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This was a very challenging trail. If you are not prepare and fit don't do it. If you are afraid of heights don't attempt it either. It's a very crowded trail with a lot of dogs. I met a lot of hikers on this trail, some were friendly, others rude. I seen a lady with a 6 month baby on her back. This is definitely not a trail for that.

Fun all the way up

I did the hike with my 5yo son yesterday, a very hot day. I fed him constantly, hydrated him constantly, stopped often and he kept going all the way to the top. Congrats Issei!!
WARNING. You need to know what you are doing, do not attempt this if you are not an expert or your child is reckless. NEVER look away from them. My son is very disciplined, a good listener and stops EVERYTIME I tell him to do so. Nonetheless children that age are unpredictable and disaster could be around the corner. It is up to you to eliminate risk. Took 4 1/2 hour on white/yellow/green/red. I think the full loop would have been too much. Start early on summer days. Gets pretty hot soon. Even on the top. We used one gallon of water between the two of us.
I gave it 4 stars but not for the trail itself but because the conditions the people left the hike in. Graffiti defacing rocks, plastic everywhere... C’mon people!! Carry your own garbage!

Great trail I love it

Great hike that was really well marked. I have the worst sense of direction and get lost on a lot of well marked trails, but I did this one solo and when I got turned around I immediately found my way quickly due to all of the markings.
It is a workout but loved every second. Slid down one of the rocks after trying to follow a path forward that was too steep, but quickly recovered.

This is easily one of my favorite hikes near NYC. The only reason I give it 4 stars is due to the amount of people on the trail. It can be a zoo if you get there after 9am. So go early. But if you want a short hike with a little challenge and seriously rewarding views, this is the one. You also have the option to extend the hike out to the fire tower, if you want more mileage and dodge fewer people. After the hike, I love to head to Cold Spring for some lunch, a rewarding beer, or a little shopping. I heard the trail will be closed down next year, so get there while you can.

12 days ago

First time back since my first visit in November and lemme tell you it’s just as much of an escape from the city as it was than back then! The wind in the summer was a lot less crazy, so when I got up to the top to the tower it wasn’t as sketch. Went solo so wanted to see how quick I could get to the tower and back from the breakneck trailhead, made it under 5.5hrs! Near the fire tower I was startled by a noise and all of a sudden saw a little doe and was able to snap some pics of it. Even though it does break up to allow you your own space in nature (crazy concept to think being so close to nyc!) but I’d suggest getting up there before noon to avoid congestion and the peak heat, tho it’s really not too bad between the trees. Biggest suggestion, bring at least two more bottles of water than you’d thought you’d need in the first place, will not regret it...! Only thing that’d make this hike perfect was a swimming hole (and less people, but that’s dreamin big lol).

16 days ago

Wow! What amazing views! I cannot wait to return in the fall and just sit at the top taking in the scenery. Definitely start with the white trail because it is quite a challenge. It’s mostly rock scrambling...I wouldn’t want to go down that way. It’s definitely some of the best scrambling that I’ve done in the area. There are so many places to stop and enjoy the views along the way. Once you get to the top with the flagpole it only gets better. There are at least 2-3 more places further up on the white trail that were less crowded where you can sit and enjoy the wind and take it all in.

If you want a challenge, this is the one. If you want the full experience of the trail, take it to fire tower, but that makes it a much longer hike

18 days ago

Quick hike with rewarding views of Catskills and Mashomack Valley/ Pine Plains. I turned right at fork when going up and preferred the lesser incline and longer route. If you have a fear of heights, steer clear of the fire tower and know that there isn’t a view unless you go to the top of the tower.

23 days ago

Best scrambling and free style short day hike in lower NY!!

Minus 1 star for the sheer difficulty on the last half of the white trail, but I’ll do it again!

We hiked White blaze to Red blaze to Yellow blaze, which took us 3.5 hours including breaks, on a low-traffic Friday evening in July amidst perfect weather (82, low humidity).

White blaze was absolutely the hardest part.
Red was moderate-easy (some of the markers are facing the ascending while you’re descending).
Yellow was easy.

Pro Tips:
-Bring hiking or cycling fingerless gloves for grip (the rocks can be hot).

- Bring headlamps if you start less than 5 hours before sunset. The yellow trail may be an easy dirt path, but it can get dark in those woods.

- You can look for the SpongeBob Squarepants graffiti on the ground of one of the bluffs to tell you the worst is behind you. It’s on the white trail, between the flags and the peak.

-Near the peak, there’s a sign at a fork in the trail that says “easier way.” We took it and were grateful!

-Enjoy the views at the pine-tree-filled peak.

That good hiking place

I loved it, it was a bit of a workout during the scambles but it's definitely an experience that I would repeat. I can see myself coming here once a week to get a good sweat with a reward at the top. I did the white trail to the red and then to the yellow which leads back to the highway. Alot of fun..

Love this hike...had a Thursday off so I made sure I headed to Breakneck to avoid the throngs of people that show up on the weekend. Always fun scrambling up the trail...never gets old. Took the white Breakneck trail to the blue Notch trail to the red Brook trail...out within 3 hrs including a 20 break to enjoy the view.

1 month ago

The scramble is challenging but it’s an amazing experience. There were dogs on the trail too. I loved it and would recommend it to eve looking for a challenge.
My friends and I took our time and finished in approximately 4 hrs

My brother an I came up with the name "millennial mountain" because this popular day hike is frequented by hundred of like-minded millennials: those escaping the city/metropolis in search of a challenge. This hike definitely offers a good physical challenge with its over 1000 vertical feet. In the last several months the trail signs have improved drastically thanks to NY-NJ Trail Conference volunteers.

Tough hike on hot humid day

Beautiful hike! The ascent is hard but doable. Although the trail is busy on the weekends, it makes it easier for newer hikers to learn the footfalls and how to climb. It’s a good 2.5-3 hours with stops along the way to take in the beautiful views!

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes because it’s a hard hike that is super close to the city. The first hour and half is very hard; rock scramble on hands and knees for the first hour. If you are petite like myself, having your knees covers w a compression or long pants could help. It was about 100 degrees on the 4th of July so I only wore shorts and my knees were banged up. Bring A LOT of water and sunblock if it’s over 85 degrees - the first hour you’ll be fully exposed to the sun with very little shade.

rock climbing
1 month ago

very nice and worth it!

My favorite hike near NYC. It’s a fun scramble up, then easy walk from there. This is more moderate than hard. Bring water with you — there’s no opportunity to fill up. Wear real shoes, especially during fall and spring when it’s muddy. Parking can be annoying, so get there early. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Love the rock scrambling. The way down is pretty steep. Proper foot wear is very highly recommended.

The first part of the trail is a steep ascent and will involve a lot of climbing on all fours. The walk down is undergoing some development and has some nice steps. The trail is marked relatively well, but not perfectly. There are no water fountains at the entry, so make sure to bring lots of water. In general, avoid doing this trail when it's hot, because the climb up will be quite unpleasant. The views from the climb are stunning.

1 month ago

Amazing reward at the top! Gorgeous views!! Nice, challenging climb and fairly easy decent. Highly recommend!

Note for the 1st timers: White trail is 1 way and it's for climbing. Its pretty steep. Found couple of places difficult to climb with little hand grip. Proper shoes and helmet are must. Carry enough water bottles (1L). Better if you have a company. Trails: (Parking->white->red->yellow->back)

nice little loop. I turned right at the split which turned out to be a slightly longer more gradual incline to the top. Cool fire tower at the top!

1 month ago

This hike was great, not too long and pretty steep. The views aren’t bad either. For being a train-accessible hike from the city, it wasn’t crowded at all! Unfortunate graffiti on the trail but overall nothing to complain about!

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