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2 days ago

nice little stroll but very out of the way, so I'd honestly probably never do it again, but if you're coming through just once, it's worth it.

Probably worth coming to just once. It's quite out-of-the-way. If you've hiked elsewhere in Washington you can easily find moss hanging from trees, so I'm not exactly sure what makes this particular trail so recognized for it.

Busy with visitors on this sunny July day, easy walk. Signs say an hour, more like 20 min. Fun photo spots. A little dry/brown looking today!

Pleasant, simple trail to get a taste of the Hoh Rain Forest. This trail is well traveled with many park visitors. Take the Hoh River Trail to go deeper into the park and experience more of the beauty of the area.

Very unique hike. Saw some elk munching on some tasty ferns. Yummy!

Nothing but the freshest of greens and the oldest of mosses. If you are craving isolation from the city then this is the right spot. The Hall of Mosses trails offers a short round-about through monstrous trees filled with lovely mosses and ferns all around. If you are keen to know more about this vast rainforest ecosystem, along the way there are small markers that explains the development of newly found shrubs and plant life - while also highlighting the death and decay of previous living trees and wildlife.

You will definitely enjoy the serene environment the Hall of Mosses has to offer - including the drive to the visiting center that is filled with tunnels of tall trees shrouding the visible light. The moment of silence is unforgettable. Aside from the cars coming in and out of the park, for the most part, the area itself is very peaceful. Just be sure to pack some water-resistant clothing just in case it starts to drizzle around the area.

It wasn’t what I expected. The pictures do not look the same as the trail. Normally photos can’t do the justice of the scenery, but this time it was vice versa. The walk it’s self was still beautiful, but the entrance fee was 30$, which you can go to any Olympic Park for 7 days. We had to, in order to purchase said ticket, wait about an hour. I personally think it was overpriced and not worth the cost. It was, like I said, beautiful, but did not lead up to the name. If I could give out of 5 stars it would be a 3.5/5.

Exceptionally beautiful and unique. This trail is very easy for all ages and offers a lot of sightseeing and reward. But because of its fame, it’s is unfortunately high trafficked. Lots of people are walking and talking about which for me, brought me out of the peaceful trail. Take plenty of bug spray as the wet climate is perfect mosquito breeding ground and they are borderline unbearable. But don’t let either of those two points take you away from doing this short little walk. The old growth moss is something unique and must be seen. We went in early July which is considered the dry season (although it was still pretty wet) but since it doesn’t rain as much, the plant life was not as green and vivid as it might be in the rainy season. All in all, if you are in Olympic, this is absolutely a must do.

very touristy but a beautiful trail nonetheless :)

As described. Amazing tall trees but many were felled by the storm in 1997.

Great for pictures and education on the history of the trees and area! Beautiful area for a casual walk.

The spot I bring every single person that visits BC to. Hands down most beautiful spot on the Island (so far that I've seen) Not much of a "hike" though, just a nice stroll.

Beautiful! High traffic on the weekends.

Trail is absolutely stunning and great for kids. We did both loops with our little one in a baby carrier. Lots of steps but the boardwalk makes the hike easy as pie. Nice and calm beautiful walk for our family

Absolutely beautiful short hike. We lucked out with awesome weather the day we hiked. Short sweet and great for kids

Nice walk, shame it wasn't longer.

Beautiful, great for all ages, I would definitely go back

Absolutely gorgeous! Trail is well maintained and very easy. It felt like a stroll.

Gorgeous, unique and short!

A very easy walk. I suggest walking at a slow pace and taking everything in. It will be over before you know it.

Such big and beautiful trees! Easy hike but a little crowded. Parking was a small ordeal. Overall would recommend it and would do again if in the area.

I only give it a 2because it's so short but it's one of the most gorgeous walks

Peaceful, lightly populated, beautiful, light rainfall, easy hike and family friendly.

Le plus beau trail pour voir des cèdres geants

Un magnifique parcourt dans la forêt sur un chemin en bois

Great train in Olympic forest , peaceful

1 month ago

This was our first outing in Vancouver. It seemed overpriced and crowded. Or was it because it was winter break?

1 month ago

Easy trail with interesting forest views. We had a 5 yr old with us and she had a good time.
The trail info center was small, it did have a National Park Passport stamp.

Easy hike with beautiful lush scenery. Short and great if you only have 15-20 minutes to explore.

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