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Hiked to all 4 lakes this morning, great views. 3rd lake is definitely the best but all four are worth the effort- they’re all fairly close, we were reading reviews before about how some people weren’t making it to the last lake(s), but compared to the rest of the hike they’re just around the corner from each other - the fourth is deceiving but it’s very close to the third.

BUT the bugs were disgusting and aggressive. We got bit by horseflies multiple times, there were thick clouds of flies and mosquitos and it seemed like they were EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop for very long on the way up even though it’s much needed on the steep climb in the heat. Constantly swatting away bugs for the whole hike, less at lake #3.

Many great little campsites around the third lake with make-shift fire pits, would consider going back to camp with more bug spray.

1 day ago

This hike is easy and short. It took us one hour to reach the top of this hill from the Mesa Butte Equestrian centre, but the views were surprisingly nice. It is a calm area and you are treated to rolling foothills for miles in all directions. There is a picnic table and fire pit in a forested area at the top, perfect for the whole family to spend an evening together.

Lots of steep trekking and high climbs, but totally worth it! Just when you think you summit the hill, it brings you down and then higher yet again.

2 days ago

One of my favourite places to go! Brought up a group of people on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. Lots of fish caught and released as there is now a 0 limit harvest, whereas it used to be a limit of 2 cutthroat trout.

The hike up is pretty steep, lots of up hill but as long as you take your time it is a decent hike. Lots of people on the trail early morning and midday.

We camped between two of the lakes, and despite it raining lightly one of the nights we stayed, the weather was warm and sunny with a little bit of cloud later in the day.

Highly recommend spending a night or two and adventuring around or fishing to spend time in the great outdoors!

Great views. Would rate this trail as difficult with how steep it is, the scree and the length. Just my opinion!

3 days ago

Beautiful hike. Some steep sections. Some later sections through loose boulders. A nice mix of open and covered areas.

Great hike! Like others said, be careful not to miss the trail directly to the right of the pretty little waterfall. The trail goes up quite steeply and appears to almost be an animals trail. The hike is steep and the dirt is loose and easy to slip on but the views are amazing at the top! Great short hike!

We almost got lost because there weren’t any signs. I found it hard but it was all worth it at the top!

We approached the trail to White Buddha (Otherwise known as Vents Ridge) by way of the Powderface Trail on the south side of Powderface Creek. Maps suggested an optional route along the north side but we didn't see the starting point of the north side trail. The trail north from Powderface is pretty clear once you get there but it is easy to miss it when the waterfall catches your eye. My old knees found the trail kind of steep but footing was good and overall the trail up wasn't particularly hard. The cliff face was really great. Obviously well used by climbers. Lots of hardware bolted into the rock. Shale and scree was a bit slippery for the last few feet but not a problem with the right footwear. Beautiful views all around (Calgary is visible some 60 km away). On the way down we found the trail on the north side of Powderface Creek and followed it back to the parking lot. Not easy to pick up the start among the cars but it's there. Overall a good hike.

Maybe I'm a newbie, but found this hike on the harder side. Mostly because I was wearing nikes with no grip. My bad. slipped a couple times on way down. Took us 2 hours up and back. Trailhead is tricky to spot - like another said, you'll see waterfall on left, a few steps back is a dirt trail on the right going up - that's the one. Channel your inner mountain goat and enjoy.

Loved this trail! Path was in good condition (early July 2018). Wide enough for two to walk side by side. Lots of cows by the side of the trail but they ignored us. Cows made me think of ice cream for most of the loop...sure enough the ice cream on the way home was unforgettable! I would recommend Pistachio and Butter Pecan in a waffle cone after this hike, but you won’t need the sprinkles. All in all a memorable day.!

if you do get distracted by the beautiful little waterfall and pool, which we did, you will miss the trail going up - it's only a few feet back on the trail across from the waterfall.

9 days ago

Although the scenery was pretty, it was so busy, it was hard to enjoy. I spent 15 minutes with my dog to take some pictures. If I had a family, it would be a perfect outing as the loop is short and lots of places along the river to have lunch.

this has been a fav of mine since I was a kid. and yesterday I took my 10 year old daughter on the first back packing trip there. trail was great. straight up the whole way. but totally worth it. We camped between the 3rd and 4th lakes. extremely windy last night. hiked out today. there was a ton of people hiking up today. She did fantastic.

Easy start on the Powderface Trail. No markings for White Buddha, but with the app it’s simple to locate trail up the mountain. Good incline up the mountain, switchbacks all the way up. Couple decent climbs, but not overly stressful. Views at the top are amazing. A Few spots to picnic and take it all in.

One of Alberta’s best kept secrets.

13 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes near Calgary. Parking is fairly limited at Lantern Creek recreation area so I'd recommend getting an earlier start. The trailhead is across the highway and on the other side of the creek.

Most of the elevation is gained in the first few kilometers as you ascend up a the valley. There are plenty of views in all directions as you make your way up. As you reach the saddle and approach the first lake, the path gets a touch more difficult as you must navigate the rock debris. There are four lakes to see, and we didn't attempt to make it beyond the fourth. The group favorite was the third lake, and we had lunch at the far end of it. I'd like to try coming back here later in the summer and attempt a swim, but it would have to be a warm day. There are lots of trails braiding around both sides of the lake, and I don't think there are any bad choices with the route you take. I'd rate this hike medium-difficult because of the ascent/descent, but at 10km long it's a pretty approachable distance.

Apparently fishing is an option (with a license), and we spotted a few random camp sites around the lake.

My favourite trail so far. Loved it. Definitely worth the work. Strava tracked it as 13.5km hike with about 600m elevation gain.

Loved the hike, highly recommend. We made it to the third lake, next time will do the 4th. The trail entrance is across and up the road a minute.

16 days ago

Great hike with nice views

Did this hike with 4 boys aged 10-16. The rocks at the end were a great stop for a snack and kept their interest. Pretty easy hike with short steeper final approach. Lots of wildflowers, good quick hike close to the city. I would like to come back here and climb. I would do it again for a quick hike when time is short or with older kids.

Absolutely stunning views of the foothills! Did this hike with 4 children 8-10 and our dog. We will have to go back to complete all the trails in this beautiful park. We had a blast, felt like we were in Vancouver and the wildlife was amazing. Saw many butterflies, deer, flowers, creeks, abandoned cabins, (my kids favorite) and breath taking scenery. We will be back!

Great trail for a beginner seeking a challenge. I’m new to hiking so the incline was difficult, but worth it for the views. The path along the river was cool and all the wildflowers are in bloom right now. Agree with a user below, path is very poorly marked. Most of the mountain bikers were gone by the time we started at 2pm.

Great trail for dogs!

I did this hike with a group of 6 ladies in September 2017 and we really enjoyed it. If you have never done it the white Buddha trail was not clearly marked off the powder face trail, we actually walked right past it and figured it out 10 minutes up the path.
The White Buddha had beautiful views all round for how short the incline was.

26 days ago

Did this hike on June 9th, 2018. Took us about 4 hours with lots of time spent on top but could probably be done in 3 with minimal breaks.
Head west and cross the bridge, then take the trail on the left. For the first 1.2 km its basically flat, then a slow incline up until the last bit. There is a very steep section towards the end, only a few hundred meters long but I wouldn't recommend taking anyone who's knees might not be able to handle it. Then from there its another 1-2km of dead fall that leads to an open field.
Very easy hike, except that small steep section. Little effort for the amazing views you get!

Poor signage for trail. Powderface was a long walk in the trees but Prairie creek was really nice.

We took 5 dogs to see these 4 lakes. All of the elevation is gained on the way to the first lake, and from there, it is less than 5 minutes to the second lake and so on. Worth it to stop between the 3rd and 4th lake for lunch. Beautiful cirque views. Dogs had water along the way. Took us about 5 hours with lots of photo ops and swim/snack breaks!

Lots of beautiful wildflowers and singing birds. Nice forest walk.
Bug spray necessary.

Went up to climb at the crag to climb and realized I'd never been to the top of the hill! The view was awesome, better than prairie mountain in my opinion. I think this will be my new go to if I want a quick hike without having to commit to a whole day of trekking.

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