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2 days ago

Steep and beautiful hike. The views were amazing especially with the leaves changing colours.

As Bryan said, it's do able on a weekday. I got there at 4 PM, got a bit lost by walking around on the wrong side of the road and then made it to the correct trailhead. I was all done by 7:15 and that included a break at the top and a few small breaks coming up

3 days ago

Lovely hike that I was able to do on a weekday. Only person on the path for the entire duration. This is an excellent hike for a first-time solo trip. Not overly challenging but still gets the heart rate up while providing some nice views. 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out.

Nice hike, bit of incline at the beginning until you get to a nice open meadow. It took us about an hour ish to get to the lake. We did go to have a snack by the elephant rocks, there was nobody there and after that we did the loop around the lake.

It’s pet friendly, family friendly. It get very crowded. Go early

Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

A terrific hike starting through a pretty much straight pleasant hike through forest. At around 2.8 km you will be at the bottom of a majestic range surrounding you. Breathtaking views in every direction. Small rocks and earth dot the rest of the way up. We made it to 6800 feet when heavy rains forced us to turn back.

One of my all time annual favorites; any weather or any season. Always best counterclockwise.

12 days ago

This is an awesome hike with beautiful views. It's a hell of a leg burning workout. The trails are not hard to follow, you just need to be careful as it is very steep.....have fun hikers.....

September 7th-2018 - Group size 8 - Trip time: 8hrs. Conditions were wonderful. Only a few spots of snow. No impact on travel. Very easy route finding. Head right of the summit block. By Read’s Tower, you can see the antenna on the summit. On the upper trails, travel was straightforward on scree, some slab, some talus. Near the summit, some might find it a bit challenging to step if you get off trail. The lower trail is dirt, gravel on dirt, and some slab. It gets steep at places. There were a few falls coming down, but only the pride was injured. Smoke was still a problem. Views were not as good as expected but likely would be very good on a clear day. Still, the views, photos, and workout were well worth the effort. Be sure you are ready for this one, it can be a hard day if you are not.

13 days ago

Decent hike , not the best view until you’re at the very top. Took around 3 and a half hours with a long break at the top for lunch

13 days ago

Beautiful hike all the way through. Breeze through a beautiful mossy forest to start this awesome hike, but don’t let this easy section of the hike fool you, once you break through the alpine you have a hard steep road ahead, but the reward is far worth it. Beautiful scenery of the Spray Lakes is viewable from the peak summit. Carry on for another 30 minutes along a loose rock ridge and you’ll find yourself at the glacier doorstep. I would recommend a good pair of hiking boots and poles as the loose rock becomes unstable at times.

13 days ago

Amazing views, definitely hard, prior some climbing experience comes handy. Definitely NOT A DOG FRIENDLY trail!!!

16 days ago

Loved this hike! Steep right away till you hit the ridge with a few short level(ish) spots on the way up. Amazing views from the ridge, gorgeous all the way along. Go all the way to the end for a tiny scramble to the highest point and more amazing views beyond. Will be back for sure! One thing to note, I read in a blog post that there was the "new trail" which you follow to the left, and the "old trail" to the right. I think we wound up on the old one on the way down because it was a bit steeper and had some small rock ledges to climb down which we definitely didn't encounter on our way up. Nothing crazy though, and made for a more interesting descent in the end. 4 Stars only because I would have liked it more if it was longer and a bit more challenging. I would rate it more moderate than hard.

Pretty walk through the forest for the first bit of the trail next to a stream. Totally lost the trail once we got to the scree though. Went up the wrong way and had a heck of a time getting back down lol. Keep hard left once you exit the trees and look for the small rock piles to re find the trail.

17 days ago

As mentioned in other reviews the trail has been rerouted for a portion starting not far after the powerlines. It includes 4 new bridges which are built very well and eventually meets back up with the old trail which is still used for horseback riding. The new trail is signed well and you shouldn't worry about getting lost.

Until you make it to the meadows it is a very nice forest hike which I would rate as easy. Once you hit the meadows it a whole different story. To the top is very steep and challenging but well worth the effort. The views are amazing from the top. I stopped at the rock face where is seems most people stop. To go around the rock face and go higher it looks like you need to scale around the rock face, which is something I didn't want to do by myself.

Would recommend this hike to anybody. Round trip should take 4-5 hours depending on how long you rest at the top.


Difficulty: Hard. Make sure you reach level 80 before attempting this.

Estimated time: 4-6 hours

Map Terrain: Steep. Steeper. then very steep descent.

Cheat codes:
Go Counter Clockwise.
Run down scree.

Reward: 10,000 points + Bonus

We underestimated this one! The views were outstanding and the hike was challenging both mentally and physically. If you're new to hiking this will be a challenge. There is a chains section that I found terrifying and had to be coached through! But others in my party breezed through it. Theres a fun skree-ski section coming down that was a blast. Overall it made us feel alive!!

Though I’m new to day long hikes, this was one of the toughest I’ve done. Definitely need to be in at least moderate shape to complete. I absolutely loved the variety this trail had to offer: forest, large boulders requiring the use of a chain to cross ledges, scrambling, breath-taking mountain views, scramble, and scree. Bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. I finished the hike very sore, but feeling accomplished. If you’re looking for a rewarding challenge, look no farther.

19 days ago

Fairly steep initial incline, but it does level out near the top. I did the north to south loop yesterday. Very windy. I'm not sure if that can be classified as scrambling. The ridge over to the south summit is definitely SKETCHY. Definitely not for rookies. The groups that I saw in front and behind me did not do this as a loop.

When I was on the south summit there was a helicopter overhead every 2 minutes it seemed.

Windy and sub-zero temp before summit, ice all over the base to scramble up the top...not equipped for the conditions and decided to hike down! (Weather Station saves us, warm up a bit inside the hut)

Fantastic view of heart shaped lake! Scramble down slope, amazing experience! First time seeing helicopter rescue young girl twisted her ankle, hope she’s getting well soon!

Amazing trail!!

Would HIGHLY recommend doing this hike with an experienced hiker and someone that has done it before as we lost around 1.5 hours going down the wrong path, as it’s not marked well AT ALL and very confusing, and having to come back. Getting to the summit was fairly easy, chain part was seriously nothing (and I had my dog!) but going down the loop was absolutely terrifying. Loads of scree and we avoided the most of it by walking along the face of the mountain (a 15 km loop) but do not try the scree unless with poles or an experience scree skier as it look absolutely deadly. Was a difficult hike, and with the whole trail being improperly marked, it took us 8.5 hours to complete... (however if not lost around 6) if looking just for a fun hike & great views just get to the summit and do an out & back. Will not be doing the full loop again.

Awesome hike beautiful ridge beautiful views

Nice wide paths, great for kids ; note trail thins as you go around the lake. The parking lot and trail can get busy so I would recommend arriving before 9 am to avoid the crowds on the way up and down

26 days ago

Fantastic hike. Trail gets right to the point with steep start but ends up being flatter at the top as you do a sweet ridgewalk loop with gnarly exposure off of both sides for ~30-35% of the hike. There are some sections (ie; after rock bench) where you might not want to be as efficient (ie; don't go straight up steepest parts) and follow paths around the "bouldering" sections but we managed! There are 3 summits, with West Baldy (which is actually the furthest south) being a little out of the way as an out and back from the main trail. We found the West Baldy scramble really steep & sketcy and were running low on time so decided to turn around despite being ~10 minutes from the top, but no regrets there. Baldy (main) and south were awesome. Between Main & South peaks the "trail" leads to a cliff where we had to back track! Would absolutely do this one again. No gear needed. Make sure you do this loop clockwise.

We did this trail on the first day of our week out here and it was quite an introduction to the Canadian Rockies! Going up was a grind, but worth it. Scrambling up and through the rocks was really fun and I found the short chain section fun as well. The trail going down is difficult to find, and some hikers advised us to stay close to the mountain base and wait until getting into the forest before descending. There is ALOT of sliding on the way down and poles were a lifesaver there. We had never gone down screw before and we avoided the large scree fields by following the hikers directions. The views at the top were great, but due to the fires, half of our views were just smoky.

Super...will be my yearly hike!

Very intriguing trail! Lots of variety. I only wish I did this on a clear day because I'm sure the views would be spectacular.
From the beginning there is a beautiful birch tree forest, a rarity to start off hikes. The hike goes up to a grass crest and then begins its way up behind the block of rock. It goes through sections where light scrambling is required, all the way through to the chained section, which I found to be quite manageable though if you are afraid of heights - take caution!
From there it's a half hour or so to the summit with what I am sure would be impressive views without the smoke.
Finally the descent is quick through brown scree, I personally stayed on trail since I didnt have poles but found it manageable. Once we got to the trail beneath the summit block the colours were fantastic, with all sorts of different types of rocks.
From this horizontal trail there is a good trail that switchbacks down after less than a half hour along, though we continued and joined up with the hiking trail at the grass crest. This definitely adds time but is a less steep option.
Overall there are lots of options for the traverse depending on what is comfortable for you. It is a classic hike, so close to Calgary & worth all the efforts.

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