falling over some rocks) but hopefully I’ll find something else. (Napali Coast hiking is closed and this probably doesn’t compare).

Super steep to get down to the beach but best snorkeling I’ve found on this side of the island so far. Super clear and not too choppy, saw about 6-7 sea turtles!

15 days ago

Excellent views and swimming hole. Be aware of tides and waves. The first couple hundred feet of the trail is steep, muddy and may be hard for younger or older to make. Trail is short though, I wouldn’t mark as hard, just need to be cautious.

This trail is a nice hike for those looking for a little less intensity. Views are definitely beautiful, but compared to other hikes in the area not breathtaking. When we went, it didn’t get super muddy until the picnic table area.

The hike is technically off limits but lots of people are still doing it. The entrance I used was to the right of the stone wall (if you’re looking at the falls) and past the green fence. You’ll have to hop the guardrail and you’ll see a brown sign that says Danger. It was pretty doable until I got to the last red rope. It was extremely slippery and I lost my footing but thankfully was able to hold onto the rope (wear hiking shoes, sneakers didn’t cut it!). Just go slow and be mindful with each step. You can get up close to the waterfall and even go behind it if you’re willing to get soaked. I went around 11am and saw double rainbows. It was so beautiful.

Super muddy but worth it!! So beautiful. Pretty steep and loose ground/grass for part of the way so make sure to wear sturdy shoes! There is A LOT of coral at the beach very clear for snorkeling but it is very shallow so if you’ve never gone before I wouldn’t recommend.

Not really a hike - it's a lookout. But it's gorgeous, definetly worth the stop!

I did the Wailua River kayaking and hiking trip to the Secrer Falls. The kayaking was great (2 miles there and 2 back, mostly easy with a little breeze upstream). However, the hiking (3 miles round trip) was atrociously muddy, with some spots going up to the knees. beautiful falls but not quite worth the trek in my opinion. Still had a good time regardless!

Trail closed most likely due to people not understanding the dangers of the area. Wave height is not the same thing as tide. People are so misinformed judging by the reviews. Knowing how to accurately read the surf report is so critical to enjoying this spot safely. Being here on an incoming large swell is the absolute sketchiest time. If you don’t understand that, you have no business visiting Queens Bath.

24 days ago

This was minutes from where are staying, so it was a must see. After speaking to a local neighbor, saying it was closed but most people just go around the fence we decided to take the chance. We hiked down the muddy trail, it was moderate in my opinion. It was NOT high tide when we went in the morning. We stayed away from the edges and paid attention to the waves. It was definitely a site to see but we would much rather see it in the summer when it’s calm and an actual “bath”. I highly recommended checking the weather and surf conditions along with using caution and common sense here. Happy hiking!

We’ve done this trip a few times. It’s a great family expedition. It is always muddy, so be prepared and just enjoy it. Trying to stay clean is pointless. You can use the showers and restroom at the park where you launch your kayak if you are renting from Wailua Kayak & Canoe. I recommend doing this as a self guided trip rather than hiring a guide. You won’t get lost and it’s way more fun.

Trail closed, but can still stop to see the waterfall.

Trail closed - cops writing trespassing tickets when we came!

No really a hike. Beautiful view!

We kayaked out to the trail head and hiked up. SUPER muddy and slippery but fun nonetheless. We had a blast and did this AFTER Hiking up and over the sleeping giant! Great day. Beautiful waterfall, cold water.

We did this in early October. Going down was EXTREMELY difficult much easier to climb out for sure. The water falls and views were amazing. We started hiking down at about 7am and had the whole area to ourselves and watched the surf come in. By the time we left it was getting pretty busy. So sad to read of the loss of life a few weeks ago. Super scary. Self awareness is HUGE whenever you're in, neat or around the ocean especially in the Winter!!

barley a trail. great view but not much to hike or activity

It’s now closed off fully fenced and locked off, the fence was being redone as we hiked down. When we came out it was finished and we were told it will be closed until next year. Very messy hike down, clay type mud all over our hands and feet. I didn’t think it was anything special once we got down. I bet summer low tide is way more beautiful and usable. The tide was pretty low when we went, but ocean still pretty violent. we didn’t venture close to the edges due to the many lives lost here doing so. A girl was killed a few weeks ago and they still have not found her body. After going I can see how misleading the danger is... the tide was low and no huge waves where coming over when we went. But from everything I’ve read, the waves can come out of nowhere. Running from one once you notice it is near impossible if on outer edge. We didn’t stay long or I’m sure we would of seen some big waves. I would recommend going in summer when it’s not so dangerous and you can actually use it (swim).

Kayaked the river to connect to the trail. Really really muddy but fun trek.

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