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3 hours ago

Kind of ran out of water but everyone I came across was really cool and the top was amazing!

19 hours ago

A beautiful and challenging hike.

1 day ago

Amazing hike! I have just started to get into hiking the past couple years. I would rate the first 3.5 miles of the hike as moderate. The last 1.5 miles to summit was the most challenging for me. It took us 3.5 hours to summit with a couple short breaks and about 3 hours to get back down. The last 2 miles to the top is pretty rocky but poles helped a lot. I went through 2.5 liters of water. Bring plenty of snacks. Beautiful hike the whole way. It was nice to pass a couple small lakes along the way. We started at 7:30 and I wouldn’t want to leave any later because of heat and crowds. We were able to park at that time with no problems.

Worth the 10.2 mile hike. The view is breathtaking! Definitely would go again.

I’m a Yosemite junkie. This hike tops many. Banger meadows, views, lakes, rivers, cabins, wild flowers..the list keeps going. Go past the mono pass post and go check sardine lake. So dope! Get some! Cheers from Reno\tahoe

3 days ago

Challenging and scenic hike but well worth it!
It took us (31yr old/29yr old) about 5hours (we took a few breaks for food and pictures) to reach the summit, and about 3 hours to get down. The hike goes along side Fallen leaf lake and has many spectacular views (a few smaller lakes/ponds) as you make your way to the tippytop for the ultimate view. Very rewarding, but not for the casual hiker.
For comparison, I would say the hike to get to the base of Half Dome was about as strenuous for me. A little less elevation gain, and distance on this hike. It surely felt as challenging because it had such a rocky path a majority of the trail.

-Go early, the parking lot is small, and fills up quickly. We went on a weekday and the parking lot was filling up before 8am.
-Pack enough water, it will be a 8+ hour hike for most people. We packed two 32oz hydroflasks, and our 50 oz camelback backpack.

Tough hike up Tallac for me yesterday but worth it. Beautiful views of Echo Lake, Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf and of course Tahoe. Very rocky. Took us about 3 1/2 hours to summit. We started at 10am. Totally recommend an early start like 6:30 or 7:00. My husband was my Sherpa on the way down because I had jello legs. “Going up is optional, getting down is mandatory.” Bring lots of water and a good attitude.

on Mount Tallac Trail

4 days ago

So worth it! My husband and I did this hike early this morning. It was tough to say the least. Took us about 5 hrs of moving time and a total of 6.5 hrs with breaks and such. You need lots of water and snacks. We saw people hiking in flip flops and converse tennis. Crazy! 90% of this trail is rock. It’s a killer on the feet. Absolutely gorgeous scenery, lakes, forest and some wild flowers still blooming. We also saw some snow when we reached the summit. There’s plenty of shaded areas to rest, but also lots of open areas. Sunblock is a must. I suggest hiking early to get a parking spot.

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6 days ago

Pujyl was gr

6 days ago

Did this hike with a group from church. Very strenuous and tough on the knees. Took us about 5.5 hours to summit as we stopped for breaks quite a bit. Definitely get an early start, good shoes and tons of water!!

8 days ago

Amazing hike, did this about 5 years ago. Made it to the top in shorts. It was freezing at the top with some snowpack (June). Beautiful terrain...lakes, forest, granite expanses, wildflowers, switchbacks to the top. Stunning view of the lake on clear days. We met an adorable and extremely friendly chipmunk on the ascent. Fabulous hike, one of the best in Tahoe!

10 days ago

Absolutely must do this hike! Tough but fun, views are amazing!

on Mount Tallac Trail

10 days ago

I don’t think we were fully prepared for it this time. In the past we’ve started at Lily Lake, but this time we went the more popular route. There is a LOT of rock - most of the trail. We only got to 8665’ and it took us 6 hours. Just shy of the ridge. As soon as we turned back down we realized we were out of water. We did have an apple and some celery in our pack and rationed it out on our 4 1/2 hour trek back down. We were parched and sour when we got back. Fortunately we left some water in the car. The was rather hot for us and there was a smokey haze in the air from several fires, which didn’t help. Couldn’t see the lakes anyway. You gotta know your limits. We know ours. Next time we’ll use Lily Lake trailhead again — and hope for fresh air! Arnie: 73. Shirley: 58.

10 days ago

This was my favorite hike in Tahoe area, edging out the lake aloha and rubicon trails in my opinion. A very hard 10 miler though my Fitbit said 14. The talus fields are tough going up but tougher on the down trip. Wear full on boots since the rocks are brutal. The false summits tempt you to shortcut but that would be a mistake. Well marked and easy to follow. Would definitely do this hike again!

11 days ago

Great day hike. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Cathedral Lake acts as a good staging point before experiencing an increase in elevation gain traveling towards the mountain summit. The view at the top is worth the effort.

14 days ago

Decided to tackle this hike today for my birthday. My friend and I met at the trail head at 8:30am, and the parking lot was already full. We got to the top around 11:30, had a bite to eat, took a bunch of photos, and made our way back down. The top was pretty crowded, not really the solitary experience I expected. My friend brought her dog, and he did really well, but he is a Tahoe dog and has tough feet and has done this hike before. We stopped at the lakes on the way back so the pup could get lots of water, and made it back to the parking lot just before 4pm. I am pretty fit, and the climb was still a doozy. Be prepared, wear sturdy shoes, bring lots of water and trail snacks, and listen to your body. Definitely made my birthday a memorable one!

15 days ago

A great day hike! I went alone starting at 8 am and made a day of it. With frequent stops for photos, it took me just under 3 hours to summit it, and about 2.5 to get down. If you are planning on going around now (August 2018), make sure to check the air quality. It got pretty hazy as I went up (which also really impacted the view, hence 4 stars not 5)! Definitely need a good boot or trail runner with a thick sole for grip and not getting poked by rocks, but I saw people climbing in old sneakers. Nevertheless, if you are a hiker and are in the SLT area, it's definitely worth the climb!

Hard but worth it.

16 days ago

It took me (20) and my dad (60) 3 hours to get up and 2 hours 20 minutes to get down, with about a 40 minute break at summit. We started at 6:35 and met hardly anyone on our way up, whereas when we made the decent we came across almost 100 hikers headed up. I recommend a start no later than 7:30. We both love hiking and are both in decent shape. Once you make it over the rocky part and into the meadow area, you have about 35 more minutes until the summit (if you keep a good pace). This hike was a tremendous amount of fun! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's awkward to rate the difficulty level. The first half is pretty standard, probably no more than a moderate hike! The second half (when you make it to the rocky area) becomes more of a level hard hike. Gorgeous views though! I drank about 2 liters of water, and my dad went through 3.

25 days ago

I love love love Mt. Tallac. Such a beautiful hike. Hiked it many times growing up. Just did again last week. Some off trail rock climbing too! Make sure to pack yourself enough water for the trip especially during summer time. There are two lakes you can take a dip in. I would say the second one is a little nicer to swim in. Dogs are allowed however it can be a little difficult for them if they aren’t experienced. I’ve seen people have to carry their furbabies back on their backs because they couldn’t walk anymore. We have a cabin we rent out about 7 minutes from the trailhead if anyone is interested. :)

19MAY2018 - Awesome day hike. Moderately challenging as advertised. We brought our dog and carried our 1 yo daughter along with us. not too crowded. Great views along the way and a beautiful snow-capped backdrop of the reservoir at the top. Perfect spot for lunch before heading back. It was also cool to see the old abandonded equipment along the way, from when the dam was constructed.

27 days ago

Mt. Tallac was the most beautiful trail I've done. It wasn't to hard of a hike in my experience, it gets pretty steep at some points but not to bad. At the top you get this awesome 360 view that is jaw dropping, these pictures don't express enough how beautiful it is. Theres a little snow up there too which was awesome to see.

Beautiful view from summit. Worth it.

28 days ago

Went for sunrise, definitely worth it. Started at 3am, summited at 5:30 for a 5:50 sunrise. Back to the car at 8am, total mileage was about 12. Wouldn’t recommend bringing a dog without booties, lots of rocky terrain.
The second half of the trail is exposed, could get very warm later in the day, would recommend starting early and bringing lots of water.

Very steep at first but beautiful views went all the way to the huts and beyond beautiful views landscapes .

The top scramble is fun...gloves for the rough granite surfaces is a good idea. SUPRER views!!

Well worth the time. Start early, it gets pretty busy as the day goes on.

29 days ago

WOW! What an incredible hike!!! My brother and I did this not really knowing what to expect (we looked at the mileage/elevation gain and knew it was gonna be tough) and yes it was tough but well worth the effort! If you aren’t in shape, I probably wouldn’t recommend this hike, but man was this one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. I lived in Yosemite for a week so I feel like that says a lot. Keep your eyes peeled... we did see three bears on this hike! The first one we almost walked into in the woods coming down from the rock face, and it was a HUGE brown bear! Then, not 10 minutes later we saw a different mama bear and her cub! It was quite the experience. Keep your eyes open and ALWAYS look ahead of you. :)

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