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Gave it a 4 due to the paved part. Not a big fan of pavement. If you like pavement it’s about 1/3 paved. Natural part was nice with all the fall colors.

It great you don't feel like you are in the middle of kc.

Northern and eastern half best sections. Poor trail markers, but doable.

My fave trail so far. Great primitive camp sites and you see water for most of the hike. Has some great views for Kansas.

very nice trail system to hike

Easy, lots of mountain bikers but a nice reprieve

horse traffic has done a bit of damage. trail could use some blazes. little trash.

Good trail for power walking.

1 month ago

I have known about this Trail since I was a kid and I've hiked several portions of it for most of my life. it has always been torn up from the horse traffic. but it is a large loop and has mostly treed areas.

1 month ago

Lovely trail, we went clockwise and stopped to camp at #12 in hammocks. There was a great fire pit and bench at this camp site and it's right by the water.

Just another badly marked and cryptic trail that will easily get you lost. Even the trail head maps were off the mark. Got lost after waiting for the local "Trail Nerds" group run that never showed (not even sure they exist anymore) and found myself super lost in the dark. Not to mention LOTS of rocks, somewhat dangerous for runners and the occasional weed smokers on the trail make it for a annoying and disappointing experience.

Nice trails but park rangers were not helpful knowing about where the trails took off from.
Despite bug spray with deet I was covered in bites the next day, suspect oakmites. Would not go back til hard frost.

Great trail, good workout, and well shaded. Would like to see better markings for the trail across intersections and the such. Got off the main trail several times.

Nice trail, check out my photos

Nice short east trail. Only concern are the hunters along the trail shooting squirrels. So recommend wearing brightly colored clothes.

Great for trail run! I wasn’t smart enough to forget mosquito spray.

nature trips
2 months ago

it was a great trail just lots of spiderwebs that you would constantly run into. other than that it would be great to do again.

3 months ago

Follow up edit: Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department has no record of there being a trail here. The pedestrian bridge exists only to help children safely cross the steam on their way to school, not as any part of a maintained trail system.
As others said, lots of spiders. This seems less like a hiking trail and more like a game path. It is not marked and in several places completely disappears. I'm not sure this was ever a real trail and not just a path back to some homeless encampments.

Very well marked and maintained trail. Will definitely hike again. A few areas had very fresh tree falls on the trail but nothing overly large or blocking to much of the trail. Was some trash at a campsite but I packed it out.

3 months ago

Thinking back to June when REI had an event here to help repair the trail. There is so much damage from horses & just unkept areas. There are no blazes & in some areas it's hard to see where it connects. There are some arrows painted on the pavement to direct you in a couple of spots. There were just to many places that the entrance you had to duck down to walk through the next 2 miles or so. You had to walk out in the open, over paved areas & grassy fields all unmarked. there are a lot of hills & muddy area where you have to straddle each side of the dirt to walk through. All of these things made for not a good hike.

terrible path. not marked. trashed. homeless shelters everywhere. more spiders than Hogwarts no joke. put off spray on if you tackle this trail and a walking stick to move webs.

This is a great trail with many fun spots and lovely trees. It is not well marked. We had to use GPS with the app to find our way and that wasn't always correct. I wouldn't go if it has rained in the last three days as there are many muddy trails in shady areas. We went many days after a rain and we had to straddle some parts. There are many places along the route with water for refilling bottles.

Gets crowded with bikers and runners.
Fun little walk

Great little trail just outside the city. We did ~5.8 miles in ~2.25 hours connecting different trails. Some flat, some paved, some rooty, some rocky, a few small hills for a little more challenge in some places. Ticks are definitely present now (mid-June). Lots of shade on most trails, but quite a bit of sun exposure too. Bring plenty of water in the summer heat. Saw lots of butterflies and dragonfly-like things, and one little bitty harmless snake off the path. The observation deck had some nice purple and orange wildflowers as well. Appreciated no traffic sounds. Will definitely come back.

This was a nice trail once you got to the wooden section off of the asphalt. Would recommend to friends.

A friend and I hiked part of the orange trail and all of the red trail on a recent Saturday. Our whole hike was about 7 miles. Even though we hiked during the middle of the day, the trail was partly shaded and comfortable in temperature. This was my first visit to Shawnee Mission Park, and it is beautiful! The visitor's center staff is very friendly and provides free detailed maps. Like some other reviews mention, there are some large rocks and tree roots on the trail. Since we were hiking, this was not a problem, but it may be a challenge for a beginning biker. I can't wait to go back and try the other trails!

Agree with last review. The spiders are out of control. Im not too creeped out by spiders but, it is obnoxious to walk into web after web. Made it 20’ into the trail and walked through about 4 webs.

This looks like it could be a great hike but the spiders were ridiculous today! Reminded me of Raiders Of The Lost Ark! Had to abandon trip. ☹️

The trail was beautiful, but the State Park map was incomplete.

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