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Great hike! Take your bear spray and camera!

Great hike suitable for all ages! Take your bear spray and your camera

This trail was good for doing with our children but overall I felt it was like a trail you could do in any forested area (but maybe I was just spoiled by some of the breath-taking from hikes earlier in the week)

We did this hike on Wednesday 7/11. It was perfect for our family which included our 5 children ranging in age from 1 to 8. Definitely bring bug spray. We hung out by the lake (which is more like a pond) with the mountains in the background and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. I believe we crossed onto McDonald’s Creek trail too because we also walked along the river. It was really enjoyable.

Make sure you hike to Virginia Falls - spectacular!! Not as many people

Lovely trail. A bit heavy foot traffic but not bad. Take bear spray!! Not good for small children.

Went in at sun point nature trail was about 6 miles round trip to Virginia falls. definitely worth the trip waterfalls all along the way. dropped in at sun point due to lack of parking at the other trail heads but still a great hike. easy for all ages took about 3 hours with short stops at the waterfalls.

2 days ago

Very nice trail condition. Beautiful cirque around the lake. Quite a few brown pine trees around lake and surrounding area, maybe 30%. Beetle kill? Or, residual damage from the fire that swept through the valley years ago? Not sure. From hikers coming down, we were told there was a mama grizzly and her 3 cubs walking casually on the trail toward the lake. Most hikers turned back. We forged ahead, but carefully! Bummed we missed (from a distance) the bears but we took all precautions to ensure we were heard and that we would not surprise them. On a Saturday, we were surprised by the number of available parking spots at the McDonald Lake hotel. After your hike grab dinner in the hotel (lodge). It was really good, the lamb shank was great!

Easy hike. Beautiful payoff!

Best destination hike I’ve ever done. So pretty. Go early- beat the crowds AND the bugs. We were on the trail by 830. Saw a few people. On the way back after 1240-yikes, Dear God, it was crowded. And hot! There’s a lot of exposed trail on the latter end with no shade so I’m imagining those hiking had to be miserable. At least the icy lake at the end could cool them off. Baby waterfalls and one big waterfall about 1/2way frequent the path. Fortunate enough to see a female mouse grazing the hillside. Views for days. And then the lake-There’s no adequate words in the English language to describe Iceberg Lake. Think of a mermaids tail and you might be close in visualizing the glorious color of the water. Don’t miss this hike!

So pretty! We arrived at the park before 8 but by the time we were able to load a shuttle, it was after nine- keep that in mind! We shuttled from apgar- we didn’t want to take the chance on parking once we got up there.
Like others before me have said- go early to beat the crowds- somewhat! My advice to crowd haters like myself- go the extra mile around to the other side of the lake. You can be more by yourself. It’s a gorgeous hike

2 days ago

Easy shaded loop with great view of falls and a bridge crossing.

On the trail at 7:30 AM with few other hikers. Busier on the way back but not crowded. Beautiful easy hike. Gorgeous clear lake. Boardwalk section is accessible for all abilities and quite lovely.

Pretty rough going up at times. Make sure to bring water and snacks. The lake and backdrop of mountains and waterfalls were breathtaking and so worth the hike up. It took about 2 hours up and 1.5 hours back. So worth the journey.

Very fun for all ages. Pack a lunch and mosquito spray.

Would give it a 5 if it weren’t so crowded! Awesome payoff at the end and the waterfall toward the beginning is great too. But man, tons and tons of people.

Great hike today. Lightly trafficked with a fantastic payoff on the beach looking up at the snowmelt waterfalls spilling into the lake.

We got to the trail head by 9am on a rainy day so it was not too crowded. By the time we made our way back at around 11am the trail was really congested which took some of the enjoyment out of it for me. However, Avalanche Lake is spectacular and worth the effort.

Easy hike to nice falls. We literally stumbled upon a deer near the trail head.

3 days ago

Pretty hike - also pretty crowded. Not very challenging, the elevation gain is very, very gradual. Enjoyed the scenery of the hike more than the actual lake itself but it was hailing when we got to the lake.

We hiked from the sub point parking lot to Baring Falls, St Mary Falls and Virginia Falls. All three were beautiful and different. The views along the way were spectacular. Bring lots of water and a camera. It is a must to go to the top of Virginia Falls!

amazing trail! So much to see along the way and it never loses its appeal. The reward at the end is one of the most beautiful views you will ever see. Not difficult, but be prepared with good footwear and plenty of water. My 11 year old daughter had no problems on this hike and so much fun!

Loved the hike, but be aware that parking is hard to find during peak season. We had to walk an extra 1.5 miles due to limited parking. That said, the hike was well worth the extra effort and the lake at the top was a beautiful reward.

Excellent easy hike! we did it in the evening right before sunset (9PM). The trail is well maintained but with little views. But once the you get to the lake it is breathtaking! Def do it if you are visiting glacier!

If anyone is planning on hiking this on Sunday 7/15 or Monday 7/16 and would like some more company, let me know. I'm not too keen on the idea of solo hiking around Glacier. 973.809.8846.

Great hike! First part pretty much an uphill climb, but well worth the hike! We went to the far side of the lake closer to the falls and it is stunning from that side! Highly recommend it should you have time....wear bug repellent.

We loved it. It’s a beautiful hike with a nice and steady elevation gain throughout the whole hike (except for the very first part).
There are a lot of bugs. Bring spray.

Did this in mid-June. Even with the wind and rain the views along the trail are amazing. The ascent is gradual, nothing strenuous, just take your time walking across the snowfield. Don't be fooled by the first lake, continue on the trail for the main event. Totally worth it!

Beautiful easier hike. The sight of the lake is worth every step.
Difficult parking and busy with people. There is a pit toilet at the lake.

6 days ago

This is one of best hike in Glacier national park. It is little bit steep at the start but gradually flat towards the end. There is waterfall on the route where people usually rest for a while and also there is pit toilet near the waterfall.

I encounter forest ranger on the route and he told usually bear roam around the trail in early morning and late evening which is usual time for bear to search for food. People have also mentioned about seeing mountain lion. But if we go in group and make noise while hiking, we should be fine

I would definitely recommend this hike because of the iceberg lake view which is beautiful and breathtaking

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