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1 day ago

Hiked 9/5/18 from shuttle stop. Apparently there's a new trail, because this is a shorter route than going from the car parking. It goes through a nice clearing with mountain views, but does not go by St Mary Lake. An easy, pleasant walk with both mountain and waterfall views. Be sure to look east (away from St Mary Falls) for nice views.

Hiked today and saw several areas at the beginning of the trail with scat and some bear tracks around the horse loop. Took almost 2.5 hours to get to the lake and a little under 2.5 on the way back down (average hikers). We saw two moose along the way and a deer. We didn’t see any bears until we were pulling out of the many glacier hotel parking area... on the cliff side .. saw several more up on the mountain on the drive out as well as one on the side of the road about .5 miles from the many glacier exit. Carry bear spray and be aware. In regards to the lake, it’s the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Weather is temperamental on this side so be prepared for wind, rain, and shine. Bugs were not bad. 9/20.

Hiked yesterday and it was gorgeous. Started around 10am and hardly anyone else on the trail. It was cloudy/misty out which helped because didn’t have to worry about sun. The Lake didn’t have any icebergs but large snow/ice pack surrounding that looked like a glacier. Very quit and peaceful at the lake. Took a detour and hiked to lake Ptarmigan made it about 13 miles total. Saw 3 grizzlies, 1 mom and 2 cubs on the hill near the end of the hike going back to the parking lot. The only downside is the drive to get to the trailhead- it was 2.5 hours in the car from The west entrance of the park. Totally worth it.

Excellent hike with amazing views

3 days ago

Iceberg lake is a fantastic way to see glaciers up close without much strain or challenge. The moderate difficulty rating is likely attributed due to exposure and distance, not incline. Expect a more leisurely hike compared to what other GNP trails (Highline, Grinnell) provide, but the difficulty to payoff ratio here is outstanding.

If you are a novice hiker, this is a great trail to calibrate your skills with GNP. Highly recommend doing this first as it will help you gauge your skills with some other trails.

There is a good amount of exposure throughout the hike, so be prepared for sun and rain depending on the forecast. Inclined in general are gradual with the exception of a quarter mile stretch early in the trail.

Cracker Lake trail is very different from many trails in East Glacier. The first half of the hike in is mostly forested, many switchbacks and few great views. But the last half is gorgeous. The Valley seems to continue to unfold as you get closer to the lake. Very scenic valley and nice place to camp out or picnic.

Solid hike. Would consider other options given the crowd on this one

Moderate incline the entire way, but nothing to shy away from. Horses had the first mile torn pretty good. Beauty of a hike with less of a crowd

Long, steep climb up the summit of this mountain, with beautiful views along the way of the Flathead River valley. On the top, there are beautiful views of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

The lake itself is beautiful! The first couple miles are highly covered in horse poop, which is a little frustrating. Once you get past that part it’s much better. The views of the lake are incredible. It’s worth going to if you don’t mind the horses and horse poop!

Did the Iceburg Lake Trail today and it was amazing. The trail is long, but easy, and has beautiful scenery all along the way. A Park Volunteer along the trail mentioned there hasn’t been any bears along the trail for the past couple of years because of the effect the hot and dry summers has had on the huckleberry bushes. We did see a Grizzly and her two cubs from the road on our way out of the park

Great exercise, and the view at the lake is breathtaking! Lake is freezing, but there are plenty of deer and other wildlife to be seen on the way. Running shoes worked during the summer-
Busy trail with a lot of families, but still recommend

Great hike. Set some time aside to enjoy all the cut outs and views of the river. Saw deer and a Bear way in the distance. Great work out.

Truly a capstone event if visiting the park. The last waterfall is an incredible walk-up 60 foot fall. On the trail, we also saw 2 moose.

We went later in the day, so there were not too many crowds. Easy hike, with a gradual climb.

15 days ago

Busy hike, but an awesome hike. Uphill the entire way, but it's pretty gradual and not steep.

18 days ago

Worth every minute, mile, and sore muscle. This was only my second hike ever, but will likely be my favorite for a while to come. Definitely doable, even for those that aren't frequent hikers or aren't in marathon-shape (like me!), just requires stamina and the mental will to keep going. The hardest part (and the longest) for me was the final mile to the end on the return trip. I'm sure that's probaly the case with most hikes, but I thought the trail head was never going to appear! We spotted at mountain goat, a beaver-like animal, and a few riders on horses. Oh, and tons of adorable little chipmunks! Didn't see any bears, but definitely knew they weren't far away as evidenced by their droppings. Recommend bringing bear spray and a bell, just in case. As previously mentioned, the water is a surreal blue, and the backdrop is spectacular. We didn't swim in the water, as it was quite windy and chilly when we hiked (September), but we dipped our fingers in. Plenty of places to pitch a tent or have a picnic. Additionally, there's a little out-house at the top, which is nice! Lastly, the trail was not too crowded, which was nice, seeing as in some spots the path gets pretty narrow. I definitely recommend!

Gorgeous views of Glacier. Tough climb up to the summit but worth it. If you’re hiking during fire season, do your research. If there’s a fire in the park, most likely it will be a smoky hike. Plan accordingly.

21 days ago

We’ve hiked this in the winter and summer. Winter was just as incredible as the summer, without the crowds.

22 days ago

We hiked this trail in early July so a lot of people on the trail. The hike isn’t technical but recommend sturdy shoes as it’s also not flat. The scenery is beautiful and it’s worth the hike to end at the lake.

23 days ago

2018.08 loved the trail overlooking the lake.

There are many incredible day hikes better than this one

lovely area, Victoria falls is beaut. unfortunately, Glacier is on fire and access is restricted right now, so be aware if u r reading this in the next couple of weeks

im a flatlander, this was tough at the end. Inclined hike the whole way up. Narrow trail once you are past the parking lot. don't count on getting any shade until you reach the top.

Views at the top are good but not really breathtaking.

Beautiful hike, varied terrain. Highly recommend camping overnight thou getting a permit is not easy.

Cracker Lake is absolutely beautiful, it makes it well worth the 6.5 mile trek. The trail itself isn’t bad at all - there’s a slight incline the entire way up, but it’s not too steep. We completed the hike in just over 6 hours. Like many other people have mentioned, the one downside to this hike is the horse poop on the trail.

This is a fun and fairly easy trail. Goes through a burn area that has now been taken over by the flowers. You still get great views of the mountains as you work your way through the woods. Keep going all the way to Virginia Falls, it is worth it! There are also several “mini-falls” between St Mary and Virginia that keep the light uphill portion entertaining. Limited parking- either take the shuttle, get there early, or be prepared to be patient for a spot.

1 month ago

If you don't mind horse poop, this trail is one of the easiest lake accessible trails I hiked in Glacier. It is very private, not heavily trafficked, and is shaded nearly the entire way. Beautiful pine forests and plenty of birding opportunities around the lake.

1 month ago

If you don't mind horse poop, Cracker Lake is a beautiful and fairly easy backpacking trail. Instead of steep, steep climbs, the trail makes a gradual incline most of the way. Gorgeous river bridge crossings, marmots galore, and of course three amazing backcountry campsites with full views of Cracker Lake. Please follow the trail around the lake, around a hidden corner is an old mine, which is now home to the cutest family of hoary marmots I've encountered. Horseback riding to the lake is also an option.

As the description says, it's heavily trafficked, even fairly early in the morning. However, if you don't mind crowds, and love pristine, calm, blue mountain lakes, and a waterfall or two, it's absolutely worth seeing. Great birding, great place for kids to splash around the beaches, and plenty of fly fishing opportunities.

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