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We rented a kayak and leisurely found our way to the trail head. Yes, there were a lot of other people but you don't seem to mind. The hike in was not long or a challenge. But, if you are not in at least average shape it will not be easy. Don't bother with shoes (but bring them if you are not accustom to hiking barefoot). The mud covers half the mile hike.

The waterfall is worth it. This is a don't miss here on the island. The pool is refreshing. You MUST swim in and get in under the falls. While seeing it is worth the hike, being under it is "feeling" it. Big difference.

scenic driving
2 days ago

Great spot for looking at the Canyon. If it has rained recently there are a few waterfalls too. If your lucky there will be a Hawaiian Warrior talking about Hawaiian culture at the top of the lookout.

Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

Great hike with kids. After you cross the initial creek the trail will take you to the right...to a very steep drop off. Do not go that way...go to the left. It kinda looks like a clearing but it’s the “true” trail that’s a moderate downhill hike that takes you to the ocean. When you get to the ocean, follow to the left a couple hundred yards and you’ll see the private beach.

It is definitively muddy and slippery...you have to be very cautious, but it is definitively worth it!

rock climbing
7 days ago

There’s no rocks to climb here... worst “crag” I’d ever been to. Big time disappointment.

Decently muddy trail if you happen to go after a rainstorm. There’s a few creeks/creek beds to be crossed. Bring shoes with good traction. My Vans did the job. There’s a homeless man camped out on the beach, he does not bite. Say hi and give him a beer. Overall, fun little hike. Bring the kids, but leave grandma behind.

Get out there!

It was wet and very slippery. But the view was fantastic and there were sea turtles!

amazing and not so hard

Beautiful waterfall! It wasn’t nearly as crowded as we expected, could be that we went on a Sunday. We had the entire waterfall to ourselves at one point, with Only 1-2 other groups the rest of the time. The mile hike from the river to the falls is extremely muddy & slippery - be prepared to get very dirty!

Not really a hike, but a nice beach. Took us 7 minutes down to the beach. There are short steep parts, but there are ropes to help you go down. Snorkelled two times and saw a seaturtle each time!

Favorite hike! Incredible views

the most beutfule pool in the island

Hard but not too dangerous. Just be careful hiking down, its very slippery when wet. But swimming in the pools is worth it. Took us about 30 minutes to get to the pool.

Loved this hike! Tool us about 35 minutes to the end of the trail! Amazing views and everything is just sooo green around you. Easily manageable and not very dangerous. Would recommend it!

15 days ago

Did this trail after the rain, there are two paths to go down, just make sure you do the one thats a bit safer. it was very difficult going down because it was steep and slippery, but going up was a breeze because you have better balance in general. there was a rope that you can hang onto to go down, but still slippery as hell. but after all that, it was definitely worth the hike!( or like a slide down)

19 days ago

It was raining all day when we attempted the hike. It goes downhill and the trail is overgrown with roots. I saw many people slip in the mud and injuring themselves slightly. We were about 10 min in when others came back up warning us that the tide came in, the sun is about to go down and it would take another 30 min to get down. Long story short: don’t attempt this trail towards sunset!

24 days ago

This is a great hike but be prepared to get very muddy. The trail starts off on a wide path, you will have to clamber over a fallen tree and then the incredible views of the lush surroundings will start to appear. It gets quite muddy as you continue. The trail ends at a bridge but I walked further along the Moalepe trail until I came to a wide open space where the views are really spectacular before turning back.

26 days ago

Short hike to a gorgeous beach. Trail can be slippery if there's been recent rain, but totally doable even with kids and beach gear. Also, if you head to the right at the shoreline, then scramble across the rocks for a couple hundred feet, there is an easy to find waterfall and a nice freshwater swimming hole. All in all, this is a rare gem of a beach, a nice short jungle hike, and a great way to avoid the crowds.

Fairly easy hike to a really beautiful beach with great snorkeling! Make sure to bring water shoes as it's quite shallow with rocks/coral when getting into the water. Also wear good shoes as it's muddy & slippery on the trail going down. Ignore the big rock saying 'wrong trail' half way down and just pass it and keep walking along the black lava rocks (trail leads you parallel to lava rocks) until you get to the beach! There are 7 parking spots marked 'trail' at the Sealodge 1 building where you can park. We went there on a Saturday at 11am and there were only 2 other couples there. As it got later more people started arriving. This hike/beach is definitely worth it!! ;)

29 days ago

It was a wonderful hike. We had to climb over a fallen tree at mile 1. Lots of mud on the trail. I have to say that Kauai has amazing views and this was lush and beautiful but not spectacular. However my pictures beg to differ. Each photo makes it seem like I was in an enchanted forest.

1 month ago

This trail was super fun. Be careful as there are two ways to get down to the waterfall (one of which is substantially harder- make sure you go to the entrance that is further from the waterfall). There are ropes set up to help you down, as well as many tree roots. Can be slippery and muddy, especially if it has just rained. The view at the bottom is completely worth all the effort getting down!

Bring your snorkel stuff!! A little treacherous going down but easier going up. A definite must see. We spent 2 hours here and thAt was enough.

V-'9€ ) 9"

This walk is definitely worth the hike down. My friend and I did it barefoot so we didn’t bust a plug in our thongs (flip flops) as it was a little boggy at the top. There’s several rock pools to swim in at the bottom. There’s only about 8 parks at the top so if you can, park elsewhere and walk to the entrance. We swam in one calm little rockpool and about 5 minutes later large waves started washing into it, so even if you’re experienced near the water, be sure to take care.

Awesome! Just do it!

Absolutely worth the trek! I went down in bare feet and up wit shoes on - it is extremely slippery and very steep. Also, you can get ticketed and fined as the trail is marked closed - do not enter. If you are feeling ballsy then go for it - the views at the end are amazingly ng and the falls are a nice treat to cool off before heading back up. Warning - ropes are NOT stable and can break at any moment so try not to use the rope for leverage.

1 month ago

Easy hike to pretty beach in a protected cove. Nice snorkeling but super shallow, which makes it difficult. Don’t walk in the coral ! About 20 people here - not crowded. Designated Trail parking spots at sea lodge 1 building. Trail starts there.

Not a hike at all, but great views!!

1 month ago

We arrived on a rainy day and debated whether or not to attempt this trail. It was very muddy and the trail was in bad shape with clay-mud, roots and overuse. However we didn’t have to wait that long to get a parking space so we went for it and we are glad we did! Great reward at the end!

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