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23 hours ago

Amazing views, well maintained trail. Gets 4 stars instead of 5 because this is the portion of the Na Pali Coast that has a lot more foot traffic. If we had more time, my wife and I would have done the entire 11mi coast and camped out at the end. Since there are handfuls of people who only go out to the first beach and back, you're bound to get caught up in a couple of spots behind slower hikers or have faster ones get caught up behind you. Overall, well worth it!

1 day ago

We went during a really rainy stretch (mid-April 2018) and the hike down was extra muddy and the falls kind of merged into one giant wall of water. To get down we hopped the stone wall at the spot where it met the chain link fence (away from the parking lot). Followed the right path next to the chain link fence a few feet and started our descent into the cold mud-slicked canopy. Lots of tree roots and the occasional rope to help. Watershoes were great for getting us down there. The pool was too frigid to swim in and the current strong. Absolutely beautiful and would like to do it again in different weather.

3 days ago

Stunning. Not really a trail though, just a short path to a beautiful view.

12 days ago

Really popular, but for a reason! If you are into long exposure photography, I had a blast shooting the crashing waves during high tide for hours. If you do this, be CAREFUL of how crazy the tide is. Use your best judgement of how close you should be.

Scenic trail. Well maintained. Brought our 7 month old along without a problem. River was too high to cross, but saw the whole beach from other side of river no problem.

Go ahead and hike to the bottom. It’s worth it.

My 10-year-old and I did this hike on a sunny afternoon following a morning down-pour. It was so muddy but that made it more fun for her. The views were so breathtaking and nobody else was out there which made for a peaceful hike.

What follows is camping info. We drove in with a rental jeep cherokee and camped at the sites near the monkey pod tree, which is probably the best way to experience this park. Expect to double up at sites but there is plennnnty of room. The road is extremely rutted and had some mud pits, but it was for sure doable with 2WD cars that have decent clearance (in our conditions). I wouldn't do the road in a rental mustang. We also did not drive on the beach itself - the sand is deep and soft, definitely tricky beach driving, also tiring walking and very hot at mid day.

This was our favorite beach on Kauai. Truly empty, with an epic view of the coastal cliffs. In late march there were waves but you could still carefully swim in crystal clear water. Facilities were in way better condition than the road in. Plan for the possibility of rain (at least in march) as the moisture builds up over the cliffs and occasionally scoots over and lets loose on the campsites (despite a 0% park forecast we got lightly rained on several times). There are campsites all the way to the end of the beach by the cliffs. Securely pack away leftovers or ferile cats will get into it at night. Definitely a little buggy as well.

Rated mainly for the destination - a beautiful and secluded beach. You also get a gorgeous view of the reef at the beginning.

Nice and muddy!

Okay hike...found out last night this was the trail two tourists were brutally murdered on thirty years ago. Trip Advisor left that one out.

1 month ago

This would have been an easy trail is it wasn’t so muddy and slippery. It last rained two days ago, so there were dry spots, but some of the slippery spots were really dangerous. The views are beautiful once you get there, but still be careful on the rocks. There is also a waterfall that is pretty. Several baths but only one that you can swim in. And if the tide is rough, this could be super dangerous. The trail does start with a sign that reads “Many people have died here.” And more. Could be a great experience, but I was too nervous after reading that!

I feel like I shouldn't even check in here as we didn't actually do the hike. Wouldn't have known where the trail was if one of the local vendors at the top hadn't told us. Another vendor told us we would get fined $300 for doing the hike. That in conjunction with the heavy rain we've had the past couple days, we chickened out, but the views are still gorgeous from the top. I'm starting to think it would've been worth it. Next time!

Paddling on the Wailua River was nice but I would not do it again considering the slippery and muddy trails, crossing the tributary with a rope, the crowds at the falls plus the costs of renting the kayak with a guide.

A beautiful hike! Able to see the coast line, which is one of the best parts of the island. It was a bit muddy when we went in March, but with careful footing it was not too bad. Would recommend this hike.

1 month ago

It hasn’t rained much before we went but it was still SUPER muddy and slippery. I wore flip-flops but ended up doing the hike barefoot until we got to the lava rocks, it was to slippery to be in flip-flops. Beautiful view once you got down to the rocks. The bath seemed calm enough for me to jump in and swim around for awhile. Every few minutes a huge wave would crash over into the baths, it was a lot of fun and a great easy hike (besides how slippery it was). My wife is 22 weeks pregnant and had no problem at all.

Out and back two mile kayak trip was nice. 1 mile out and back hike to the falls was VERY muddy (ie slippery) and not easy for a 69-year-old MS patient. You cross one fairly rapid river and two streams.. lots of rocks and tree roots. Nevertheless, it was well worth the effort. The falls were truly spectacular.

1 month ago

Steep and small parking lot. Goergeous but be careful in high surf season.

1 month ago

Great trail that is accessible but quite muddy in rainy season. Plan ahead and bring lots of water and wear proper shoes. The diversity of the panoramas is fantastic. Enjoy

scenic driving
1 month ago

More of a path than a trail which leads you to the lookout. Incredible views on the drive up and you won’t be tired of them yet by the time you get to the lookout.

Trail was muddy, but not difficult by any means. Views are well worth the trip.

Loved it, easy uphill hike but very muddy. Just plan to get muddy if it has rained. Amazing views and like others said, continue past picnic clearing at the top .5 miles and there is a little bridge and waterfall.

Gorgeous beach ❤️

Mud, mud, mud. Won't be back.

Nice day trip but don’t go after it’s rained - way too muddy. Seen too many people and kids slip and fall. Lots of tour groups so secret falls was a bit crowded. Being able to kayak on the Wailua River was pretty awesome!

Definitely worth seeing!

This was one of the best hikes we’ve been on in Kauai. We used Wailua River Kayaks and would highly recommend them. We were the first ones down the river and the paddle up was really nice.... we were also the first ones to the falls so we were able to get some really nice photos. It’s definitely worth doing first thing in the morning because the rivers gets pretty crowded.

Great views from trail. Parking lot is really small and trail is a little steep but easy to navigate. Definitely worth doing!

2 months ago

Easy hike with stunning vistas and a refreshing swim.

2 months ago

The trail was so steep and muddy going down it would have been easier to repel down it......but the pay off was well worth it!

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