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Just wow, I can’t believe places like this exist. The waterfalls are gorgeous and they fall in to such a beautiful canyon. Be careful at the end of the trail, it looks like it would be easy to slip and fall off the cliffs.

Amazing snorkeling, swam upon 3 green sea turtles and psychedelic fish.

19 hours ago

See our review of hiking this trail as well as hiking along portions of the Waimea Canyon Trail here: https://savingtimeinabottle.com/2018/08/31/backpacking-waimea-canyon/

Jet lagged, I left the north shore at 5 AM. I stopped at Starbucks in Lihue and then again at Ishihara Market in Waimea for snacks along the way. I arrived at the trailhead at 7:30 and there was only 1 other car there already. The viewpoint at the end of this trail, past the guardrail, is absolutely stunning! I lingered at the view point for maybe 20-30 minutes and took a casual pace throughout, arriving back at my car around 12:30. I passed plenty of people on my way back and the parking lot was overflowing when I returned, so start early if you'd like some solitude!

The canyon trail is a must to see in Kauai !! Wonderdul landscapes canyon and the falls are amazing

Awesome views of cliffs and coast. Nice little hike. Allow 1.5-2 hrs to take it all in. Steep drop offs on both sides at times. Would not be good if raining or muddy.

Very beautiful views and sooo much better than from the viewing platform. Definitely worth it especially since it's such a short hike.

This hike was really enjoyable. The first part of the hike is not all that spectacular but the second parts gets really interesting and the view at the end is simply breathtaking. Make sure to go down ridge a little bit at the end of trail because only from there you really have a good view. We did a very interesting option which is to take the 2 mile connection trail to the Nu'alolo cliff trail. That allows you to make a 11 mile loop trail which takes about 6 hours.The views at Nu'alolo cliff trail are actually even more impressive. Either you can park two cars at both trail heads or walk along the road back to the original car park.

Good workout, pretty view

Pound for pound this hike was one of the bests for views throughout the hike. It’s short but decently intense. If you’re scared of heights this one may not be for you as it is pretty much the definition of ridge trail in some places.

Pretty good easy hike. While the hike is moderate, there are a few small steep climbs that may be difficult depending on your age and experience. Not the best in the area but probably a good first trail to do if you haven’t hiked in Kauai before. The waterfall at the end is a little underwhelming since you are at the top of the massive drop. My personal favorite views were right before you start to descend to the waterfall. Awesome canyon views.

awesome. must do

Very enjoyable hike. Right balance between exercise and view. We found the view of the canyon very impressive and liked the two cute, private waterfalls very much. Our advice, start really early and see the day come upon the valley.

Beautiful views of the canyon with refreshing stops at 2 waterfalls.

We went on a dry day and it wasn’t too muddy - if it had been wet like our previous trails in the week it would have been very difficult.

I would rate this as moderate to difficult due to the elevation gain. Overall enjoyable with breathtaking views of the canyon.

spectacular views!

Great hike to the canyon, the waterfalls are anti-climax haha. If you want to see a real real waterfall, go to wailua waterfalls

Aaaaamaaaazing hike!!! Would recommend everyone!

This was a great hike, easy in , a bit more strenuous on the way out because it was more up hill. We went early to beat the heat.

trail running
3 days ago

AMAZING!!! Very short with stunning views throughout. It was dry when I did it and really not scary at all, though I can see it being very different when wet.

A little muddy but not bad! Worth the beautiful view!

5 days ago

Beautiful beach! The hike is slick and steep, so come prepared to hike down.

5 days ago

Ok... I hate heights! But this hike was amazing. I did it cause it was rated difficult and made me conquer my heights worry. AND... cause my GF wanted to do it. It’s easy really. Mostly down hill out and all uphill back. Awesome views! Keep your wits about you... my GF tried the last little 40-50ft path to look out but turned back. I was very frightened for her. I uploaded a pic. DONT try it! Not worth it.

Nice hike. Easy going down, but streanous coming back up. Be sure to have water, hicking shoes or sneakers, and a camera!

6 days ago

We did this hike in about 2.5 hours. It is 3.25 miles to the lookout. The hike to the lookout is mostly down hill, so remember to save plenty of water for the hike back.

Enjoyed this hike and the views are spectacular. The only reason I’m giving this 4/5 stars is the Waterfall at the end is kind of a buzzkill. Look, I’m from upstate New York so Niagara Falls is in my backyard - I have high standards.

One thing I’ll say: please wear proper foot attire. An elderly woman was wearing sandals and fell walking over loose stone. This hike is very manageable but if you’re going to wear sandals, well, you’re in for quite an adventure.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend bringing children under the age of 18 on this hike. I saw a mother with kids no older than 8 and it looked like she was experiencing hell.

What a great little hike!

Immediate and huge payout for such a short hike. Not challenging if you’re a frequent hiker- Incredible views the entire way, a few moments of needing to watch footing etc but one of the hands down most beautiful trails we have ever been on.

10 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Amazing view of the cathedrals in the Na Pali Coast and the valley. There was even a rainbow as we hiked this trail. Easy hike for sunset ~30 min down. Don’t go if it has rained- can be very muddy and narrow path (4000 ft high) end also gets narrow and can make you realize you’re afraid of heights

beautiful trail, though very short but the beach at the end is amazing

Beautiful small trail with a gorgeous beach at the bottom.

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