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My first hike! Uphill one way, a nice bench for a break lol. Downhill on the way back. Took us 2 hours at a very leisurely pace. Our dog loved it!

1 day ago

Trail is good. It gets handsy when you start climbing around the mountain. Lots of opportunity to go to sub peaks without wasting much time. There was a little bit of snow but not much. Views are awesome! Great weather!

Easy hike with moderate elevation. Great views and good walk. conditions were great

Would do it again repeatedly.

Easy beginner hike. Gorgeous views.

Great hike! Went on Saturday. Snow is pretty deep when you get close to Lilian lake. Make sure to bank on an extra 45 minutes compared to what you would normally hike it in. Great weather though - all in all a solid 4 hours in total. We used winter hiking boots and that’s it - no poles and no snowshoes

8 days ago

We hiked Tamnuska loop today (January 13, 2019). Most sections were dry. However, spikes are needed to reach its summit.

on Rummel Lake Trail

13 days ago

Went earlier in January, with quite a bit of snowfall. Tracks were packed, but would recommend snowshoes. Tried part of the trail without, and sank pretty deep. Visibility was poor due to snowfall, so by the lake wasn't great. I would definitely try this trail again in the summer.

Took us about 3.5 hours, with water/ snack breaks and a short stop on the top.

Several cars were broken into at the trailhead parking lot today.

Have been hiking this for 20yrs, but this was the first time with snow and ice. Bring spikes and decent poles, some gnarly ice latches patches on the backside. Shoulder and front side were pretty clear, unfortunately very little scree left these days...

14 days ago

Great, pretty easy hike. Well-marked and packed down (we snowshoed but they are not really required) and protected from the elements. Did it Jan 6th so visibility wasn’t good but lots of great snow and still a pretty good view of the lake and mountains at the end. Around 3.5 hours as we took our time. Would also recommend for kids and dogs.

15 days ago

Beautiful view. Love it!

on Rummel Lake Trail

15 days ago

My girlfriend and I went out and did this hike in January 2019. Unfortunately we had a very snowy day which meant we didn’t get much in terms of views. However, the hike itself is pretty great. It’s a fairly gradual uphill grind on the way there, which means it’s smooth sailing on the way back down. I had snowshoes but attached them to the pack and just hiked in without any difficulty - as long as I stayed on the path. It took us 3.5 hours round trip, with a small lunch break at the top. Plenty of parking on the East side of Smith Dorrien Trail. I’d like to do this hike again in summer.

15 days ago

Hiked Mt Allan yesterday January 5th 2019 with friends. Tons of snow covered the section before reaching the Olympic Peak and we could not go through it though we were on trail. Finally we ended up scrambling the rocky section to reach the Olympic Peak. It was better few weeks ago when I was there. So be prepare to do little bit scramble or have snow shoes. After that section it was easy to reach Allan.

Fantastic snowshoe / winter hike!

on Rummel Lake Trail

16 days ago

Longer than the 9.9 km posted - closer to 13 km. We used snowshoes but it was a fairly well packed trail. Lots of people on the trail. Beautiful through the trees and the view at the lake is very nice! Would like to do this hike in the summer.

18 days ago

Went up to Lillian Lake last weekend and trail was all good, didn't need snowshoes until maybe 3 minutes before we got to the lake, I'm sure with a little more time there will be enough snow to pull them out earlier. Didn't get to see too much, it got pretty white out but I'm sure its gorgeous! With a little more time we might have made it up to Galatea. Trip for another time but definitely worth it!

Great hike, views are awesome took some time at the top to find the paintings but worth it.

Great hike we went on a very hot day so there was lots of run off on the hike out.

22 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike and the view once you hit the lake is amazing. Lots of snow but the path is packed down enough I didn’t have to put spikes on my boots. Trail is very well marked. Saw some smaller tracks but no wild life. We got there at about 1030am and Was pretty quiet going up and saw a couple of people on the way back down. We took our time and stopped to eat at the lake and take in the views.. it took just over 3 hours altogether. Easy hike for beginners or just for a nice relaxed hike. Would definitively like to do it again in the summer time !

I think I’d only recommend this trail if you’re new to the area and need something to get you acclimated to the inclines and altitude. It’s not difficult by any means, but does include a bit of elevation gain. On either side you’ll have good views of Ha Ling and EEOR (which are much better hikes), and you’ll get a satisfying view of the waterfall the lakes are feeding as you climb. The true beauty of this hike is the crystal clear lakes.

Pushing past the lakes will lead you to petroglyphs and the reservoir above, which is pretty in its own right, giving you a good view of the mountains beyond. Occasionally I have seen mountain goats/sheep? near the top of the trail, and extremely friendly chipmunks. There are a few popular rock climbing sections as well that are accessed via this hike. Altogether, some nice views, although not the best by any means.

25 days ago

Great snowshoe hike. great views on a clear day. highly recommend. some elevation gains that would burn the legs

I am making this specific review 3/5 only because the trail is absolutely NOT for dogs. When I am looking for hikes that are dog friendly, I am under the assumption they can complete the trail. It is 110% not for dogs. It was challenging to get to the chains and then when I realized we definitely weren’t getting across that.. the challenging high turned to pissed off. Getting us back down the way we came was stressful and dangerous for both of us.
Also, the entire trail once you are out of the trees is so poorly marked that unless you know where you are going or following footprints, you would get lost.
I am pretty disappointed with this hike because of those two issues.
Bring poles and microspikes.
My next review may be better when I don’t have my girl - if I decide to try this hike again.

Amazing hike...loved the Scree...

1 month ago

Hi my wife and I finished hiking this trail Wednesday with a fresh snowfall the day before (such a beautiful winter wonderland) as it was our first time up,
We did use our spikes as I think it helped with traction more so than without?
All trails 9 kilometer in and out distance doesn`t seem right as it was more like 11.2
There wasn`t much for views on the way up. When you reach the top of the new growth forest there was a beautiful view of Spray Lakes but once your back into the old growth there wasn`t much until you reach the Lake. Such a nice hike though with all the fresh snow.
We will definitely come back in the summer to see if there are any fish in that lake?

Wear good hiking shoes and bring poles if you're planning on going up on the ridge. I hiked this back in September when it was raining/snowing. I tried to make it up on the ridge, but it was way too slippery and dangerous without poles. Rawson Lake is beautiful though so it was still worth the hike.

Was up there on December 16th. Everything was in good condition. Only went as far as Lillian Lake. Spikes were definitely an asset. Snow shoes not required up to that point.

Not closed!

The tougher trail is closed but the main trail is not. Very enjoyable and the lakes at the top of the hike are work the price of admission (tired legs)!

As of December 18th there was very little ice on the water so you can see the gorgeous blue green colors. Trails were a little slippery but I managed it in sneakers.


Amazing hike would not recommend for beginners.

Winter wonderland! Completed on December 2nd, no need for spikes or snowshoes. If anyone spots my gray merino knit touque please let me know! :D

1 month ago

Saturday 15th December 2018
We got to this trail at about 9am. We didn’t see anyone on the way up and quite a few people on the way back down! The trail we followed took us to the lake. The round trip took us about 3.5 hours.

We clocked this hike at just over 11km.

As the path is popular the trail is well walked so we didn't wear snowshoes. But spikes were needed on a few parts. We kept them on for the whole trek as the paths had enough snow on them.

The trail head starts on a road so use the toilets before the final turn. There is a toilet just before the lake too!

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