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Beautiful hike that I can finally check off the list! Always wanted to be able to drive on the trans-Canada and be able to look at a peak and know I have been on top of it Yay! Now, things I have learned the hard way:
• the trail takes you to a T where there is a sign that tells you if you go left it’s a technical climb and the right is a hikers trail. This hike is a loop so you can chose what obstacles you’d like to face going up or down. I would highly suggest going right for the uphill and save the technical climb for the downhill. On our decent from the summit and all the way down was scree and steep ( super fun to “scree ski” but would have really sucked choosing that way to go up.)

• this trail is NOT well marked! Lots of side trails and random ways you can go so really really pay attention to what appears to be the main trail. When you’ve made it around to the back of the mountain and are climbing through the rocks to summit there are blue squares spray painted to show you the way but besides that you are kind of on your own. On our way down I believe we took a longer way than necessary but AGAIN super hard to tell so pay attention.

• Lots of scree that has been scraped away from the popularity of this hike so prepare yourself for some potential bum scooting and wear hiking shoes with grip or get yourself some hiking poles. Also a lot of the rocks you climb have been polished over and are slippy so get grippy shoes.

• pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

• the view makes it all worth it!

6 hours ago

Good hike. Steep sections but worth it. Excellent views at the top; one can see for kms around, and snow to slide down on the way back! The top can be tricky for those afraid of heights.

the view was amazing in every ridge of the mountain. our first time to encounter very difficult hiking spot but we definitely made it. found awesome people to guide us and trick how to go down in a very steep spots but otherwise is all worth it to conquer your fears. bring lots of water and snacks.

16 hours ago

This was a great hike with some phenomenal views! The first section of the trail is just pure gruelling incline with very minimal switchbacks, but once you get through it, it’s completely worth it! The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is the fact that you can still hear the highway once you reach the top, but it’s not that big of an issue. Took me around an hour and half to reach the peak and 1 hour to descend back to the parking lot. I would not recommend this hike for families with children younger than their later teens, and although they say dogs are allowed, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the incline and loose/sharp rocks. Also do not do this hike with anything less than a good grippy pair of hiking boots, it is not suited for running shoes and the sort!! Also, I would highly suggest getting an early start on this hike so you can beat the heat on your steep ascent. Last and final note, they recommend hiking poles, I did the hike perfectly fine without them, so I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, although I can see why people opt for them (mostly would be needed for the descent. I don’t like poles, so that’s why I don’t use them.). Absolutely recommend this hike to all experienced hikers!

Great hike. The trail is a bit different from the trail map. Park service has changed the trail to first intersect with high Rockies trail. On the way up - turn left. Next trail head turn left. Up the trail there’s a bridge to the right. If you want to see the waterfall keep going straight. It’s a bit narrow, but definitely worth it. Going back, cross the stream and go the other way down (there’s a sign for cross country skiing). At the first trailhead turn left and right on the second trailhead- going down. Have fun - the waterfalls are worth the hike.

Fun hike that doesn’t take too long. Did it in 3.5 hours. Saw some Rocky Mountain sheep up top which was cool.

Beautiful views once at the top & the glacier is stunning. The hike itself not so much. An easy path through the forest brings you into the uphill challenging section of the trail. Scree, rock and more of the same. Ore than moderate, this is especially challenging on the downhill. Poles are a must.

Amazing hike. Steel slog up to the ridge, once you are on the scenery is amazing. Chain section isn’t that scary, as long as the weather is dry and you have two hands you should be fine. The scree skiing down the front face of Yamnuska was fun but long. Even though you see the car park from the top of the scree it is still a long slog back. Managed to cool off by a small runoff from the mountain. Definitely worth it!

2 days ago

Park in the King Creek Day use area, from there walk the trail besides the highway towards the trailhead, it'll be to your right. At the fork before you enter the trees take a left, the trail on the right is the old trail.If you have hiking poles use them, and if you don't have any I suggest you borrow some. Going up was steep,but hiking poles weren't necessary.Going down is when you need them(sucks I left mine in the car). Not many people know there are some false summits, technically 2. When you are near the top, take a left and keep walking up the ridge, views just keep getting better. There are a couple pink markers up top in case you don't remember how to get down, otherwise trail is pretty straightforward. Dog friendly hike. Pack lots of water. Stunning views!

2 days ago

We hiked this trail on a windless, clear, warm day. The view from King Ridge of Opal range (to the east) and the valley in between are spectacular. Pictures do not do it justice!

- Do not attempt in flip flips, sandals or sneakers. You need hiking boots. This is a difficult hike!
- Poles *STRONGLY* recommended
- The hike is broken into two segments (1) from parking lot to ridge. Runs northeast. We took 1 hr 20 min to do this, one stop to adjust pack and take photos. Much of the trail is a 45 degrees climb (2) along ridge to highest point. Runs roughly north. An easy hike, lots of stops for photos
- Get an early start (9am at the latest, we left at 8:30). You do not want the sun beating down on you as you hike up from the parking lodge to the ridge
- To pick up the trail from the parking lot, walk north along hwy 40 until the end of the steel guard rail - a few hundred feet. You will see a footpath leading into the forest. DO NOT cross the creek from the parking lot. Those are game trails used by mountain goats!
- To avoid taking side trails, look for subtle clues. Sometimes people stack a few stones across the side trail, or lay a stick across it. If it's all rocks or stones, chances are you are looking a dry stream bed, not a trail. Another clue is if the trail peters out within a few hundred feet. Just turn around! Don't try to bushwack you way up. The main trail doesn't peter out
- Around the time that you start thinking "will this blankety-blank climb ever end?" you will suddenly emerge on the top of the ridge and encounter one of the best views you will ever see while hiking
- Once you get to the ridge, look around to memorize the area, it will help you on the way down. There are two pink markers tied to the trees (July 2018) marking the start of the trail down the ridge
- The hike down is also difficult. Expect your legs to burn
- After the hike, we had a picnic by the stream. A great finish to the hike!

First thing - views at the top and along the ridge are stunning!

Second thing - the incline is significant. I wouldn't try this hike again simply because the trail is not maintained, easy to lose and can be dangerous for inexperienced hikers on the way down - even more so if the ground is dry. Becomes a loose gravel and stone scramble almost all the way down.

This is not a trail you should attempt without good boots and poles.

If you do, however make the ridge, the view is breath-taking!

Busy therefore not ideal for me. Pretty views but not very interesting to hike. All flat. All hill. All rocks. Then repeat in reverse order.

Great hike with amazing views! Really enjoyed this hike!!

Amazing hike, the chains are fun! Great views! Descend around the West side of he mountain, you can run down the scree. It is so much fun and a quick way to get down the mountain.

Hiked May 2018

Loved this hike! The views just kept getting better and better as we came around the side of the mountain. The hike is moderate, there was just the one ‘cliff face’ and it wasn’t very gnarly. It can get pretty windy on the saddle but it was very calm at the summit.
Make sure you tick check - two of us discovered ticks during and after the hike.

4 days ago

I would emphasise what others have said about loose gravel and stones... in most places there wasn't enough to 'scree surf' coming down which made it uncomfortably slippery, even with poles. That said, the view from the top is really good - just be aware what you're getting into!

The trail was not easy to follow. We used the app maps.me and could find it really quick. Beautiful view when you arrive near the glacier. The first part to the waterfall is easy, the second part to the glacier is a good moderate one.

5 days ago

Lots of steep up hill climbing
Nice views at top

Closed due to bear activity FYI

Defiantly a lung buster, hiking poles helped on the way down indeed, great views at top

I really loved this hike! Continuous uphill off the bat through forest and along the side of the mountain with great views behind of the lakes. Opens up at the pass and that's where the wind really starts. This is nothing compared to the wind at the top. Seriously, bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves, my fingers were numb after a few minutes at the top.
The trail from the pass opens up and becomes rocky and there are some small cliff bands to get over but nothing crazy (I'm pretty new to hiking and had no problem). Follow the inukshuks almost to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up and the best at the top. The wind almost knocked me off my feet a few times and made the last push to the summit a challenge on already tired leg. Nevertheless it was well worth every step. We even crossed paths with some big horn sheep on the way down.

Beware, the trail can merge in to non trail paths that look legit. Beautiful view from the top as well as through the middle portion from the back side of the mountain.

8 days ago

Beautiful hike! Small incline throughout the whole trail with a few small steep sections. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail - some of the hiking sections were a little narrow beside the creek but should be no problem if you take your time. Easy trail to follow with signs along the way!

beautiful open hike. steep all the way up until the ridge. drink a lot of water and enjoy :)

Great hike, very enjoyable during July. Weather was fair & the sky was clear. The views at the top are well worth it. *** I lost my jade necklace somewhere on the trail. It’s in the shape of a Silver Fern and is very special to me. If by some chance you find it please message me on Facebook: Carter Clark - I work at Cam Clark Ford. Thanks!!

It’s a fantastic hike in terms of distance and views but it needs to be well marked.
If you are going solo and have not experience I wouldn’t recommend it or if you are afraid of heights.
Most people we met (after the hike) including the locals recommend to go with someone that has done it before and download the map on your phone, easy to get lost.
We were in a group of three, were none of us had done it before , we enjoy the views specially once you get above the three line those were the best.
All the way up to the top we met people that decided to go to the end of the forest or right before the chains and go back the same way. If you do, that it is still a challenging hike and you get a lot of rewarding views.
There was just a group of 6 in front of us and 2 women behind us, nobody else we met wanted to finish the loop.
You get the feeling once you scramble a bit up and pass the chains that that was the scariest part but it’s not.
Once you start going down, the terrain is rocky, small rocks and loose dirt (hiking poles recommended) , after a while you get above the tree line again and that is when the trail disappears, we could see it all the way down but there’s wasn’t a trail that connect to it, we went down the edge of the mountain some skied down, sky and a big portion I slide down on my bum, there is nothing you can hold into just small roots in a few sections. So that was the scary part.
We downloaded the map (all trails) in our phones before we started the hike and that is the way we were back on track.
We left the parking lot at 11:30 and we were back at 6:30 pm.
Overall we had such a good experience but If I had known this ahead of time I would have found somebody that has done it before to come with us.

A good amount of leg burn with this steep hike. When coming back down don't lose the trail. We lost the spot where you turn off the ridge. Took a while to find it again.

I'm sure if you stay on trail this is a relatively tame hike. Personally, I had no problem following the animal trails to some scrambling of cliff bands, but without prior experience this would be nerve racking.
Went with a solid group and we got lost both coming up and going down, even when we thought we were being extremely careful, so I would recommend consulting a GPS trail for this hike!
We were on trail for the last ascent to the col, which was quite steep though the rock was soft. Once at the beautiful meadow of a col, it was an 11 minute push to the summit - which is amazing! Beautiful views of Evan-Thomas and the meadow, as well as Mount Lawson across the highway. The summit ridge is relatively thick, so it is not overwhelmingly scary, yet still impressive.
Overall, a wonderful hike with tons of grass and wildlife - we spotted a coyote on the way down! The only difficulty was staying on trail during the middle section of the hike, and getting lost can take away from the experience if you aren't prepared!

on Baldy Pass Trail

9 days ago

Nice views and steady incline. Took us about 2 hours to complete.

Great hike, good steady elevation gain and great scree. The scramble to the peak can be a bit intimidating to some as you are above 3000m and there is a lot of lose rock but I loved it. Follow the cairns to the east side of the peak to summit. Not for the faint of heart but well worth the work as it stands well above most of the peaks in Kananaski and bow valley. I you have good risk tollerance crush the summer ridge for a little added adventure. It's narrow exposed and jas a good amount of lose rock and up and down climbing.

Fossils in the scree on the way up!

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