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Have done this trail many times. It’s my favourite trail closest to Toronto! Hiked it yesterday, road is closed during the winter so add 2km each way to your hike. The sign at the trailhead says the trail is 10km but every time I have done it my devices have shown around 13km. In the snow yesterday it was about 16.5 km and took us 6 hours. Winter hiking is not my thing, but the trail is still fantastic! Highly recommend!

11 days ago

Did this trail in winter. You have to walk on the road for 5km before climbing on the trail. It give you nice views!
Did it until rhe first point of view and then go back down.
If you have some energy continue until km18 and go back from the trail on the orher side of the river!
19.5 km in 5h30! Great experience!

1 month ago

The first part before the top of Mont du Lac deq Cygnes is the best part! Views are really great! Be prepares it's windy up there...

Trail "La Pioui" is wonderful all trail long. It's rugged and strenous, just the way I like it. The trail offered a lot of amazing viewpoints. Photographers will be filled. The lake is quiet and resourceful and the summit is windy and astonishing. You can go down by the same way you went up if you have enough time and energy (7km) or follow the maintained and large trail to arrive as soon as possible (3,7km). This last one is pretty easy, but the descend is a little boring. Running can be a good option. I do this hike every autumn.

4 months ago

Beautiful view at the top. This time of year was quite muddy in sections: proper hiking boots are necessary. It’s basically like climbing stairs for the first 1.5 hours.

4 months ago

Finished the loop with 5 hours. Beautiful view made the whole hiking full of exciting. Very wet and uneven surface, rain boots or waterproof boots could be more helpful.

Très beau sentier qui vaut le détour. La montée est relativement facile avec environ 400m de dénivelé. La difficulté réside plutôt dans sa longueur (16km). Superbe point de vue au sommet, mais aucun autre en route. Le sentier est bien aménagé et permet d'observer des barrages de castors qui font parfois déborder les lacs sur notre route. Je recommande!

Beau sentier en nature avec deux points de vue parmi les plus beaux du parcs. Par contre, le sentier est très fréquenté et perd de son charme pour cette raison. Je recommande de plutôt faire le sentier du Scotora qui est beaucoup moins fréquenté et qui offre un point de vue plus impressionnant encore, à mon avis. Ce dernier est toutefois plus long, avec une boucle de 16km.

Love the trails and the view from the top is a reward!! Definitely going back next year!

Nous avons commencé la boucle par le sentier le Le Pioui. La vue est magnifique!

First half is best. Turn back at stop 5 for a good 2 hour hike. Took 4 hours to do the whole thing

We finished the trail in 4 hours including stopping for pictures and breaks. The view is stunning.

Le sentier se nomme Le Pioui. On peut parcourir le sentier en 4 heures, incluant le temps d’arrêt d’une heure, à un rythme soutenu. Il y a beaucoup moins de monde que par le sentier du mont du lac des cygnes. La vue il est à couper le souffle.

"Vue à couper le souffle!!!"

La randonnée pour le Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes se fait assez bien, la distance totale est de 8,2 kms aller-retour. La hauteur total du Mont est de 980 mètres. Il y avait de la neige et de la glace dans les sentiers lorsque j'y suis allé, en début Novembre, ce qui rendait les chemins plus difficile à pratiquer. Nous avons emprunté le sentier Pioui sur le chemin du retour, une distance de 7 kms avant l'arrivé à l'accueil. Ce trajet passe par le sommet du Mont de l'Ours et offre de très beaux panoramas, donc si vous vous sentez en forme, je vous le conseille. Somme toute, très belle randonnée, les sentiers sont bien indiqués et Charlevoix possède de très beaux paysages!

5 months ago

5 months ago

Took 4 hours to complete the loop from car park - including breaks along the way. The ridges are beautiful and can be seen throughout the trail. There are various types of terrain, wet and uneven surfaces which makes this hike more challenging but it's not difficult. Proper footwear (trail running shoes or hiking boots) helps a lot.

6 months ago

Too many mosquitoes, very aggressive even with repellent product AND lemon eucalyptus essential oil ! And so much mud too, very slippery. (September)

Get there early

Great hike. Long and easy

6 months ago

Nice trail with a great view!
There are a bit too many rocks on the pathway for my taste, though, which makes the hike more difficult than necessary.

You don't really got that kind of view in the maritime it was a awesome trail lots of parking spot the trails was awesome and was well indicated !

6 months ago

Great trail for wildlife viewing.

The best trail on the highway 60 corridor in Algonquin. Beautiful vantage points overlooking the park.

Moderate to difficult hike. Took my husband and I 4 hours to complete. We went at a moderate pace but stopped a decent amount of times for long periods to take pictures and enjoy the views. We went the day after it rained so it was extremely muddy which I found made it more difficult. Lots of ups and downs but the views are well worth it!! the best views are towards the end of the loop.

Absolutely outstanding views!! Well worth it!

Très belle randonnée de près de 11km à commencer par la gauche pour faire en premier les 7km plus difficiles qui mènent à l'embouchure du sentier du sommet du Lac du Mont des Cygnes. Vous passerez aussi via d'autres beaux sommets préalablement qui vous porteront à marcher sur la cime des montagnes. Après le sommet des Cygnes, il reste un 3,7km plus facile en petite roche, et en descente seulement pour retourner au stationnement. Le pourquoi de commencer le sentier à gauche, le retour se fait plus facilement lorsque l'on est plus fatigué.

Great trail! Some of the trail markers aren't as noticeable but otherwise it was fantastic

Nice forest trail - not as much rock as some other parts of the Bruce trail so a bit of a break for your feet. The views are just OK though (compared to the elevated views from the trail section that starts at halfway log dump road).

Good trail, not too difficult. Nice lookouts views.

Very beautiful trail with many scenic lookout points.

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