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Road there was a bit rough, but well worth it. We were the only ones there when we went. Spent a few hours along the trail, and got some amazing photos to remember our hike!

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

16 days ago

Short and sweet trail! We didn’t do the whole trail just to the first toad stool. If you walk fast takes about 30ish minutes there and back. Very interesting view. Almost seems like it should be on another planet.

Absolutely gorgeous. Be prepared to run into water during the winter months. We came across knee deep water in Feb.

Fabulous trail. Short and easy. We took our Jeep right up the canyon to the trail head of peek a boo. Make sure you have 4 wheel drive or you will get stuck. Such fabulous photos!

Great stop on our way to Zion. The Hoodoos were fun to see as were the rest of the rock formations. Cold and windy today but well worth the hike.


A slightly challenging 2.3mi (one way) walk across soft desert sand from parking lot to SE entry to the Slot Canyon.. Canyon itself was fully choked about 1/2mi from the end of the road/where the slot canyon begins. What we did experience was beautiful but realize you can not travel the full length of the canyon, huge boulders and logs create a roof/canopy 20’ above you stopping your path. We are tempted to start from the NW side next time to see how far you can go.. also an ATV or 4x4 to travel up Kanab creek is a better way to get to the SE entry.. enjoy

Great! Be sure to cover the walking path in the map above, especially at the end toward the left!

The drive to the trail head may take a while and is best suited for an SUV, but I saw a few sedans at the parking area. Only saw a couple of people during my short hike on some of this trail. Gorgeous slot canyon and the water was fairly low on the day I went hiking. Worth checking out if you are in the area!

2 months ago

Toadstools are a funny experience, many features of sand and stone erosion, no shade, not overcrowded

Just FYI - I was there three days ago and creek is frozen solid with water running under ice coming from Bryce.

Also - I entered coordinates into 2 different phones and was a little surprised to see the directions send you at least 200 ft passed the parking area and trail head.

The TH is marked and parking area clear so not sure why coordinates are overshooting.

Took us about 4/5 hrs total hiking in from the parking lot, enjoying/exploring the slot canyon and then back out. It was tiring hiking in the sand but worth it! The slot canyon was beautiful and so were the views during the hike.

Wanted to ditch the crowds today and it worked on this trail! We didn't go too far but we had our 5 yo and it was perfect for us. Lots of beautiful scenery and plenty of exploring to do and scrambling around on the slick rock. We were here in good weather in January - I imagine it gets real hot in summer but once you get down towards more of the narrow sections it's probably a lot cooler. Just lots of exploring to do here - I look forward to coming back and making it further down the gulch.

Great Kids hike with cool rock formations!

I liked this trail and would suggest if you want to see and really have time to see all the hoodoos, set aside 2-3 hours. Though we spent about 2 hours (20 minutes to walk in, 20 to walk out from the main hoodoo, then the rest of the time in the hoodoo forest), I'd like to have even more time here! If you just want to walk in and out without seeing and enjoying the scenery, 1 hour is probably more than enough. The day we went we did not see everyone go to the end of the trail... many went to the first large hoodoo, and turned around from there.

Excellent short trail which is well-trafficked during the day. Worth doing since it's barely a mile off the 89.

A little busy but great hike

Ice on the creek. Fun little drive up and slow going on the ice

Best part ... we had the whole trail to ourselves on 12-28-17

Not as touristy as Antelope Canyons/Horseshoe Bend nice hike with lots to see. This is what I like to think Mars would look like and feel to walk on. Great stop while while on road trip.

Pleasant quick roadside stop for my husband and I as we were driving through. Quick and easy to do! When we arrived mid-morning, there was no one on the trail. As we headed back out, passed several groups of people heading in. Very serene location right off the main road.

3 months ago

Funny easy trail that’s good for rest days.

3 months ago

Did Buckskin to Lee's Ferry. Changed my life. After the first day of hiking, didn't see another human for 48 hours. It was unreal.

Easy trail with lots to see, great pictures and an awesome backdrop to the toadstools!!

Everyone hikes up to the "toadstool" I think it looks like a snail.. then turns around. Keep going! Why do I give this five stars? I came here in the middle of the night during the full moon, alone. Amazing experience. This place is like an ancient city or a map from Halo. Bring boots to hear the clacking on the plateau. The next day I climbed to the top. Yeah. The top. I saw it all. It's amazing up there. Be carful. It's dangerous beyond the first plateau. Hand holds crumble on you all the time. I also found two fossilized leg bones (~1' long and broken) in a rock that fell out of the mountain on the left side of the middle plateau.

3 months ago

excellent place to stretch your legs, easy trail, fun for kids.

3 months ago

this is NOT for the uninitiated, and it is NOT advisable to go alone - generally, groups enter Bull Valley along the trail shown, go down the canyon a ways, then return the way they came - it's a VERY muddy slot canyon that takes a while to dry out in spring, and then there are a lot of flies. DO NOT downclimb anything you cannot get back up (there's a steep dropoff into mud which requires ropes or assistance to get back up, and there may or may not be a rope there), and if you go alone you could easily get stuck down there. plan to get very dirty, tell someone where you are going, and always ask re conditions at the Visitor Center in Cannonville first

3 months ago

this is the place to go in hot weather (as long as the creek is running), as it's a shady walk in a creek - trailhead is not accessible by smaller cars without power tho as there's a STEEP hill coming from Cannonville. if you walk all the way down to the confluence of Willis and Sheep Creek, and look for the trail (please don't bushwack !!!) there are (damaged) petroglyphs south of the confluence on the west side of Sheep Creek


Entered Buckskin via Wire Pass trial and went right. There were 5-6 pools calf deep with a few inches of mud. Pools are very cold however not to bad. Turned around and headed back up Buckskin for about 2 hours and I might say it was well worth it. We were told not to head that way due to not much to see “wrong”. Look for the whole cow skeleton of to the left of the dry bed. #neverstopwandering

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