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awesome trail, steady incline the entire way. views were well worth the effort

Did this trail with a friend yesterday. What a hike!! And the views... A-MAZING! We are not experienced hikers; took us about 11h round trip. Very hard hike (for us) but SO worth it! I am so proud that we made it to the top.
Big thanks to the two guys who we met at Olympic Summit and told us that we should keep going to at least see the rock gardens. We hiked in their footsteps among the snowy side of one mountain, and I was offered one of their poles to borrow to the summit. What kindness!

2 days ago

Sep 3, 2017 - hard and rewarding

A very busy hike up to the summit or hot spring. Well worth the incline to get there with the views from the natural spring. Will defs be going again with the husband ! Highly recommend

21 days ago

Excellent hike. A steady grind from the start with some flatter sections throughout. Expect conditions to change quickly at or near the top. Bring some crampons too if attempting in late fall. Great views from the top! That is the half you need to know...and knowing is half the battle. GI Joe!!

24 days ago

Hiked to the hotsprings today, very snowy traverse across to the path. make sure you have appropriate footwear or it could be a sketchy trip.
Didn't make it to the summit as the weather was turning and I wasn't feeling super confident in the snow. Hot springs fit 2 people in the top spring and the same in the bottom which is much shallower.
A good workout and diverse scenery.

24 days ago

Great hike! Not hard until you start the scramble to summit (it's a lot further up than you think lol!).

Fairly well trafficked the day we went, easily saw 20-30 people throughout the day. The hot springs, while a nice feature, are not worth hiking in for alone... The water wasn't very warm and there is maybe enough room for 4-6 adults max (expect legs to touch under water with those numbers).
Summit scramble is amazing! Lactic acid build up is real after this one :) you will be rolling out those quads/glutes/shins the day after ;)

Saw no wildlife, kids, or pets on this one.

Beautiful hike with amazing views at the end! Difficult to route find unless you have the app - found it very helpful to keep comparing where we were with the trail we were on/direction we were heading. The last 1-2km was a serious grind - calves were KILLING. The top is SERIOUSLY windy and cold - anticipate for some harsh cold winds and bring a toque/gloves.

1 month ago

Led Zeppelin wrote a song about this hike i think? The majority of the hike is in the trees with a steady incline. We hit the summit in under 3 hours and roundtrip was under 5; including a beer break and some goofing around at the summit. Great echo from the top to practice your goat calls. We paired this hike with a pint of Goat Locker Fainting Block beer...Bon Mot!

Sick hike with a bit of everything. Lots of crisscrossing with other paths at start so be sure not to turn down Ribbon Creek or old mine roads, though signage is pretty good. First summit is Olympic Ridge which is just above Nakiska T-Bar, then ridgewalk goes for a quite a while and features a LOTR-esque rock garden. Mt. Allan Summit features stunning views of Mount Lougheed, 3 Sisters, Bow Valley to west and Kananaskis Valley to east. No tricky scrambles. Did this as an out-and-back from the Kananaskis side but would like to complete entire ridge walk from Dead Man's Flats next. Time: 7 3/4 hours.

Short hike up to the pass, then scramble to the summit, which was a long and exhausting, two step forward one step back climb. The warm spring was a nice detour.

Great little hike with views all around on the last half of the trail. Take a hard left shortly after the river crossing and the trail will take you close to the base of the mountain. From here it’s a steep hike on loose rocks, but if you can find the cairns slightly left of the GPS track it will make it somewhat easier of a climb to the summit. Nothing too difficult about this trail besides the steepness. Good views of the higher peaks in the area as well (Rae, Arethusa, Storm, and Tyrwhitt).

1 month ago

This is an awesome hike with beautiful views. It's a hell of a leg burning workout. The trails are not hard to follow, you just need to be careful as it is very steep.....have fun hikers.....

September 7th-2018 - Group size 8 - Trip time: 8hrs. Conditions were wonderful. Only a few spots of snow. No impact on travel. Very easy route finding. Head right of the summit block. By Read’s Tower, you can see the antenna on the summit. On the upper trails, travel was straightforward on scree, some slab, some talus. Near the summit, some might find it a bit challenging to step if you get off trail. The lower trail is dirt, gravel on dirt, and some slab. It gets steep at places. There were a few falls coming down, but only the pride was injured. Smoke was still a problem. Views were not as good as expected but likely would be very good on a clear day. Still, the views, photos, and workout were well worth the effort. Be sure you are ready for this one, it can be a hard day if you are not.

Awesome hike!

1 month ago

Sick hike. Start of trail doesn't look like much from the road but if you see a short survey marker sticking out of the ground 6-10 inches you've got the right trail. You go through a thick forest which opens into a grassy alpine valley where you stay low until you crest the ridge. Can see why this valley would be prime grizzly territory but didn't see any (bear spray recommended). At the ridge, hang a sharp left over a grassy hill where you will drop back into a different, scree-filled valley and see the trail again. We got about 2h in when we were hit with thunder, lightning and about 5cm of snow which seemingly came out of nowhere. Had to turn around but will definitely be back.

Fantastic well marked hike. Gain to the ridge is the most demanding and steepest. 2hours from parking lot to reach beginning of centennial Ridge. From there to the rock garden it’s a beautiful hike with views to the rock garden, stopped just shy to the ascent to mount Allan.

Amazing hike! Awesome views\ from the top, the scenery was just breathtaking, I wished I'd taken more photos. I am glad we packed 3-4L of fluid each plus some for the dogs as well as snacks (and some waiting for us in the car). It took us 4.5 hours out and back.
It is dog friendly, there are some scrambles so your pup has to be agile enough to do it on its own or you need to be able to pick him up or help them. It was really windy at the top, with marmots, prairies dogs and chipmunks teasing my pooches all the time.
I don't know much about bird watching, I was still fascinated with the variety of species that we saw.
I always pack gloves, a hat, sunglasses and a wind buff, when doing hard or higher altitudes hikes, thinking I won't need them, but I always do.
It is a hard hike and it can be tempting to turn around after 3k or 4k in, and be content with the view, as it is already a pretty nice vista. If you have the right gears, planned accordingly and started early enough, you will be rewarded with exceptional views from Mount Allan Summit.

Windy and sub-zero temp before summit, ice all over the base to scramble up the top...not equipped for the conditions and decided to hike down! (Weather Station saves us, warm up a bit inside the hut)

Great hike. Very windy on the ridge and it was a cold one. Be ready.

1 month ago

This trail was much more difficult than expected. It’s straight up hill and a good scramble up some scree. You have to keep an eye out for the cairns to make sure you’re still on the path but the higher you go the more scarce and far between they become. They are there, you just have to trust and keep going even if it feels like you’re doing something wrong. The views from the top of the ridge are worth every grueling step. The hardest part was coming down. The path down a steep hill resembles a game trail and switch backs down towards the valley. Once there you can easily find the path but it was washed away quite badly in the floods and it’s quite the trek back. I wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on this trail as it was extremely difficult for them but they made it. At the end of the day it was gorgeous but tough. It took us 7.5 to 8 hours to complete.

1 month ago

Took the Mist Mountain trail up to the summit on August 4th. Was harder than anticipated. The group was us 4 girls who are in decent shape and experienced with backpacking. We each had 40lb backpacks on and it was a struggle to summit this mountain once you cross the valley. Took us all day so we had to make a level space on the side of the slope to pitch our tent. There is no water available after the waterfall except for a small spring on a side of a rock that is tricky to find, so be prepared when you summit.

The second day we started from our tent, hiked the rest of the summit, then turned around and followed trail back down the mountain. Saw 2 grizzlies in the valley about 1-2km away from trail. We also saw a pika, marmot, and chipmunks.

Would not recommend as a backpacking hike. I would only suggest summiting this mountain if you are doing it with a light pack and are in good shape with hiking experience and appropriate hiking gear. Did not find the hot springs, rumour has it that they are in the valley. Follow trail across waterfall in the lower valley and it will take you to a second smaller waterfall where the hot springs supposedly are.

Awesome hike beautiful ridge beautiful views

Amazing hike! We each brought 3-4L of water each and that was the perfect amount. Bring lots of food and snacks. Very tough hike but well worth the trek. Lots of vertical so come prepared to sweat. Very disappointed in the signage at the bottom of the trail. Ended up taking a 4-5km detour in the wrong direction because a new “ribbon creek” trail was created after our guide book was released. Once you get to the parking lot you walk up about 300 m then turn left at the first trail sign. In about 700 m there is another sign and a trail to the left. DO NOT TAKE THIS FIRST TRAIL. Walk another 25 meters and there will be another left turn trail that leads you up up up. The rest of the trail is well marked.

It is a beautiful hike, but we found the trail past west winds very difficult to navigate and ended up getting lost at the scree and had to turn back around eventually. There were no other people on the trail past west winds despite it being a beautiful day. I would definitely try this one again and hopefully would have better luck with the route.

Scramble was tough, but definitely manageable - the rocks don’t slide as much as we thought! The view at the top is unreal.

2 months ago

We biked the first 2 kms, then started the hike up the ridge. Path was clearly marked with ribbon or cairns! Because of the smoke, we could only guess what the views would be like when we came out on the ridge beside mount macdougal. Our plan is to try the hike again next year before BC starts smoking. Getting off the ridge was interesting, as was following the path down by the stream in the valley... nearly eroded away in places which requires some caution!

Awesome hike, the rock gardens were amazing. Still lots of smoke which trapped humidity in the trees and created a sauna. Bring more water than you need!! At least 3-4L, especially if it’s hot. Mountain lion was spotted on our descent. Beautiful flowers out and birds - enjoy!

Was a cute leg burner. Got up to the top no problem but got lost on one of those infamous animal trails and got caught in some pretty bad smoke and had to climb down to the creek to get down. Pay attention to the right trails on this one but if you get lost CAREFULLY head down to the creek and it'll lead you right back to your car. Some cute scree on this one too.
Stay safe fellow hikers

2 months ago

Hard trail but the views are worth it. Easy to get lost of take a game trail instead of the intended path, you'll need proper gear and to be able to do some free climbing on some sections especially on the last quarter of the way up.

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