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beauty of a trail. we headed up there yesterday too the "road" side first to the top, went to the fire lookout and then down the other side (jewel pass) was crazy to see the different conditions. felt like we did all 4 seasons in 1 day!! in total the hike was 16.5km

completed this hike on January 12th. Great hiking conditions for this time of the year. Did the hike up to the fire lookout, views open up to the west if you do this extension.

I went to there on Jan. 5. Thin snow at downhill, thick snow on top trail. Bring your spike please.

Great hike and awesome views from the top. Definitely worth the extra hike to the fire lookout station, incredible views! If you’re short on time just do the prairie view track (go counter-clockwise along the loop) then head back down the same way. The back half of the loop was alright but quite a bit longer and a lot of just walking through the trees. Jan 4, 2019 trail was good the whole way, lots of hard pack snow but hiking boots and poles were fine, a couple spots would have been nice to have crampons/spikes but nothing too slippery.

on Mount Baldy Trail

19 days ago

Hiked this trail on December 30, 2018 as my last hike in 2018. The trail was clear and almost snow free in most sections. You will get a great view when you reach the North Peak as it is the first high peak along the Kananaskis Road (east side). It has little bit scrambling. We hiked up in about 2 hours and came back in less than 1.5 hours. If you plan to register at the peak, please have a new registry paper as the old one is full!

24 days ago

Have finished Baldy a few times, but recently completed the scramble to the north summit on December 24. Trail was in excellent condition, very little snow. There are areas you can bypass the scrambling and continue up scree, but continuing along the ridge is more enjoyable. The scramble entails a short, not steep downclimb with good holds and some exposure. Shortly after, before reaching the summit, you will encounter a gendarme (the crux of the route). It is right after the rock bench. You can bypass this to the right, but if you are a semi-confident scrambler or climber it shouldn't be a problem. There is some exposure so always double check holds as a fall here would be problematic. Once past this, the final path to the summit involves some routefinding. After trying a few different ways up, I found scrambling up the north side of the final summit approach was best, as there are some fun slabs to climb up and the rock seems to be more secure. Unless continuing to the south summit, go back the same way (however, doing this solo I would not recommend downclimbing the crux given that the rock may be unstable).

25 days ago

There was a little bit of snow (1 to 4 cm): as long you have your snow boots, you are ok. Micro-spikes could have been helpful too: no need for snowshoes!

As for my first hike alone in Alberta, I chose this trail because it is crowded. I have met 3-4 groups of people during my 3:30 walk.

Nice points of view, would definitely recommend for an Intermediate level (if you walk the Jewel pass and the lake path). You can also do the hike to the summit back and forth in less time.

Fantastic hike. Very quick to reach the summit, but very steep along the way. Not too much snow in the way, but very windy near the top. Would highly recommend if you want a great view without needing to set aside a full day for hiking.

We did this hike last week (Saturday December 15, 2018). The trail was mostly dry with little snow patches. I recommend having spikes but you may manage going without spikes. Windy at top, so have wind jacket. We did this hike quick in 3 hours and 20 min.

Wear good hiking shoes and bring poles if you're planning on going up on the ridge. I hiked this back in September when it was raining/snowing. I tried to make it up on the ridge, but it was way too slippery and dangerous without poles. Rawson Lake is beautiful though so it was still worth the hike.

I hiked this trail back in September as my first solo hike. It was well signed and was trafficked enough that I felt safe. Beautiful view at the top. I would highly recommend.

I looked at this hike through a gender lens, and even after considering the impacts of male construction workers on rural communities I went ahead with it. Completed this hike the weekend of Dec 15, it was very windy and cold at the top. The views are spectacular and the hike is a grind almost the entire way up. Most of it is in the trees which provides some relief from the wind. There was very little snow, poles are recommended as are micro spikes. 4 hrs with several stops.

A really good hiking for a sunny day! wonderful landscapes, different points of view. we did it without ice cleats, it was ok because few snow on the ground.

Spent 3 hrs, quiet, great view on the top, perfect weather!

The view on top is majestic, but extremely windy, better get thick gloves and good jacket.

Dec 11th. Very little snow and what was there was compact. Spikes were only required to make the final ascent to the Fire lookout and descending the Jewel Pass trail. Great single track down the Jewel Pass in a nicely forested area. Very high winds at Barrier Lake.

Great day up Wasootch! Took me 2:10 up and 1:40 down with a steady pace and only a couple of short breaks. Poles are definitely helpful on this trail, bring em along.

Windy but not much snow cover. Good over all hike

Bring your bear spray. Proper hiking boots and attire make the hike nice. It could be done in regular runners. (I saw a lady hiking in flat shoes - she was not pleased with her shoe choice. The view at Rawson Lake was worth it from what she said!) Lot's of snow.

Great view on top, easy to walk, not a lot of snow! I would recommand :)

Did this hike on November 12th

me and my friends did this hike today ....very nice easy hike ...no slippery sections ....there was snow but easy to manage...beautiful views of Barrier lake and Mount Baldy .

2 months ago

Amazing hike/climb. Requires scrambling near top of Mt. Baldy and along ridge between Mt. Baldy and Mt. Baldy South. Icy up there now so the scrambling is a bit trickier and requires experience. The bowl/valley between the peaks is starting to get some snow so be avalanche aware if going down or up that way. Wonderful views along the ridges and top, and don’t forget to write your name on the notepad sealed in a black container at the top of Mt. Baldy!!

We loved this hike! Did today, brought our pup and it was perfect. Windy walking around the lake to get to the trail but besides that awesome! Gets steep by the look out point. Beautiful views would do again :)

Did this trail on October 28th. Was very clear, showed a bit in the peak but warmed up. Packed snow on jewel pass section but manageable with spikes. Great view and a decent work out. Finished in just under 4 hours with a few breaks.

2 months ago

Great place to see the sunset, so pretty!! Went Sat Oct 27, If anyone find a pair of gloves and a hiking pole, please text me 4034835255.

This trail is nice all throughout all the seasons, it’s a bit strenuous once you start going up but the switchbacks offer some relief. I hiked this trail last week and it had quite a bit of snow so make sure you bring some clamp-ons if you have them.

Beautiful Hike. The scramble up to Sarrail Ridge can be a bit of a grind but not too difficult. Be sure to wear the proper footwear. The views from the ridge are incredibly stunning, you won't be dissapointed.

This hike is incredible. My boyfriend and I did it yesterday with perfect weather. We started around 1pm and got back just as it was getting too dark to be hiking (7pm). We are inexperienced in the ice and snow (we are an Australian-Croatian pair) but persistent. We had no gear to speak of but we went steadily and were totally ok. I wouldn't recommend doing it with out tractioned footwear if you're not prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable. His shoes were pretty grippy but I felt like I was on ice skates for the lower part of the hike. I would have had to go on my bottom for parts of it if not for him. Once we got half way up to Rawson Lake it was snowy rather than icy and then heading up the ridge the snow turned to mud. Its a tough slog to get up the ridge but well well worth it!

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