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3 days ago

Hiked this down from Lonesome Lake Hut as we had parked at the Basin. I really enjoyed the technical rocky course. Do keep a look out for signage as it passed over water a few times. Great views of waterfalls and wildlife.

3 days ago

Beautiful view of the gorge. Breathtaking!

Thank you to the previous hikers who posted about where to park! Parts of the trail were washed out- but the scenery is well worth the walk! Bring bug spray! What a gem

I don't know why everyone keeps posting here that you cannot park on Marion Avenue...you most certainly can!
The 'trailhead' consists of the about 10 feet of dirt area at the front up to the large boulder - not the whole street.
As long as you don't block driveways, feel free to park on Marion Ave...the police have already said it's a city street and parking is allowed.
Residents park on the street all the time.

Difficult trail. We ascended Tuckerman's and descended from the summit using the Lion Head trail. Overall, I found Tuckerman a more enjoyable hike with better views but being above the ridge line longer on this trail offers a different perspective. I will add the disclaimer that I was already tired upon starting the descent from the summit, so my opinion of this trail is less optimistic. We were fortunate to have perfect weather...it is not a trail I would even consider attempting otherwise. There was a lot of bouldering and, as someone who is not as tall as my hiking partner, I had greater difficulty in some parts. As with my review on the Tuckerman's trail, I suggest being very well prepared with food, water, first aid kit with moleskin, good hiking shoes (an absolute must; sneakers would be dangerous), and extra clothes in case of weather. If I ever did this trail again, I would plan on stopping at the hut on the way back down (not returning to the trailhead in the same day) or taking the shuttle. Overall, an interesting hike that I am glad I did once, but it will not be at the top of my list to try again next time I hike Mt. Washington.

on Wildcat Range Trail

8 days ago

This hike is difficult/strenuous. We started at Glen Ellis Falls, crossed the river, and immediately were met with a vertical climb. After getting to the ski lift area, the hike is up and down and up and down. Not flat between peaks. Be prepared to work. I'd suggest taking an alternate route to get down if you can plan right (19 mile falls trail past the huts w/car spot at the bottom or bicycle spot for example). Heading back to the car across the same 5 peaks was crummy. Beautiful views, met a lot of wonderful AT hikers, but a challenging hike. Plan 8 to 9 hours.

I hiked it 25 years ago and it started to storm. It was a very strenuous hike but very rewarding at the same time. Once we got to the top the clouds came in and we had to descend fast . Never be on a mountain during storms! However a blue sky can change fast and you will least expect it.

This is a great hike for a family. The walk through the gorge is really beautiful. The way back around you get a couple nice views of mountains and the cliffs/pool. It wasnt busy when I was there. If you have little ones, do not bring a stroller. It is def not friendly up the gorge. The walkways add adventure to the hike itself.

Great trail for beginners. We are experienced hikers but were taking friends for their first hike. This trail has beautiful views of waterfalls for the entire trip up. We ended up doing a loop rather than the up and back. It was a bit muddy and the cascade bridge has washed out but you can still cross with minimal problem. We also had a small dog and he had fun. The early parts of the trail especially the swimming and wading areas of the lower falls were extremely crowded but about a mile into the trail there were very few. This would be a good beginner trail for people who want to start running trails or training with heavy packs too. Definitely recommend for newbies.

10 days ago

Really worth it!

12 days ago

This trail is great if you want to get in to the Whites but not be above the tree line. It stays low with very little elevation gain. We went after a storm had rolled through the day before and some parts of the trail resembled a creek more than a path, but it wasn't impassable and the mud never became deep.
The only real caution I have is that the bridge is washed out. It's easy to cross because the water isn't fast, but you do have to take off your shoes to get through it.

Mount Jefferson is tough for newbies. I hiked Mount Jefferson, then walked over to Mount Adam's via the Gulfside Trail and had lunch, then back to Jefferson, round the Cornice Trail and then back down Cap's Ridge to the trail base parking lot. That was too much and took me almost 11 hours and I broke my glasses. Don't do that.

But Jefferson all by itself via Cap's Ridge is still a challenge for those new to the Whites. Have good boots and plenty of food and water. There is some rock scrambling needed, but not too overwhelming.

The trail was the perfect length, all types of terrain and difficulty to challenge anyone. I enjoyed this hike very much! Went up Sandwich and came down Drake. Save yourself for some soaking in the brook on the way down. Very refreshing!
I will definitely do this hike again next year. I would not recommend bringing young children but ages 10+ should be able to handle this hike. Good luck!

The most beautiful piece of the world I’ve yet visited! Absolutely worth it. :)

16 days ago

Small hike to the waterfalls along a beautiful creek. Since it was raining till morning it’s a bit muddy but the weather added beauty to the views. Easy hike for kids. Loved the falls. You can walk all the way to the falls.

This trail is not for beginners. Its an all day hike. I was in pretty good shape and when I got home I experienced muscle spasms in my legs that were very pain full. The next time I did this hike I went to the Lions head then to the Lawn cutoff and back down the Tuckerman trail. Much better ! The full hike is really nice but you better be in top shape.

Beautiful, easy, exceeded my expectations. I'll bring friends and family here again and again.

This was a perfect easy hike for my kids (9 & 5) and parents (in their 60s) to enjoy together. Pretty scenery, well marked, easy.

22 days ago

Took my wife to get her out in the fresh air, just a little 3 hour drive from home. She is by no means a hiker but she did OK with this. It's amazing to see people who you think would be in good shape who are out of breath just getting to the start of the gorge area. This is not a hike really but a nature walk (as their signs say) so if having trouble doing this, you should consider getting a little more exercise into your life. Arrived just around noon on Saturday and ticket line was not even a line but upon returning an hour or so later, the line was out the door. There is a shuttle to the start of the gorge if you want to take it but you'll need to actually walk uphill to see this once dropped off. The hike to the beginning is really not far, don't take the shuttle. It's funny because there are signs in the visitor area letting you know this as if some people may have actually asked why they built it so far away from the road. One could only let their imagination wonder why these signs are actually needed. It is a beautiful place and though you have to pay to see it, I guess it's worth it for many. ($16 per person) I see the reason they need to charge as it's a tourist destination and they need to maintain the paths they've built (you can fit golf karts through them) and everything else associated with it. Glad I went but don't expect to be back in the near future. The cost is really why I only rated this 4 stars instead of 5. And yes, my wife got her wind and made the couple miles.

22 days ago

This trail was a bit difficult to find. GPS will take you to a dead end residential neighborhood where you cannot park. We parked at ymca and backtracked to trailhead on foot. Walking through a private neighborhood seemed odd but worth it when we found a fairy village living in a tree :) must be some creative people in that neighborhood. The trail was pretty short but super fun. The last part trying to get to the falls was a bit steep and muddy but so very worth it. There’s tons of bugs because you’re surrounded by water so bring bug spray. The waterfall was completely accessible we stood under the falls and enjoyed looking at the thin shiny rocks. This trail is definitely one of my favorites.

23 days ago

This was a very hard hike, to begin with, you have to cross a river that can be very challenging. After you start the trail, almost immediately you are hit with very steep rock scrambling that was very difficult at times, this continues through the whole hike. The day that we hiked Wildcat was very foggy and the visablity from the top was none. This was my first 4k and would not reccomend it as your first. We were planning to do the whole hike but just to get to the first peak took us about 3 to 4 hours so we headed down after just the first peak. On the way down it started to rain and the rock scrambling down was very challenging, I would not recommend bringing your dog. On a final note, this trail was not very well blazed but was fun nonetheless.

23 days ago

Lovely, easy walk. Had 3 kids under 7 and 1 infant in a carrier and the trail was easy to navigate, well groomed. The swimming hole was way better than anticipated. It’s a full beach with lifeguards and nice shallow swimming in the roped off area. Expected to take a quick dip but instead spent the afternoon. Wish we’d brought a grill to stay through our next meal like many other families. Only thing we wish we’d known is that their is a cost: $4 for adults and $2 for kids over 6. Well worth the visit!

24 days ago

I normally take Bryce's up to Cathedral and then over to Whitehorse and down this trail since it's less steep than coming down Bryce's. Then take a dip in the lake! yesterday's hike was perfect as there was a light breeze to keep the bugs away and it was mild temps.

We headed out on the trail and continued clockwise around the loop. The hike does have a few moderate inclines on the way up. We were with four kids ages 5-8. They all handled the hike well even though they were pretty tired. The top is large bare rock which is fun to explore. The decent is much trickier and steeper so you want to keep an eye on the kids even though they may want to race down. Mileage was just under 5 Miles. I think the mileage listed was 3 something so definitely keep in mind it may be longer than what’s listed on this site. Also there were lots of little roads that the kids kept finding which they enjoyed.

26 days ago

I've done this trial many times throughout the years hiking in the White Mountain. This trail is great for young family and is very rewarding especially when you bring picnic food to enjoy a picnic by any one of the scenic spot at Cascade Brook.

The brook doesn't get very deep but in some spot deep enough that you can wade in to soak in the cool and refreshing mountain stream. My family and I had many memorable hike through it. It does get a big buggy so make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent.

nature trips
27 days ago

A great walk through the woods to a terrific waterfall. There was a bit of foot traffic, but nothing to dampen the enjoyment (and everyone was very friendly). Finding the trailhead was definitely easier thanks to the advice from Sarah Coelho (it is not well marked at the YMCA).

Excellent example of water wear formations in the basin. Very nice hike

Difficult hike but definitely more enjoyable than taking Tuckerman's all the way up. Lion Head gets very steep and there are definitely points where it's more climbing than walking, but the views all the way up are INCREDIBLE. You can see for miles and the nearby lakes look tiny. The last section to the summit is mostly scrambling over boulders and the temperature drops quite a bit but the summit on a clear day has amazing views. Definitely worth it.

29 days ago

Awesome and beautiful! It rained, so we were delayed 30 minutes in a shelter at the beginning of the hike, but I’m glad we stuck it out

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