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Kansas Mountain Bike Trails Map

Visited on St. Patty's day; clear, breezy day, 58 degrees absolutely beautiful! I don't know that it would be this nice in the middle of summer. Who knew this gem of earth was nestled in the middle of Kansas! Must explore more!

Beautiful hike! Very rugged terrain, lots of rocks, steep inclines, trees, and a few lovely views of the lake. I’ll be going back.

It’s the best trails ever !!

Several short, hard hills if you hike it that way. Takes a while to learn as the trails are not particularly well marked.

Nice, well maintained trails. I'll definitely be back.

trail running
2 months ago

My favorite trail in Kansas, hands down. The north shore trail system is made up of the blue, white and red trail (just follow the coordinating blaze as each trail is well marked!). Ive done the entire trails system which is around 25+ miles. The red trail is the shortest trail but is (arguably) the most technical section as it scrambles along large rocks that follow the lake shore. Great for short/long hikes, trail running and biking! Great place to take your dog just be sure to keep on leash as the trails are very popular with mtn bikers.

scenic driving
2 months ago

I wouldn't necessarily call this a hike but it's a must see for anyone in the area. Certainly a nice view of Kansas's under rated plains. It takes about 15 mins to make it to the top on foot, maybe 3 or 4 by car.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Fun trails with a nice variance of technical rock gardens and fast, flowy areas. The trail is regularly maintained by local mountain bikers.

We had lots of fun! Ended at a part of the lake that actually almost felt like a beach cause the water was so wavy that day up to the shore! The maps really help to get a picture of where the trails get closest to the water/shoreline.

good views and trails are marked good

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about this trail. It is in Topeka near Highland Park High School. It has well worn paths, large tree canopy, an old stone dairy barn. Upon finishing we noticed a homeless person had set up camp in remnants of a small building near the old barn remnants.

A 2 1/2 hour drive to this trail was worth every rainy mile. Rock formations were spectacular with carved graffiti dated back to 1918. The caves were various sizes and many to see. The worn path was mostly sand and in some areas soft dirt. There is also a horse path. The creek water was clear. We saw deer, a bald eagle and various trees gnawed by beaver. I enjoyed some new scenery. Kanopolis Lake was much larger than I expected. This is a State Park so a few of $5.00 is required. I never have an issue paying State Park fees.

What a pleasant and challenging trail.
Found it on accident, and thoroughly enjoyed. I was the lone runner on the trail on a brisk fall day. The trail was rugged, yet very well maintained and marked. One of the very best that Kansas has to offer. I will go back specifically to run these trails.

I loved it because it was a challenge. But I didn't know that you had to pay a $5 fee just to park. Also sometimes this app itself wouldn't be accurate in how the trails went about. I found myself getting lost but it was fun overall!

6 months ago

Rolling prairie with some nice rock ledges and caves. The majority is easy hiking. However, you can get into moderate difficulty if you choose to climb up/down the rock ledges and to/from the caves.

Fascinating documented history about this Canyon includes Native Americans using it to corral their horses; old West horse thieves running their stolen livestock into it for corralling; and the Jesse James gang hid their bounty in this Canyon on occasion and then came back later to retrieve it.

Walked this today and really enjoyed my hike. Definitely more bikers but it's easy to hear them coming and move out of the way. The trails are marked however there are a few splits that are not marked which made it a little confusing. You can easily run these trails which I plan on for my next visit. I walked the red trail and jumped to the yellow trail. It's very shady and took me about an hour.

mountain biking
6 months ago

A true mountain bike trail. Well maintained. Frustrating and challenging but not impossible. Also very long and a complete loop.

Great trail....well maintained. Trail end is not well mapped out on where to park if you are going end to end. They need better maps overall if you are first time hiker. Also get a Kansas parks pass even if you park before they open the park or they will ding you for parking without a permit- which is annoying ......

Fun, not very challenging, we had a beautiful day, great weather.

7 months ago

This was a perfect hike for a beginner in my opinion. The rocks are beautiful and the trails are labeled and easy to follow. There is just a slight challenge on the rocks depending on which route you take. It took me about two hours taking my time to finish. My two bottles of water was enough for me. I can't wait to go back when the leaves change! Make sure your phone is charged so you can see where you are on the map within this app! And have a backup battery because it ate mine when I tried to record my trip, so I just checked in.

The best trail on Kansas!!!

Great trail. One thing I loved about this trail is it was mostly covered. You do need to look out for spiderwebs lol. But this is easily one of the best trail I've hiked in Kansas.

I was impressed to find these trails in Topeka, particularly the wooded portion which treks down by the river for a bit. Be aware you are immediately beside an active train track on the deeper trail and that comes with loud horns. There is enough elevation change here to keep things interesting without being too challenging. My only real complaint is the way the trails are labeled, which is more of a color-coding by type than actual demarcation of different trails. So be sure to snap a picture of the map. Definitely worth exploring.

This trail isn't too bad. Lots of trees and shade for for %90 of the trail. Only wildlife we saw was vultures. On top of those being the only animals we saw, there is a vulture nesting area the stretches around 50 yards you get a glorious smells on bird dropping during that period. You will be glad to know that there is an abundance of spider webs that you will run in to.

felt like its primarily for bikes not very hiker friendly..

love these trails we hike these all the time with our 8 yrs old. so close to city but when you're up there it doesn't feel like, as they are quite and well shaded. some sections might get a little muddy after rain and some intersactions could be confusing.. i took a picture of the map in my phone that can come in handy..

Note a hiking trail, it's a dual use hiking/mountain bike trail. Not friendly to hikers. Period.

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