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9 hours ago

Led Zeppelin wrote a song about this hike i think? The majority of the hike is in the trees with a steady incline. We hit the summit in under 3 hours and roundtrip was under 5; including a beer break and some goofing around at the summit. Great views from the top. We could not find the hot springs. Would do it again to find them. Great echo from the top to practice your goat calls. Baaaahhh.

One of my favourite views so far, easy hike until you get to the end. Bring poles, otherwise getting down ya a struggle!

Short hike up to the pass, then scramble to the summit, which was a long and exhausting, two step forward one step back climb. The warm spring was a nice detour.

6 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike- one of my favourites! The hike up to the top of the ridge is quite steep, but very worth it. Views from the top are spectacular! Try and arrive early, as the parking lot fills up quickly. Completed the hike in approx 5 hours, with a 45 min break at the top.

Absolutely stunning. Ridge hike is challenging and very steep, you may need to slide on your butt in a few parts on your way down! However , so worth it to see the views at the top ❤️

A moderate hike with so much beautiful views, especially in September.
I did it yesterday, 9th of September.

did it yesterday with the rest of Hike Alberta crew (I admit that's how I found out about this gem also!). agree on comments, it's hard up the ridge (not moderate). Had my 3 yo boxer, we were fine (used to hiking up and down mountains together), but I caution others if doing it with their dogs - you need to be used to steep climbs and descends attached to your dog before you do this one!.. spectacular view at top..

Very nice hike. Good to get there early on the weekend.
Plan a good 5 to 6 hrs. Sarrail Ridge part is steep but manageable. Get's quite slick if a bit of rain. Views from the top a worth the effort. Highly recommend this one.

Great hike - absolutely beautiful - both Rawson lake and the views from the Sarrail Ridge. As other people said, not sure who rated Sarrail part as moderate - it is a very steep climb, good shoes are a must, and hiking poles would really help (I wish I had them). I would not try the Sarrail part when it rains - would be too slippery. On a dry day it's totally worth the effort but be prepared for a steep climb. Very popular on weekend.

Sept.9/18 completed with a group of three. The hike took us 3 hours with a 20 min stop at the top. 360 degree views at the top of mountain ranges and barrier lake on one side and prairies on the other. This hike is suitable for all ages - we passed people ranging from 5-70 year old, and lots of friendly pups! The trail is wide the whole way except the last 30 metres. Fantastic hike!

Very well marked and comfortably wide trail. My family of 5 did the counter-clockwise loop in 5 hours with a few stops along the way. Very scenic and well worth getting to the very top (small scramble). Watch young children and pets at the top as there are many precarious spots where one could fall off a cliff. Bring lots of water - there's one spot on the way along the Jewel Pass Trail to collect.

Would give it 5 stars for beauty and 1 star for moderate trail as it was certainly not moderate for me. It was an absolute beautiful hike aside from the life altering scramble to the top of the mountain. When my daughter and I did finally reach the top (she first as she was in far better shape than I) we were greeted by an eagle or two and said hello to a mountain goat. Had lunch at the top in blissful peace as we started out early. I apologized to many little trees on the way back down the mountain as the path was loose and was afraid I wasnt gonna make it in one piece. Would have been better ascending via helicopter. How in gods name did this get rated as moderate i'll never know. Again I say the views were spectacular and was worth it even though my legs are still shaking several hours later.

Awesome hike!

Love this hike. Beautiful lake views and fantastic rewards. Go early, by 10 am it’s hard to get down off the ridge when there are throngs on people trying to get up. No bear sightings. Didn’t have poles, me and the dog were the first people up that day.

Great hike! Steady, well marked trail.
We did it counterclockwise, nice tree views on the way up.
Not hard at all!

Amazing views, definitely hard, prior some climbing experience comes handy. Definitely NOT A DOG FRIENDLY trail!!!

This is a good hike with beautiful views. We ran into a grizzly 50 yards off the trail just as you leave the trees nearing the top of the hike. We saw another 3 on the west slopes of Mist Mountain (1000 yards away). Go prepared and make lots of noise!

This was a nice hike and a good loop. The lower part along the powerlines is no fun, but easy and quick. Counterclockwise gives you a nice steady uphill through tress.

A note here - two backpackers had their cars broken into over night. What a bummer to come back from a camping trip to have your window busted.

Hiked counter clockwise like a lot of reviews recommend, I don’t think it would have been much more difficult going clockwise.
We went all the way to the lookout, the fire watch lady greeted us and was so friendly. She told us about where some lightning had hit recently which was interesting. The view from the top over the lake was really nice but the hiking there and back isn’t very exciting, just through the trees. We recorded 16km loop including the lookout, 3h 44.

13 days ago

Sick hike. Start of trail doesn't look like much from the road but if you see a short survey marker sticking out of the ground 6-10 inches you've got the right trail. You go through a thick forest which opens into a grassy alpine valley where you stay low until you crest the ridge. Can see why this valley would be prime grizzly territory but didn't see any (bear spray recommended). At the ridge, hang a sharp left over a grassy hill where you will drop back into a different, scree-filled valley and see the trail again. We got about 2h in when we were hit with thunder, lightning and about 5cm of snow which seemingly came out of nowhere. Had to turn around but will definitely be back.

The canyon is spectacular. Hiked in from the main parking lot and it took around 7 hours. A lot of elevation gain so I would suggest staying at the campground!

14 days ago

Hiked in from Forks Campground. Took 2.5 hours in, 1.25 hours out. Beautiful views. Definitely recommend if you are in the area.

14 days ago

Took about five hours to hike in, four to hike out. Climbed mount Putnik on the second day which is an outstanding, albeit extremely exposed scramble. Beautiful, well-maintained trail and campsites.

Elevation gain is nowhere near the stated 1200 m though. Reality is slightly less than 500. Steep section shortly before the three I’ll campground; other than that pretty easy-going the whole way. Highly recommended!

15 days ago

Fairly steep initial incline, but it does level out near the top. I did the north to south loop yesterday. Very windy. I'm not sure if that can be classified as scrambling. The ridge over to the south summit is definitely SKETCHY. Definitely not for rookies. The groups that I saw in front and behind me did not do this as a loop.

When I was on the south summit there was a helicopter overhead every 2 minutes it seemed.

Great hike with spectacular views at the top! If anyone finds black Oakley Jupiter Squared, please let me know. Lost them on the trail. Thanks!

great trail. like Grassi lake on steroids

Stunning views on the top

Great moderate trail! Beautiful view at the top, and beautiful varied forest on the way down. It's a long way going down. Make sure to take into account going from the parking lot to the trail which is extra kms. Overall it was pretty good.

Great views from the top! Take your time going up to Sarrail Ridge as there are some loose rocks and trickier terrain. Would not recommend the Sarrail Ridge part to inexperienced or unfit hikers as it is not nearly as easy as the Rawson Lake portion. Feels great to get to the top :) can be a bit windy up there.

My dog made it up to Sarrail Ridge but I don’t think most dogs would make it (he’s little and I gave him a boost in a few areas).

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